Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Sam said:   6 years ago
What do you mean by doing for the country? No one in the country has ever helped anyone other than themselves and perhaps their close family. Every person is responsible for their own life, and have the fundamental right to live the life they want within the law. You want to target a group of people who've worked incredibly hard in their lives and make them sacrifice for others. Most of those others living in the country don't want to work anywhere as hard and want to forever stay mired in traditions, backward/unscientific thinking, and caste, color, gender and religion based divisions. They treat many of their fellow citizens (such as women and minorities) as second class citizens, harasses them everyday, subject them to rape and acid attacks. Asking super hardworking successful people to sacrifice their lives for such people is absolutely no different from **stealing** and **manslaughter**.

Grow up, take charge of your life. If you want to understand why India is not developing, read some history and economics on why nations don't develop. It is never due to brain drain (take Russia and China in the past for example), but bad government regulations and corruption, and a society that doesn't allow scientific and technological progress to take place.

Nitu said:   6 years ago
In a country where rape and harassment are pervasive, half the population (women) would love to move abroad. Most of them cannot because they don't have the opportunities. Basic law and order is missing from the country, something which should've been fixed by government decades back. All the developed countries have great law enforcement, because the governments there did an excellent job, and because the people voted for such governments. India has been messed up mostly by Indians living in it so far. It's those people who have to fix it. Good people will work hard to find better opportunities.

Rkatre said:   5 years ago
Why is brain drain important?

Because The Indian people toward the foreign country for the earning money to completing own dream in few year. This opportunity is best regarding to me emigration of people to country is correct.

Abhishek said:   7 years ago
Brain Drain. Brain Drain is very important in modern life because many conditions now, this time, every person is educated and someone give their chance to growing they're so not understate any people because educated people very labroid hard work. Because 70 percent educated as to think I want to settle abroad countries cause other countries feel for migrating in educated person and give better facilities or more money etc and our country always search in engineers doctors etc so our country is not developing.

Manish prajapati said:   2 months ago
Hello to all.

Here I want to say something about brain drain. So firstly brain drain it means when talented and skilful people start going to abroad for their earning purpose or to live a luxurious life then it is considered brain drain. All have their different definition it is my own opinion about it. So I want to say that it is good or not so I think it is not bad I people are migrating in another for earning. The purpose at least it is good and somewhere it is a proud moment for the Indian govt why because if Indian people equated dollars or they will send that dollar to India then it will help to enhance the GDP of the country because the dollar is the more powerful currency.

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