Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Doddi said:   6 years ago
Since globalisation, brain drain has shown its effect to drain out the human capacity from the country where the intellectual brains were manufactured or formed. The departure of these intellectual brains from a country where the talent is infused within them to other country handicaps the country to wipeout itself from the development and advancement which it is ought to get from this trained human capital. Losing the knowledge and skills that are honed in one country without fetching fruitful social or economic actions are migrated to other countries in want of more money. Brain Drain has to be stopped in order to utilize the human capital for the country's development. Brain drain of one country is the brain gain of another country. To make reverse brain drain to stop brain drain, the initiatives that has to be taken are:.

Creating more employment opportunities which suites to the position and package of the high intellectuals and fulfills their personal satisfaction.

Creating more resources available like technology, further skills, and knowledge enhancement programs.

Should impose laws strictly to serve for India when gets education from premiere institutes like IIT's and IIM's.

Should be given more research orientation so that we can retain the talent by encouraging them with scholarships.

Providing non-monetary benefits like family, health and other lifestyle benefits which stop the brain drain.

Should give special infrastructure for nurturing their talent with providing an innovative scheme to make them work out on their innovative plans which should rollout as action.

Provide loans to establish their own business companies with which the talent can be used here and giving scope to their individual development.

Should rest higher authority jobs which boost their motivation and keeps him in the country.

Should rest more responsibilities, duties which make him feel that his knowledge and skills are used and being given an opportunity to make them work in real live business conditions.

Motivate them to serve their motherland and to not be a toy in the hands of MNC's for the sake of money.

Their families have to be motivated to retain their children in the mother country which often makes them feel happy to be associated with them.

By providing them with proper entertainment, honors, facilities, varied services for their personal recognition and achievements.

Apart from all the above points, students should be motivated in classroom to serve their mother nation, and the negative aspects of brain drain and the way how a country gets developed with their intuition and action which builds power economy and country.

Sparsh Jandial said:   7 years ago
Hello guys! Brain Drain simple means to emigration of intelligent well-educated individuals to somewhere for better living status.

If we look the reason behind the brain drain then we will find that there is only one most reason is that we get better facilities and payment in foreign country which we get in India.

But Can we get these better facilities in India also?

If we see the reason why we don't get these good facilities then reason is our Dirty politics or we can say our System. A person born here study here but goes outside for doing a job because he is not getting satisfactory payment here.

People says that India is a poor country then I would like to answer to these people that if they ever saw their Indian politics scam:

1. INDIAN COAL ALLOCATION SCAM - 10.673 billion Rs.

2. 2G Spectrum scam - 1766.45 billion Rs.

Then I would like to ask the person a question is India also rich now?

Now I would like to inform about something about which a few people merely knows. These are:

1. INDIA is the 2nd most largest pool of ENGINEERS, DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS.

2. In AUSTRALIA around 40-50% job seekers are Indians.

3. USA is most popular destination for Indian students.

Reality is that the nations about which we say that they are developed are being developed by Indians. It's simply means is that if they all work for India INDIA also become a DEVELOPED NATION.

But what is problem that person doesn't want to work here. Reason behind is that:

1. Unavailability of right job for right person.

2. Lack of big individuals hub where our talented person show their talent.

3. Very less salary for Government Job.

Reality is that Developed nations attracts citizens of developing nations by providing good facility and payment and using their skills for themselves.

So in last the person who says that brain drain is good I want to ask a question from them that if your home is dirty then what will you do? You go to your neighbor house for living Nhi na. You try to make your home clean. Yes just like we have to change our system. There is a need of cleanliness in our politics.

Because our former president said that-if 1 rupees come from central government only 10 paise are utilized in direct way. So we have to change rather than we go to foreign country.

YUVRAJ AHIREKAR said:   8 years ago
Brain drain is the loss to a country when skilled and clever people leave their country and work in other countries. It is the depletion of intellectuals or professionals resources of the country through emigration. Brain drain is common problem in developing countries. The problem is more acute in India.

1. According to United Nations Report, thousands of professionals and scientists migrate from under developing countries to high developed countries like UK, USA, Japan and European countries. They utilize their skills and serve the new country. This is the direct loss to the native country. It trains them at great cost and then loses them to the other countries.

2. There are numbers of factors responsible for brain drain in India, Firstly India lack job opportunity after completion of professional courses and training. They do not get proper employment in India. The developed countries offer job opportunity with attractive salaries. Secondly, there are no adequate lab facilities required for research. Advanced countries offer attractive lab facilities. They offer a high standard of living as well as high wages. Thirdly, we do not recognize or reward talent in our people (e.g) Hargobind Khurana could not get work in India. He left India and settled in USA. His talent was recognized there and he became a Nobel laurel. India then realize his worth.

3. India has a vast natural resources like oil, gas, coal ore minerals, precious stones, etc. These resources have to be fully developed for use these resources get neglected as there are only few experts in India. In this way brain drain is a big hindrance to India's technological development. India should frame a national policy to prevent brain drain. It should create employment opportunities, It should also arrange well equipped lab facilities. It should offer scope to non resident Indians so that they return to their motherland and work for its prosperity and advancement. In no time India would become a developed country in 2020.

Ankit Kumar said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone, I'm Ankit. Today I have got a chance to express my thoughts on the topic which is 'Brain drain has to be stopped.

First I want to tell you what is the actual meaning of brain drain. Brain drain means the emigration of highly skilled and multi-talented people bro another country.

As we all know there are many loopholes in our society. By that loopholes, the problem of brain drain was born. There are many reasons for it.

1. Lack of job opportunity- As we all know India is 2 nd most populated country in the world but a number of recruitment is very less.

2. Reservation - yes, it is a mild concern because of this many deserving people don't get job due to quota.

3. Corruption - nepotism- many powerful people give bribes to get a job without any effort. It is not good for the development of our country.

4. Lack of salary - I think the most important factor of brain drain. Yes because in our country there are not much salary as compared to another country.

5. Women's are not safe. - many women are talented and because of security, they prefer to go to another country for doing the job.

Nowadays many multi-talented people and we'll skilled people are going other countries from one country because of the lack of many facilities, lack of infrastructure, opportunities in our country.

According to the UNESCO report India has second in the brain drain. 85 per cent of doctors and engineers went to another country.

Brain drain is a serious problem that we are facing. That is the reason that India is still a developing country, India must utilise their knowledge and skill for making as a developed country.

Conclusion- I think it will stop by Government initiative if our government give the best platform, increase the better infrastructure, give opportunity and most important if our gov reduce the crime rate. Thus I can say hundred per cent our country will make superpower and leave behind USA and china by doing this following steps.

Thank you.

Omkar Mohapatra said:   7 years ago
Hi guys,

I feel Brain Drain is a barrier to the country's development. Talented and skilled people migrate to other countries for better payment and better lifestyle, which they are deprived of in India. Its not totally the fault of those people who abandon India to shift somewhere else. They do this because they don't get satisfactory facilities in India. Reason? INDIA IS A POOR COUNTRY!

That's it. But what makes India poor? Here I'd like to blame out political system. If we go deep in it, then BLACK MONEY is the sole reason for India's poor financial condition. If all the black money in India are extracted in India, then India would be ten times richer the The States. Isn't that great?

Well; who's gonna take the responsibility for this? Of course, we YOUNG INDIANS. We get education in our country and then spend all those knowledge in some foreign country! Is it not a betrayal to our Motherland? Some facts are:




This is a really shameful matter for our country. OUR COUNTRY IS THE SECOND LARGEST PRODUCER OF DOCTORS, ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS. Having so much of potential, India is still under developed! Isn't it the duty of every Indian to shoulder the responsibility of making it a Developed one?

The Youth of India needs to bring about a change in the system. If the system is neat, then India becomes rich. If India becomes rich, people get their requirements fulfilled. And if their requirements are fulfilled, then there will be no way for Brain Drain. Indian brains ought to boost the status of India.

Just think: If our home gets littered, then are we gonna leave it and settle in our neighbor's house? No, right? We ought to clean it up and continue living there. India is our home. If its dirty, then every single Indian needs to clean it up rather than moving out.

Thank you.

Kush said:   7 years ago
From the ancient times, human beings move from one place to another to seek the better life.

In the present scenario, same is happening; people migrate to another place to search for the job that gives them the higher income as compared to what they are receiving from their previous job at native place. Consequently, they can improve their lifestyle.

WE CAN BETTER UNDERSTAND THIS WITH AN ANALOGY: rural-urban migration in India.

People in rural areas migrate to urban areas in the search of the job. The basic driving force behind their migration is UNEMPLOYMENT. On the other hand, when technically skilled persons like doctor, engineers migrate to another country for higher salaries (basic driving force) they called it "brain-drain". Everybody has the right to improve and for that, if they have to go to another country, they will definitely go. Nobody has rights to stop them.

One can say that if everybody goes there who would contribute to the country. After all, it is this place that makes us capable & skilled in providing our services in another country.

I would like to break down the basic causes of this brain-drain:.

Under-paid well-qualified and skilled teachers, professor, doctors, engineer (MONEY).

Promotion is proportional to experience instead of the individual's performance (Esteem).

Poor education standard in India (Education).

Safety & Security (loved one's).

Lack of infrastructure (slow scientific advancement).

In India, everybody is same, one is doing hard work or another one doing nothing at the same post (particularly in public sectors).

We are belonged to an advanced generation of humans. We seek an environment where everyone is considered free. We seek an environment where everybody is welcomed and get equal opportunity for further advancement regardless of gender, race, background.

We seek an environment where skilled and great mind gets appreciation.

Thank you.

Karna said:   7 years ago
Some people here got completely taken away by the topic. But Ms. @Shweta you brought quite interesting topic to discuss. Now my turn for comment on this topic. Some of them given various reason. I am a research scholar. Even I used to ask myself once why people go aboard when they are well furnished here.

But the thing is people don give respect for right talent. I can give N number of example because I have seen with my own eye. Talent which quit with broken heart. One fine talented professor from my university specialized in bioinformatics. He is one of the best in India in the field of bioinformatics. But due to stupid politicization, he just got tired of it & quit his job when he is left over with enough retirement age. When students fought in support of him. They got only punishment.

Another professor is in verge of moving aboard. Some people in this discussion say those who moving abroad are selfish. Let me ask them how can people will be comfortable in the place which don belong to them. Atleast those people respect them. That's the reason we are moving. Ya we know that's not permanent so what. We will find another away around. Some people here complaint about reservation even I discourage that.

But those people should also know, its not just particular sect of people going abroad its from every class. I want to comment one last bit to those who is against brain drain & in support. We (research scholar) are not asking for high end life style just respect & support. People should ask for yourself.

When India had re owned institution like IISc, IITs, TIFR, etc. Why there is no single noble prize winner since sir C V RAMAN from science Why Har Gobind Khorana, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan has to move abroad while they are educated in India? Its not going stop with them. It will be continued unless government wake up.

Vihan said:   7 years ago
If we look into the definition or meaning of brain drain - it is the migration of skilled or qualified people in other countries for better pay or living. As every year thousands of people are migrating from one country to another this topic is worth to be discussed.

First I would like to draw your attention on migration. There are two types of people one who migrate for study or job and not qualified or not skilled to get work in their own country and second are who migrated for higher study or high paying job who is already qualified or skilled to get work in their own country, but for high quality of work or study they used to migrate.

Here brain drain is the migration of qualified or skilled people in other countries. As every coin has two sides this topic has also two side- like the good side and worse side. As the person moves to other countries like from India to USA or may be from Bhutan to India for the better quality of work, life, and pays, he grows in a way that he can't otherwise. As he got more and better opportunity the persons not only grow rather whole his family grows which in turn develop whole world. So restriction of one person in one country will be like narrow-minded thought and we also believe in philosophy of "Vasidhev Koutumbuk" that solely supports relation with the whole world. Lets take one example of Raghuram Rajan. He has completed his study up to postgraduate in India and done his Ph.D. in USA and worked for world's most renowned organisation. That eventually benefits our country by his working as Governor of RBI. So in order to grow with the whole world and to be part of the development of the whole word it must be required that every countries brain meet and work into the most competitive environment to cultivate their potential and to do their best. So I think brain drain has not to be stopped.

Mohit sharma said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Firstly, what the brain drain means it means when some of the well literate people of a country shift themselves in some another country. What well literate means here is the one who can help a country to develop in a good manner. Here I would like to discuss that the brain drain should be stopped because we all know that India is a developing nation and it is the fastest growing nation in the world but we somewhere are lacking behind as compare to some another country and the best example is the USA wherein the most of the scientists in NASA are from India so this concept of brain drain has to stop if a country wants its development. Not only the soldiers are responsible to protect any of the countries but it is also the responsibility of those people who are well literate and emigrating themselves to another country. About 40% of the people in India emigrating themselves to another country why because they are not getting the much opportunity in India for example- The b-tech students are much more intelligent in the technical knowledge but they are still unemployed, We have approx 126cr. Of population because of which the concept of unemployment is increasing day by day, Facilities are not that much here etc.

What government is doing the biggest step till now for stopping brain drain was that under PM scholarship scheme top 500 students of India would be getting the scholarship of Rs. 75000 and for engineering students, the professors of the IITs are providing the counselling and providing the reviews to the students accordingly. Most of the new colleges are opening as fast as possible. So as a results students would get most of the opportunities in future and there would be no real need for them to emigrate themselves in the another country for finding the opportunities.

DEVANGNA said:   6 years ago
Hi guys, I agree that brain drain is not good for the Better future of India but there is also a big dilemma what should the skilled persons should do after being a scholar. Here, in India, leaders have money for doing scams, for making their n their love one's life luxurious but in real no one ever thinks about poor people. Here no regard for flair that it actually deserves. Many problems are here rubbish syllabus, which is completely not associated to which we will do in future but we have to study it, they compel us to waste our time for such things that is not co-related with our future needs. On the other hand, at abroad children study what they wan.

They mainly focus on talent. But just for a getting even a pan card we have to go many times otherwise pay others more than actual cost n get it easily. It is corruption. Govt. Employees don't want to do work properly as they think we are getting salary no need to work more. These are also few problems. Skilled n educated people think they can serve their parents in foreign better than in India. Abroad packages are according to their standard what they deserve. If our get this point n provide same facilities. No one would think to emigrate. Here the system is completely different, the leader who is either illiterate or literate have more respect than their commandos who did a lot of hard work to get that post.

N moreover, leaders get pension after tenure but the govt employees who serve for their nation get nothing. These are so unfamiliar things in India that's why people think for brain drain. I appeal to govt. Please check our talents from going abroad n serving for outsiders. Provide all facilities to them to give better outcomes. Because here no scarcity of money in India. Only usage of money is not in right way. So think about it.

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