Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Himanshu singh said:   8 years ago
Brain drain is a big problem in our country. It should be stopped. There are many reasons of brain-drain, such as well economic, good health etc.

Lakshmathi said:   9 years ago
I think brain drain is serious problem of mother land. My opinion money is need for live, living is not for money. I agree all of you statement.

Pragya said:   7 years ago
Brain drain is absolutely against our own country where brains are created and they drain off to other places particularly to foreign.

Sidd said:   8 years ago
No, I don't think so because independence is to be given to everyone in nation. If the people want they can do anything as they wish.

Rahul kumar said:   9 years ago
Brain drain is also good in some way like if person take knowledge from abroad and come back to serve for there own country.

Sonu sangwan said:   9 years ago
Hello every I am view. Brain drain isn't good for our country. Many students is going to abroad, due to earn more money.

Arshdeep said:   8 years ago
Brain Drain leads to the low development of one's native country. Thus it needs to minimize.

Harsh Thakur said:   8 years ago
It is cursed for our country.

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