Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Rafath said:   6 years ago
Many people on this thread are writing purely based on emotions and jealousy, not facts. The fact is that migration of human beings to places of greatest opportunity is the ONLY reason why human race has survived and thrived. Without migration, we would never have any of the innovations, which we take for granted, that have improved our lives unimaginably. In fact, if your ancestors did not migrate, there would just be a couple thousand human beings on the whole planet, all living in some African jungle. Migration NEVER hampers progress. Governments do. People's **narrow mindsets** that don't take into account facts or science do.

A country like India where majority people vote based on caste, religion and populist schemes, where people SUPPRESS their own children in the name of tradition, treat women as animals, try to live off of parents' earnings, progress is not going to happen. **Any country where majority people, instead of taking responsibility for their own lives, always try to tell others what others should be doing is going to doom. And those who don't want their lives to be ruined by such culture will move elsewhere. Developed countries became developed because most people there never tried to suppress their fellow human beings from achieving their full potential. **.

Country is just the people living in it. If you want development, majority of people should make yourselves worthy of it. China has a lot of brain drain too. But has done WAY better than India. Look at manufacturing, for example. Those highly talented people that migrate to places of greatest innovation are never required for economic development.

Suman sharma said:   8 years ago
Hi friends.

I want to express my opinion about "BRAIN DRAIN HAS TO BE STOPPED ".

Due to brain drain there are many more problems are occurred in our MOTHERLAND. Those country which is under developed there's government need to be conscious about brain drain. Because nowadays it became a communicable disease, because everybody wants to earn more money and more facilities. Nowadays most of the people only & only think about themselves so, in other word they are also selfish with respect to their motherland. Everybody know that there is need to money for living but in my opinion "MONEY IS NEED FOR LIVE, LIVING IS NOT FOR MONEY" so think before doing.

People who are able to develop their country like; doctor, engineer, scientist etc. There is need to think about their country. Do struggle for their job means do struggle to serve their country by different way in which they had learned. They have need to change their mentality about earning more money and stay luxurious life.

So, government of there also need to think positively and take it positively. Because those who are well knowledgeable person they need well factitious hospitals, research centers and labs with attractive salary. These facilities are need to provide by government. Then only government become able to save their manpower in their country and then only easy to make country well developed with respect to other one.

Finally, in one word brain drain cause harm for our country so, everyone need to be careful about brain drain.

Thank you.

Chetna said:   6 years ago
I believe brain drain is due to the erge of earning more and more or by the increasing wants of people. Besides, it can also happen due to lack of opportunities which is immensely lacking in a country like India. Our present prime minister Narendra Modi has taken a step in solving this major problem by introducing "MAKE IN INDIA".

The thing missing in the people of our country is the true love for the nation. They do not realize or can see the intensity of sacrifices made by our great leaders. If they'd wished even they would have been shifted to our country but they didn't do so because the thing prioritized them was only and only freedom and well-being of our people. We must feel proud to be a part of this country where we have so many great legends who are born here who prove to be a role model for upcoming generations. We need to inspired by these people and ask for the love and progress of our nation than going to other nations for economic benefits.

The Indian government is already providing a lot of benefits to us and I believe we should avail those benefits and up grow our country. The Government should provide many more technology.

Today in the name of god we must take pledge that we'l serve our country to its best.

''My fellow Indians, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country''.

Do good to others the good will come to you.

Thank you.

Mohit said:   5 years ago
Brain Drain can be stopped when we change the political views of our country (INDIA). We know that our economic condition is not so good. In India, we have lots of money but here corruption is present.

So, lots of people went to another country for doing the job.

So, first of all, we should stop corruption in our country then automatically the migration of people will stop. As we all know, brain drain is the migration of the creamy and intellectual section of the population to other countries. Now a question arises. Why are people migrating?people are migrating in search of a better job, pay, working environment. And most importantly to work in an environment where they are recognised and motivated by their work.

I believe brain drain should be stopped. And people should ponder over the following points.

It is this motherland that as provided to you that education for which the foreigners are hiring you today. So why not instead of going to foreign countries. We work in our own country to make it more developed.

Secondly, People who criticise our country should think what have they done for their motherland instead of going abroad.

People along with government should come together to hold hands to bring new technologies to India so that further generations should not have to travel abroad. It's only the young generation that can stop brain drain.

Lalitha said:   6 years ago
If it is possible to exercise highly scientific and technological talent in India, several talented people would've stayed back. It would've been only easier for them due to less competition compared to abroad. The truth is India absolutely lacks the ecosystem to foster any kind of hi-tech businesses, leave alone even mundane businesses. The root problem is government regulations and corruption which hinder any kind of economic growth. Reduce government control, and you'll have lots of prosperity.

To those people wanting to forcibly retain top talent: I think you should just eliminate the hordes of people in the country who hamper progress in the name of caste, religion, gender and community, people who've slacked in their life and expect someone else to take care of them, anyone who is corrupt and has earned money through fraud. With all those people gone, country will progress automatically, and all the top talent will return to the country.

If you cannot do the above, stop complaining about brain drain. The country's education system is broken and society is super backward. Top talent have educated themselves and gone abroad through hard work against all the difficulties that the country threw in their way. Still, those people have strong feelings for the country and help it out in innumerable ways through investments and charity.

Abhishek said:   7 years ago
I am quoting someone from this discussion board. "We can think brain drain like as such that in a family parents is investing upon his child so that in future that fellow will help them. Take care of them stay with them think if his child leaves his parents alone what would impact he has created on his family.

It has to be stopped don't think what your country gives you always think what you have to give to your country (like don't think what your parents have given to you think always what you have to give) pay for the initial investment.

This is a vague explanation. The factors affecting my relation with or living conditions in my country or neighborhood are different then what are my relations with my parents. Obviously, my parents treat me well and always look for my happiness. But this is not the case for my relationship with my country. My living standards depend on society and how other people carry out their duties. And as we all have seen people do not do their jobs properly. And who all tend to be straight and against corruption are not treated well. And also the talented people do not have enough opportunities to grow their talents. They are not paid properly. If you are not paid well then how do you expect to give a better life for your parents, better than what they have been living for so many years?

Pooja Chandran said:   7 years ago

I'm here to share my view about brain drain. Everyone was thinking about the benefits which they will get. But no one was thinking of our country. The main reason for providing loans to the students is, they must become an entrepreneur. The government thinks that the citizens must stand on their own legs. Their career must be based on the field in which they are interested. But without knowing this migration happens.

Always a change should start from us. The change will not come by its own without anyone initiating it. Without trying to make a change, without facing our problems is it good to run away from it?

One question to those people who wants to migrate. Do you know the main difference between people who were here and there?

The major difference is Leadership. Each people in foreign countries has a leadership quality. Hence they will not work as a slave. But we are not like that. We are going there and working as a slave. But if you are in our country you are a free citizen and you are not having any restrictions.

Incase of any problem arise in the foreign country then they send back other country citizens to their country itself. Then you have to come to the same country which you left. In such situation, our country will not leave you alone as you left it. Remember that.

Thank you.

Sam said:   6 years ago
What do you mean by doing for the country? No one in the country has ever helped anyone other than themselves and perhaps their close family. Every person is responsible for their own life, and have the fundamental right to live the life they want within the law. You want to target a group of people who've worked incredibly hard in their lives and make them sacrifice for others. Most of those others living in the country don't want to work anywhere as hard and want to forever stay mired in traditions, backward/unscientific thinking, and caste, color, gender and religion based divisions. They treat many of their fellow citizens (such as women and minorities) as second class citizens, harasses them everyday, subject them to rape and acid attacks. Asking super hardworking successful people to sacrifice their lives for such people is absolutely no different from **stealing** and **manslaughter**.

Grow up, take charge of your life. If you want to understand why India is not developing, read some history and economics on why nations don't develop. It is never due to brain drain (take Russia and China in the past for example), but bad government regulations and corruption, and a society that doesn't allow scientific and technological progress to take place.

Aniket said:   5 years ago

Brain Drain: A bane to India.

1. What it actually is ? It's the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country.

2. What led to the situation ? Due to increasing population, lack of leadership & enterpreneurship qualities as well as unsatisfactory environment at working places including gender inequality. These basic essentials leads the way towards unemployment or underemployment.

3. What is presently going on ? About 30 to 35% of highly qualified people across the country are migrating foreign. This is a huge no. In a developing country like India where still.

A below poverty person has to sleep hungry, a patient can't get basic medical facilities in his home town, a country where child labour is still not been eradicated. That's how big the difference is! These educated people running few NGO's, Startups etc. Would have meant.

India getting developed in real sense.

3. What can be done ? Presently the NDA government has laid down pathway for Startup & Standup India to stop it; but a lot of work is still undone at grassroot level. It's also necessary to motivate youth towards patriotism. Because we know that to take an iniatitive a few generation has to suffer a bit but, we can.

Hope it helps.

Anima said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

I think brain drain is causing a serious problem to our states and country as well. We have a huge population in which maximum percentage is of those who are backward in the socio-economic growth. And the rest with some special skills and talents are leaving their region. Talking about my state, Jharkhand, we lack no where in resources both in mineral and raw materials.

But when it comes to using these boon, we have handful of old workers using old techniques. Its mainly because the new born talents and the brilliant brains are settling in Banglore, the technical hub. Its more of a selfish move, once you are groomed well, do you leave your parents and get on to a well established apartment?It's your choice anyway.

But why do people fail to understand that where there is high level of growth (like in regional case, Bangalore and at national level USA) , the competition is also tough, once they find someone more magnetic they will take no time in kicking you out. Well, in case of those developing regions, where you are needed you, at least have a respect, stability and salary of course.

All you need is a confident over yourself to stand out of the crowd and do something using your that skill which will bring a change.

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