Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Honey said:   3 years ago

Actually, this topic is very sensitive a person who belongs from normal family background and he had good knowledge at any felid and he know other companies give him an attractive amount of salary anyhow this time everyone person wants good salary at the point of life you need sustainability in your life that is why the youth is ready to go outside of their country and this is a big failure of us if we get all the resources in our country along with the respect of our work on that time India will become in a developed country and we all have to give a great contribute to make our India a developed country.

CHANDANI said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

Brain drain is very serious problem. The skilled people migrating from our country in the search of better opportunity. They get educated in their country and serve another country. That is the reason India be a developing country. They think in developed country they get good opportunity and also good money that is totally correct I agree with this but why not we make our country that much capable or developed by serving our own country because we know lot of scientist, doctors, engineers in foreign are Indians. So we are capable to make our country developed and for this brain drain must be stopped.

Thank you.

Archana said:   4 years ago
My name is Archana, and yes according to my opinion, brain drain can possibly be converted into development for not just an individual concern but also in the interest of our country if one after having proper experience in the field where more resources are an available return to his country. And by this one can contribute more for his country. And yes talking about our governments move it need to be considered that there should be abundant of opportunities available.

Sonah said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts on Brain-drain has to be stopped.

First of all, why does brain-drain happen? Because of lack opportunities and yes, reservations (caste system).

Every individual is seeking a better opportunity to grow himself as well as money, and due to lack of resources in India, they find a similar opportunity in some other country.

India is a country of billion people but one must say the country of billion opportunities (but that must be created by youth). Also, govt should give equal opportunities to deserving students and as an Indian everyone's focus must be to grow on country's value, then only it will be possible.

Shreya mittal said:   4 years ago
I think brain drain shouldn't be stopped because if any student is very talented and lackness of facility and opportunity he is not able to proof own self then this is very good for him because if you have knowledge but you haven't platform then you can't do anything and our government always spend money but don't provide proper facility and also not any Indian company gives a more income so brain drain should not be stopped. Thanks.

Sanyam said:   4 years ago
What I really think is that Brain Drain must not be stopped because the exposure and opportunities that students or employees are able to fetch overseas in developed and progressive countries are not available in India. Although, it is correct to say that those countries this way are taking their work from the intelligent brains of Indian origin, but India as a nation does not have much to offer to the sharp brains due to problems like overpopulation, unemployment, reservation, recession etc.

Shama said:   4 years ago
Good evening everyone.

Today, I am going to put my point of view towards brain drain. First of all, we have to know what is brain drain it is all about losing of Indian talents abroad for getting good earning and more career prospects. Presently, the number of youngsters who is emigrating to other developing countries has been increased as we compare to the last few years.

There are many reasons to leaving this country because of lack of opportunities, and to get a better life there and reservation is also one of the factors for brain drain. This been also increasing because the developed country also hiring this talent at low cost.

I think brain drain is like a medicine which will be only fruitful if it is taken in a limited amount otherwise it will never have a benefit. If these youth return to India after acquiring the knowledge and serve there own country then it will be definitely called a reverse brain drain.

At last, I would like to conclude that if these talents are not given opportunities asap then brain drain will spread like a disease and India will lose it's own talent and will take time to become a developed country.

Ankur Prakash said:   4 years ago
Brain drain is a major issue all over the world. I think there are two major issues to improve the brain drain in any country. First one is a number of the good institution is very limited and competition is very hard. In India, the reservation is also the main factor due to this problem the selection criteria is very difficult. We can see the previous some year the admission process is like a rat race in an Indian institution. The population is continually increasing, in this point of view, the selection criteria are very difficult in any exam.

Another reason is the poor quality of the education system. No proper lab and equipment for research, no proper access to latest development in the field.

Mridul said:   4 years ago
Hello friends.

Due to my thoughts, brain drain means, when we'll literate people of a country shift himself in some another country. Friends, I want to say that the brain drain has to be stopped because if.

Well, literate people shift themselves to another country then how our country develop a good example the USA where the most of the scientists in NASA are from India so if the country wants its development brain drain has to be stopped.

Thank you.

Khushi said:   4 years ago
Yes, I think it should be because why the great talent of India should go to other countries. We get educated here, use resources of here and serves to other countries and provide them resources. Why I had a big? why should people don't change their mind set why?is it only government duty take India a developed country or it is our moral duty also. But we always blame the government. What you do for your country ? just tell that. Be in your country and do something for it. I had lots to say but not like this on phone. I gone have a debate. I will express in that.

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