Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Ansh bhandari said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

Brain is good as, if we go to abroad and to great works then we raise mother India's head only and reservation of seats is a big reason for brain drain and convenience and salary is also very important.

Sambhav said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

We discuss the very serious topic brain drain.

I would say that many of the peoples like as 90% students goes to foreign country or any developed country. Best facilities and best infrastructure likes students and some other reasons students prefers developed countries and they lives long time and more money earn in few months or years.

So basically they mixups their environments and not returned us his country.

Kumar gaurav said:   9 years ago
We can think brain drain like as such that in a family parents is investing upon his child so that in future that fellow will help them. Take care of them stay with them think if his child leave his parents alone what would impact he has created on his family.

It has to be stopped don't think what your country gives you always think what you have to give to your country (like don't think what your parents have given to you think always what you have to give) pay for the initial investment.

Rahul said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

Our topic about brain drain and in my opinion brain drain is a disease which work like as the white ant those hollow the tree like as India. My first point for that is the reservation for the SC and ST students due to that the student of general category does not take admission in governments colleges.

And another reason for vagrant from India to abroad is that in India the salary of an government employee is too less so they go abroad to earn more money and for life style. The people or student do not know their responsibilities for his country they are born and brought up here. According to databases.

Our Indian engineers in NASA are about 30% to 40% and the doctors are approx 65% to 70% are abroad. If they will come back to the India then our India will.

Definitely progress in few years. Their duties are to trying for make a develop country "India". In last I say that we have to change our mentality.

Thush said:   9 years ago
I would say that brain drain is a disease. When we have got a plethora of opportunities here in India we go abroad just for money and luxury.

The problem is we have become lazy and we don't even bother to look for jobs in our nation. After our studies we directly search for a job abroad. We have got to stop this.

Ramyashree gowda said:   9 years ago
Hi my friends,

Brain drain is really a bad disease not only for India but also for other under developed countries or developing countries. Brain drain refers to migration of talented persons to some other countries. According to my view it is very shameful to us because we are all born and brought up here but ready to serve for other countries. Being a citizen of India we should have the responsibility to make our India a developed. Don't behave like a irresponsible citizen.

Don't think what country has given to you just think what you had given to your country. Indians have enough talent just utilize your talent in our country only, if you have true love about your country. Lets unite together to make India beautiful among all the countries in the world.

Proud to be an Indian.

Sonal said:   9 years ago
Brain drain is caused just because of Indian policy where cast is superior than talent. People are unemployed just because of reservation system in India. As per my opinion, if you are not getting enough scope to prove your talent then it's obvious to go elsewhere you get chance to show your talent.

Many students are going to do MS in foreign countries because they know value of their education. Also education system in US is far different than that of India. So brain drain situation only be improved if everyone will get equal opportunity.

Sonu sangwan said:   9 years ago
Hello every I am view. Brain drain isn't good for our country. Many students is going to abroad, due to earn more money.

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