Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Amit Suthar said:   8 years ago
Brain drain is really very big problem of native country. To developing a country, a big hand and most important role of their citizens. But problem is that the country which is still developing has no proper facilities for research, there are lack of job opportunities, due to this they are unable to identify of real talent. But in positive point of view if talented people do good work in other countries and if they really think to bring such new technology to their native country then it may help to their country.

But like in India to stop the brain drain a right step should be taken by our government govt should remove the caste based reservation system and should able to understand a real talent. Govt should establish the research lab as well as create the job opportunities.

Suman sharma said:   8 years ago
Hi friends.

I want to express my opinion about "BRAIN DRAIN HAS TO BE STOPPED ".

Due to brain drain there are many more problems are occurred in our MOTHERLAND. Those country which is under developed there's government need to be conscious about brain drain. Because nowadays it became a communicable disease, because everybody wants to earn more money and more facilities. Nowadays most of the people only & only think about themselves so, in other word they are also selfish with respect to their motherland. Everybody know that there is need to money for living but in my opinion "MONEY IS NEED FOR LIVE, LIVING IS NOT FOR MONEY" so think before doing.

People who are able to develop their country like; doctor, engineer, scientist etc. There is need to think about their country. Do struggle for their job means do struggle to serve their country by different way in which they had learned. They have need to change their mentality about earning more money and stay luxurious life.

So, government of there also need to think positively and take it positively. Because those who are well knowledgeable person they need well factitious hospitals, research centers and labs with attractive salary. These facilities are need to provide by government. Then only government become able to save their manpower in their country and then only easy to make country well developed with respect to other one.

Finally, in one word brain drain cause harm for our country so, everyone need to be careful about brain drain.

Thank you.

Bishal said:   8 years ago
As you all know that the brain drain is the migrations of well educated personalities like Scientists, Engineers, Doctors & various trained or intellectuals to foreign to show their ability and earn more money.

In my opinion, there are some few reasons behind for the brain drain that is, Lack of right job for right person. Lack of big research centers where our talented person show their talents. Very less salary for this type of talented persons.

We do not recognize or reward talent in our people (e.g) Hargovind Khurana could not get work in India. He left India and settled in USA. His talent was recognized there and he became a Nobel laurel. India then realize his worth.

At last I want to say that brain drain should be stopped because it the big loss for the country & the Government should have to think about this problem.

Citizens of India said:   8 years ago
I would like to tell that for stopping brain drain the government should introduce such society or a place that Contain all advanced colleges, institutions, research centers, modern labs, and a good environmental surrounding with highly access to nutritious food and facilities high payments etc in a particular area of the state.

Every state is famous for different subjects like Bangalore is famous for engineering only. It contain all the things related to engineering such as schools, colleges, institutions, research centers, labs etc. If it can possible than see no one can go to other countries. Since all the things will be available in India. Will it really possible.

Sangeeta Yadav said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

Today was the debate in our college on "Brain Drain is good for country".

I was in against of the topic, what I noticed is that the student in favour said that :- India cannot provide better jobs as per their requirement and we should earn there and invest after earning money.

But we should notice that many foreigners are coming to India for earning money.

Eg:- Lorraine do Bollywood movies not Hollywood. Because India has lot of money, the problem is of a good leader who can put them in use.

So, we have to understand that we had learn here so we should give our output to our country not other countries which are already developed.

YUVRAJ AHIREKAR said:   8 years ago
Brain drain is the loss to a country when skilled and clever people leave their country and work in other countries. It is the depletion of intellectuals or professionals resources of the country through emigration. Brain drain is common problem in developing countries. The problem is more acute in India.

1. According to United Nations Report, thousands of professionals and scientists migrate from under developing countries to high developed countries like UK, USA, Japan and European countries. They utilize their skills and serve the new country. This is the direct loss to the native country. It trains them at great cost and then loses them to the other countries.

2. There are numbers of factors responsible for brain drain in India, Firstly India lack job opportunity after completion of professional courses and training. They do not get proper employment in India. The developed countries offer job opportunity with attractive salaries. Secondly, there are no adequate lab facilities required for research. Advanced countries offer attractive lab facilities. They offer a high standard of living as well as high wages. Thirdly, we do not recognize or reward talent in our people (e.g) Hargobind Khurana could not get work in India. He left India and settled in USA. His talent was recognized there and he became a Nobel laurel. India then realize his worth.

3. India has a vast natural resources like oil, gas, coal ore minerals, precious stones, etc. These resources have to be fully developed for use these resources get neglected as there are only few experts in India. In this way brain drain is a big hindrance to India's technological development. India should frame a national policy to prevent brain drain. It should create employment opportunities, It should also arrange well equipped lab facilities. It should offer scope to non resident Indians so that they return to their motherland and work for its prosperity and advancement. In no time India would become a developed country in 2020.

Sharad Akbari said:   8 years ago
Basically Brain-Drain refers to the migration of educated people to go abroad to settle there.

- There are some reasons which responsible for,

1. Many of educated people are not getting job due to lack of the employment.

2. Even they are getting job, not getting good salary according to job profile.

3. People are thinking that there is more prosperity and better lifestyle than India.

4. Reservation in Government Jobs and in Education Field and therefore talented people not getting enough opportunity to utilize their skills.

5. Large Margin in currency of the nations.

Due to brain-drain many talented people go to abroad the country is lacking in really talented persons, but on the other hand there is also positive effect of brain drain:

Foreign countries are realizing the potentials of Indian students and they are coming to our country for setting up manufacturing units as a result of that it is contributing in increment of employment. So ie is a good effect of Brain-drain.

Ansh bhandari said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

Brain is good as, if we go to abroad and to great works then we raise mother India's head only and reservation of seats is a big reason for brain drain and convenience and salary is also very important.

Sambhav said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

We discuss the very serious topic brain drain.

I would say that many of the peoples like as 90% students goes to foreign country or any developed country. Best facilities and best infrastructure likes students and some other reasons students prefers developed countries and they lives long time and more money earn in few months or years.

So basically they mixups their environments and not returned us his country.

Kumar gaurav said:   8 years ago
We can think brain drain like as such that in a family parents is investing upon his child so that in future that fellow will help them. Take care of them stay with them think if his child leave his parents alone what would impact he has created on his family.

It has to be stopped don't think what your country gives you always think what you have to give to your country (like don't think what your parents have given to you think always what you have to give) pay for the initial investment.

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