Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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D.Sai Akhilesh said:   6 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I can say that not all Indians are less quality conscious because its basically depends upon the income levels of the people. If one who are getting more income they are able to look for the quality but in India 55% and above of the people are below poverty so they look for the low quality, it doesn't mean that they don't want quality products, they want but the income level of that people are stopping them to buy quality.

Bobby said:   6 years ago
Indians generally are less quality conscious. Its got nothing to do with poverty or affluence. Its about what is valued in society. People value money more understand it as wealth. You want to increase wealth but where money is understood as wealth you'll want to make wealth as much whether you have a capacity to make millions or few thousands. When focus is only on money we tend to find the understood way that is spend less. The middle class is always saving, the rich are always cutting corners. If we have to make a solution to a problem and there's a cost of 100000 rs, the Indian starts thinking on jugaad, a way to make it cheaper say 25000 rs. The focus is lost on what a value of 100, 000 can achieve to maximum but what the 25000 could pass through as minimum. So that 75000 of money is saved. In a way we are short-term thinkers for today and now. In long-term money depreciates therefore if you didn't use it to create maximum value the balance left diminishes in value.

What true wealth is potential, creativity, production, and material that won't lose its value quickly but last longer giving productive output for decades. Wealth is real and wealth is empowerment, today wealth is technology and know-how. When its practised this wealth creates and multiplies money. Money is, therefore, a value or currency or wealth. It's not wealth.

Since work was never valued, and human resource was also not valued, in. Feudal society creating solutions to peoples problems wasn't important. Culturally all working members were set lower than non-working. While we have adopted a western way of doing things our culture stands between finding success of the western enterprise.

The ideology and platform have a reason why Indians are less quality conscious. It's not the important value in our culture.

Dhananjay sarangi said:   6 years ago
Hi. This is Dhananjay. Today topic is Indians are less quality conscious.

If you have money, then you will become quality conscious. In India. We all know that. Poverty, illiteracy and population are the main factors which is pulling India's growth towards the downside.

When will you become more quality conscious?

When you will have sufficient money. Through which you can choose the things best you want. These are the things. Which we called quality conscious.

Not only India but also some other country where destitution and other factors are just the main factors which lead them to less quality conscious.

Thank you.

Dhaygude Harshali, said:   6 years ago
India is the second largest populated country after China. In India we can see different economical & educational levels of the peoples. Depends on their financial status and awareness towards the quality of the products they are buying the things. In India, poor peoples are compromising with the quality as their main focus is to fulfil their primary needs. Peoples are checking for long-term utility and more quantity at less price, the entire population we can't say less conscious about quality overall it depends on the economical & educational level of the Indian peoples.

Verma said:   6 years ago
India a developing country which is indeed of quality. However, the people who are living in India can't be designated. They give a major role in the economy of India as well the importors to India.

A large population is a traditional live in India therefore much of them prefer to the quantity that of quality. The scenario is constantly changing in India, people had started to check for quality.

Manoj.D said:   6 years ago
Quality is essential everywhere and it's viewed in terms of conformance, fitness to use, the price paid, performance etc. ,

India is a developing country and also a quality conscious one, why the above statement I made is that, people of India and the government of India are becoming more and more conscious of each and every product or work they do, hence the usage of low-quality goods of China are becoming down day by day, the working quality of Indians are enhancing hence Indians are in the highest designated job worldwide too, and it's not the ultimate quality to be achieved, quality is concerned with day to day development and improvement, being a developing country India is in its own conscious about quality.

Triveni said:   6 years ago
I think, I completely disagree with this pointless quality and more quality is dependent upon the economic condition. As we know that India is developing country and second largest population country hence it is not possible to everyone to go with quality some of think about quantity because there are many in there family.

Shivani somani said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, Indians buy things according to their financial condition, their need and choice.

According to the common man point of view, they see quality only on those things which they want for a long time otherwise they compromise with quality if they get a thing at an average price with less quality.

That's why the Chinese things are very popular in our India. Chinese co. Are not providing us good quality product but instead of this, we are buying.

Indians invest their money only after thinking about the product utility (in terms of time) and their financial capability.

Dalsa said:   6 years ago
Hello friends.

In my opinion, Indians are quality conscious.

Whenever we need quality we go for it.

But sometimes it's hard to resist low price attractions, that's why Chinese market growing day by day.

But we Indian prooved by rejecting the free basic idea of Facebook that you can't make us fool by just using some free word.

Shree shankari R said:   6 years ago
No, we Indians prefer to buy good quality products the good quality products only will be long-lasting.

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