Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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Bobby said:   6 years ago
Indians generally are less quality conscious. Its got nothing to do with poverty or affluence. Its about what is valued in society. People value money more understand it as wealth. You want to increase wealth but where money is understood as wealth you'll want to make wealth as much whether you have a capacity to make millions or few thousands. When focus is only on money we tend to find the understood way that is spend less. The middle class is always saving, the rich are always cutting corners. If we have to make a solution to a problem and there's a cost of 100000 rs, the Indian starts thinking on jugaad, a way to make it cheaper say 25000 rs. The focus is lost on what a value of 100, 000 can achieve to maximum but what the 25000 could pass through as minimum. So that 75000 of money is saved. In a way we are short-term thinkers for today and now. In long-term money depreciates therefore if you didn't use it to create maximum value the balance left diminishes in value.

What true wealth is potential, creativity, production, and material that won't lose its value quickly but last longer giving productive output for decades. Wealth is real and wealth is empowerment, today wealth is technology and know-how. When its practised this wealth creates and multiplies money. Money is, therefore, a value or currency or wealth. It's not wealth.

Since work was never valued, and human resource was also not valued, in. Feudal society creating solutions to peoples problems wasn't important. Culturally all working members were set lower than non-working. While we have adopted a western way of doing things our culture stands between finding success of the western enterprise.

The ideology and platform have a reason why Indians are less quality conscious. It's not the important value in our culture.

Sanjay said:   8 years ago
I am presenting my views on the topic - "Are Indians less quality concerned".

According to me, this is a wrong notion seeing the present scenario. From decades the debate of quality vs quantity is going on. In every aspect of our life, we have to face this issue especially while purchasing. Although money is an important factor in deciding whether we should opt for quality or quantity, the perspective of a person is also important. Sometimes people give so much importance to money that they forget about quality. India consists of poor, middle and rich class.

Talking about the poor class of people, they cannot afford to check about quality. Its only the middle class or rich people who can afford it. Before 2000, Very few people of India were quality conscious. But with the rise in the no. Of middle classes more and more people are becoming quality conscious. That's the reason why the competition among retailers is rising and they are flooding the Indian market with the quality products. Also, the entry of foreign companies has made the competition tough but this has only ensured quality in the products.

Another aspect which I want to focus on is that it is not necessary that higher the price of the product, higher will be its quality. One's primary focus should be on buying quality products, but if it is not in affordable range then the consumer had to purchase a low-quality product. So, it will be wrong on our part to say that Indians are not quality conscious.

Thank You.

Shubham said:   8 years ago
Quality is the standard of products as measured against prices. Quality awareness on an individual basis depends on upon the individual awareness of the environment and the meaning of the quality. Companies regularly do the quality awareness test for their product to make improvisation and remove waste from their products to provide the user-friendly and safe product to their customer.

India being one of the poor countries in the world and Most of the Indian peoples are middle class whose income are not so good, they somehow manage to feed their family members and provide shelters that's why they don't focus much on the quality of the product. And the lower class people never dream of quality product.

India is a developing country and the peoples of India are presently not so aware of the environment and the meaning of the quality. But the Young generations of India are aware of the meaning of quality and they are more focussed on the quality of the product.

Indian market is flooded with the cheap Chinese product Lower class people of India focus on the price rather than the quality of the product. So, Lower class people of India are the best consumer of the Chinese product as they are very low in price.

Chinmay said:   8 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I think generalizing all "Indians" to be either quality conscious or not would be irrational.

Compromising with the product one buys is purely a subjective matter. Some do not compromise with the quality at all because they have the money and wealth to do so. Others have to buy what is available on the market within their budget.

Being quality conscious also depends on the type of the item we are talking about. It is very rare that one compromises with the quality when it comes to sectors such as food and health because almost everyone wants the best in these sectors from the market (irrespective of the money we have in hand). On the other hand, in other things which are not included in our basic necessities, we often tend to be less quality conscious.

For example, one who needs a bypass surgery would want the best medical consultancy in the town and the best surgeon to perform the surgery. On the other hand, the same person may be spending minimally on the clothes he wears, the service center where he drops his car for service, etc.

So in my opinion, this kind of "Indian quality consciousness" (if you want to call it that), is perfectly logical.

Thank you.

Niza said:   7 years ago
To some extents they are. What I think is that in spite of giving much focus on quality, they stress more on their price. This is especially valid to that rich staratum who just live to flaunt what they have.

Even if the quality is poor and price is high and on the other hand same thing with better quality is available at some cheaper rate, they will go for the first one. And the reason for it. Simply it's sky touching price.

Such as taking case of Reliance Fresh selling vegetables. Everyone knows that most of the time, all veggies and fruits have been kept for 3-4 days, they are put in air condition so that they appear fresh, still those Richy rich will buy only these vegetables and they will never go for roadside sellers who sell at lower price and their vegetables are the freshest. There are various similar instances.

While this is not valid for all, there is large proportion who strive to get stuff at lower price with the best quality. So my conclusion, at last, would be that "these people" should change their mind. If you are buying something whether from a multi-storey mall or a roadside stall price does not matter. What matters is quality. (not for everything).

Chithralekha v said:   8 years ago
Hi, my opinion is we Indians are not less quality conscious. Of course, it may depend on the poverty line, especially in our country. But the good example that Indians are not less quality conscious is that most of the countries prefer Indians for their companies as they are good quality conscious. As we all know that even though India is a developing country most of the families are still below poverty line. And so that is reason people are concerned about their future needs and they go for spending less money, in turn, buy fewer quality products. But I don't feel like in all matters they prefer less quality. Even a middle-class family make sure that their children are studying in good schools are colleges because they want good quality in education. And even our Indian government should be awakened to solve the problems of villages middle and poor class families so that each of us can be in good position with good quality things which are necessary for day to day life.

So based on above examples my conclusion is that Indians are not less quality conscious but they are made to be less quality conscious.

Mohit Shukla said:   8 years ago
Indian are quality conscious or not, it can't be commented that easily but yes we if we have liberty of choosing a product having different prices, most of us most of the times prefer to have the cheaper one and high cost doesn't ensure that the product will be of better quality, it may ensure it but it will definitely not ensure that the cheaper one will not be as per the quality of it.

The reason behind such a behaviour of us is our history. During the British era, most of the Indians were very much deprived of even the basic necessities of our life and to get it we had to rely on the substandard products which tended to cheap. Now after independence, our living standards improved significantly but habit of spending less hasn't. So still we most of the time prefer to go with the cheap alternative of any product. We are improving on it and as number of Indians are coming out of the poverty, more are they conscious regarding the quality of product they are using, but still most of us don't and they are most seen and thus we develop a notion that we Indians are not quality conscious.

Aarushi said:   8 years ago
I think that Indians are conscious about quality. Whether the person belongs to high class, middle class, or low-class family everyone wants good quality. But yes, budget plays a big role in purchase of good quality item. A rich person can buy branded item easily but middle n low caste have to think about budget. It is also about modernisation that nowadays everyone is raising their status by choosing selected items.

But when we see that Indians used to by Chinese things it is all about its low price n attractiveness. They know they are going to use them once so they wish to buy low price items. When they know that they are going to use product for long they buy quality item.

May there are some people that do not think about quality but they are less in no. . Youngsters choose is also changing that they use selected, high price product. But they use them so many times that there is no regret of spending money on that item.

So, quality is differing due to budget, however, whether its high or low-class family everyone wants a "QUALITY PRODUCT'".

Rapunzel said:   8 years ago
Hello all,

Something like Quality consciousness should not be generalized to a nation or a city. It is a matter of choice and affordability. As we all know that ours is a developing nation and people of all statuses exist. Right from Multi-millionaires like Mukesh Ambani to daily wage laborer. A person who is a sole earner of his/her family cannot afford to buy an object out of his reach. He, therefore, compromises on the quality and goes for a less expensive product rather than an expensive product. In the same way, a person whose finances allow him/her to purchase a better quality product would go for it. This purely depends on a person choice. More than 50% of our population consists of middle and lower middle-class families who cannot afford high-end products or they are not aware of the products' specifications. This is the main difference between India and some other developed nation. These days, there is a tremendous change in such behavior and people are more aware (through media) and conscious about what they are spending for?

Keshav Shivhare said:   7 years ago
Hello Friend,

As all the point has been covered by my friends. I just want to add one point which I didn't found after reading all comments.

That Rich and Poor doesn't matter in quality consciousness because Rich people prefer high quality it is a definition as quoted by all but poor people prefer quality more than riches because they are poor they have limited money which they have to spent on a product or service and they find quality from that in long run because he knows he will not be able to buy it again in short run and rich people can by high price low-quality product because he knows that they can buy it again.

By taking an example if we see a villager who makes their clothes or buys his cloth once in a year and he knows that he has to maintain that clothes for the whole of that years. Hence proved they prefer more quality that a rich guy who buy t-shirts at a high price and forget about the quality of that product because he can buy it again.

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