Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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Khushbooasawa said:   8 years ago
I think, people of India are not quality conscious. This is not because of lack of capital or financial resources but because of lack of awareness. Also, from the era of British Raj, Indians have lived a life of misery and have got addicted to pessimism and henceforth saving funds even if they have ample to feed generations to come. Indians have learnt saving and not spending.

Ansh said:   8 years ago
By seeing out everything, I may think that if an Indian Producer seem to supply there goods in a domestic market then he don't bother about the quality of good. On other side if willing to supply in Foreign market then he seriously consider about the quality. I don't know why they seems to provide the inferior quality of goods in domestic market, as there is no quality check of product from government in regular intervals.

The Government department has to be strict in the checking the quality of goods, as what they are providing for the citizen of their own nation. Please also awake in this Topic or it will always continue like this.

Nathan lee said:   8 years ago
Yes, but the mindset can change depending on the education given maybe. I have met Indians with extremely high work ethic, and I have met Indians who are some terrible people. It's all over the map individually. However, culturally, I think there are relaxed standards.

When Vespa first open their factory in India, the Indian workers were painted everywhere specific except for the bottom of the vehicle. They must have rationalized that no one would see it, so they didn't need to disregarding the fact that painting has more benefits than simply looks and that people paying for a product would like to know that it's quality.

Haresh said:   8 years ago
Yea Indians are less quality conscious. This seems to be because no there is no pride in workmanship and because the focus is on functionalism rather than beauty. If everyone would focus on taking pride in their work and deliver a beautiful good or service things might change. But there seems to be no hope of that happening because most Indians are too cynical.

Akanshi jain said:   8 years ago
We know that India is a developing country and majority of its population lies below the poverty line. Because of this many think about their budget before buying anything. This let them to buy products of lower quality but they buy the products of best quality in their budget. This doesn't means that they are less quality conscious.

Everyone wants the best but everyone can't get. Indians are lacking behind in terms of quality because of their poor financial conditions. So Indians are not less quality conscious they are bound to be less quality conscious.

Himanshu said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

As far as my opinion I don't think India is a not quality conscious its just like that Indians don't spend more on products which are not much affected by quality. As we Indians if want to purchase a car we spend much more on a good car that's why these Giant company are selling there car in India. And if we see all other products the scenario is like that only.

But if we have to spend on clothes we compromise with quality some times and that's not so bad as they are just clothes. And we don't forgot that India has a culture of saving that's why India has never face such recession as USA has also once face it.

Shalabh Saxena said:   7 years ago
It is clearly stated as Indian's are less quality conscious because people are unaware towards the goods as well as services are available in the market. However government play a vital role for spreading the awareness in the society viz. ,

1. Bijli Hum Bachayenge advertisement.

2. Ghar ghar Shochalaya advertisement.

3. Kishan Vani on Radio etc.

Less consciousness towards quality are seen in the rural market. In rural market people are having low economic condition so they can't Buy quality goods.

But in urban market people are aware towards quality. So quality consciousness directly depends on the economic conditions of an individual person.

Gunjan said:   7 years ago
Talking about quality, I think we Indians have learnt a lot in what to buy or what not to. And also its something which depend on our-self like depends on person to person. We Indians have faced lot of changes in market. In India also people are brand conscious.

Our economy has got a hike in last few months. Many big brands are investing in india which means people are interested in buying those stuffs.
(4) said:   7 years ago
In my point of view India is quality conscious whether it may be low class or middle class or rich class public figures like to purchase good quality at low price even Indian businessman keep in the mind that consumer need good quality goods at low price or else according to concern budget they will prefer the quality goods.

Karmakar said:   7 years ago
I think Indians want better items at the lower price but. That means that we Indians like products which can do everything but also it should be in the budget range and we give less importance to quality when we have to select between the two quality and low price.

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