Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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Akanshi jain said:   8 years ago
We know that India is a developing country and majority of its population lies below the poverty line. Because of this many think about their budget before buying anything. This let them to buy products of lower quality but they buy the products of best quality in their budget. This doesn't means that they are less quality conscious.

Everyone wants the best but everyone can't get. Indians are lacking behind in terms of quality because of their poor financial conditions. So Indians are not less quality conscious they are bound to be less quality conscious.

Shivani somani said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, Indians buy things according to their financial condition, their need and choice.

According to the common man point of view, they see quality only on those things which they want for a long time otherwise they compromise with quality if they get a thing at an average price with less quality.

That's why the Chinese things are very popular in our India. Chinese co. Are not providing us good quality product but instead of this, we are buying.

Indians invest their money only after thinking about the product utility (in terms of time) and their financial capability.

Akanksha Nigam said:   7 years ago

I completely disagree with the thought that Indians are less quality conscious. Yes, I agree that every Indians buy the product according to their economic condition but that doesn't mean that we are less quality conscious and I also want to say that we should not bifurcate urban and rural people of India as because everyone wants a quality which he can use a certain period of time.

Those people who agree with the thought that Indians are less quality conscious the best example is "Nano" car everyone knows in India that this car is less expensive and also it can afford by number of middle class and lower class people but the product was failed and such an innovative idea didn't get profit after manufacturing in India. Many rural people don't want to buy the car when that car come in their budget.

So that would be the best example for us that Indian people are not less quality conscious.

Thank you.

Priyanka said:   7 years ago
I would like to say that Indians as a whole cannot be labeled as less quality conscious. As buying any kind of product in today's world depends on three basic factors-

1. Awareness of the buyer towards the quality factors of a product.

2. His/her financial capacity to buy that particular product.

3. According to a customer's personal need from the product.

So on this basis, I would say that it depends from person to person and not on an entire nation.

Aishwaryashinde said:   6 years ago
As we know India is 2nd highest populated country after china, so in developing country like India where different level of people live taking from poor -midclass- rich, all three section have their different capabilities of spending i.e. poor people are not more of quality conscious but quantity conscious and they could afford limited to live their life and fulfill needs, talking about mid-class some of them are quality conscious because the believe more in savings and manage to live with less quality service or product and for rich people they can afford for the highest quality. So quality consciousness whole depends on the standard of living in India.

Pranusha.M said:   4 years ago

I think Indians, that is we, are not exactly less quality conscious. Even though the poor buy things of low price, with less quality, with a limited income to fulfil their needs, the rest will try to buy things of more durability and quality with respect to their incomes and their willingness to a thing of more sustainability and quality.

Some middle class, who are quality conscious may buy commodities of good quality, when compared to the rich who are reluctant to buy a high-quality thing, will buy medium-level quality with minimal price.

I think the quality consciousness differs from person to person and their willingness to buy a commodity. And we INDIANS, are of the same and income of the consumer is also the main aspect.

Marepally BixaM said:   6 years ago
My dear friends, Quality of the product bought by the customer is depends upon their financial situation as well as their need. If they need for temporary time, they may go with quality less products. They will use and through away. If they want long lasting products they will go with the quality products. Its all depends upon their need and financial situation also will force them to buy less quality products. Hence we can't say exactly that India is less conscious about Quality.

Thank you.

Rapunzel said:   7 years ago
Hello all,

Something like Quality consciousness should not be generalized to a nation or a city. It is a matter of choice and affordability. As we all know that ours is a developing nation and people of all statuses exist. Right from Multi-millionaires like Mukesh Ambani to daily wage laborer. A person who is a sole earner of his/her family cannot afford to buy an object out of his reach. He, therefore, compromises on the quality and goes for a less expensive product rather than an expensive product. In the same way, a person whose finances allow him/her to purchase a better quality product would go for it. This purely depends on a person choice. More than 50% of our population consists of middle and lower middle-class families who cannot afford high-end products or they are not aware of the products' specifications. This is the main difference between India and some other developed nation. These days, there is a tremendous change in such behavior and people are more aware (through media) and conscious about what they are spending for?

D.Sai Akhilesh said:   5 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I can say that not all Indians are less quality conscious because its basically depends upon the income levels of the people. If one who are getting more income they are able to look for the quality but in India 55% and above of the people are below poverty so they look for the low quality, it doesn't mean that they don't want quality products, they want but the income level of that people are stopping them to buy quality.

AJAY said:   7 years ago
I think This is a totally wrong perception that Indians are less quality conscious. Every single Indian prefer the best quality product, but in there buying capacity. India is still a developing country and more than 80 percent of the population belong to poor families. They can spend less for their need but it does not mean that less spending means less conscious about quality.

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