Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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Nathan lee said:   8 years ago
Yes, but the mindset can change depending on the education given maybe. I have met Indians with extremely high work ethic, and I have met Indians who are some terrible people. It's all over the map individually. However, culturally, I think there are relaxed standards.

When Vespa first open their factory in India, the Indian workers were painted everywhere specific except for the bottom of the vehicle. They must have rationalized that no one would see it, so they didn't need to disregarding the fact that painting has more benefits than simply looks and that people paying for a product would like to know that it's quality.

Ansh said:   8 years ago
By seeing out everything, I may think that if an Indian Producer seem to supply there goods in a domestic market then he don't bother about the quality of good. On other side if willing to supply in Foreign market then he seriously consider about the quality. I don't know why they seems to provide the inferior quality of goods in domestic market, as there is no quality check of product from government in regular intervals.

The Government department has to be strict in the checking the quality of goods, as what they are providing for the citizen of their own nation. Please also awake in this Topic or it will always continue like this.

Khushbooasawa said:   8 years ago
I think, people of India are not quality conscious. This is not because of lack of capital or financial resources but because of lack of awareness. Also, from the era of British Raj, Indians have lived a life of misery and have got addicted to pessimism and henceforth saving funds even if they have ample to feed generations to come. Indians have learnt saving and not spending.

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