Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

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Sevitha C said:   6 months ago
We don't lack quality consciousness, we just plan our budget in such a way that we end up buying the low-cost goods to survive the month. And it's not that we are not quality conscious, we are highly quality conscious in regards to our health, food, and education which is why we even if we lack the money take loans and get them at the best quality possible.

Compared to how it was in the past, we have improved a lot in terms of quality. In a country with most of its people from a middle-class background, purchasing high-quality costly goods is quite difficult. But we are always happy with what we have.

Kisha said:   2 years ago
Yeah, its a price-sensitive market because we're shit poor, obviously people are going to go for the cheap & not the refined ones.

Nisha said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone.

As per my point of view, Indians are less quality conscious is not right. I think this depends on person to person. There are some Indians who buy good quality products at a higher price against their pocket money or salary and we can also see that there are Indians who have high income but still believe in savings and buy some chipper quality products. Being a quality conscious is completely depends on persons thinking, and the surrounding environment where he/she lives. Judging a country on the basis of few people is not right.

Bhisma said:   3 years ago
Hey, I think nobody wants to buy cheap products or low-quality products. But in India, most of the people belongs to a middle-class family. So their annual income is not so high so that they can afford high-quality products. In addition to that influence of the Chinese market in our country has affected so much. As they provide products of the same specification as any branded product but low in quality with a very low market price this created very tough competition in the market so that branded companies are not able to withstand. That why the influence of branded companies are decreasing and this made the easy availability of Chinese products to consumers.

Pranusha.M said:   5 years ago

I think Indians, that is we, are not exactly less quality conscious. Even though the poor buy things of low price, with less quality, with a limited income to fulfil their needs, the rest will try to buy things of more durability and quality with respect to their incomes and their willingness to a thing of more sustainability and quality.

Some middle class, who are quality conscious may buy commodities of good quality, when compared to the rich who are reluctant to buy a high-quality thing, will buy medium-level quality with minimal price.

I think the quality consciousness differs from person to person and their willingness to buy a commodity. And we INDIANS, are of the same and income of the consumer is also the main aspect.

Kingsley lazarus said:   5 years ago

When an Indian buys other country product the quality goes down.

If all INDIAN TAKE A CHALLENGE AND BUY ONLY INDIAN PRODUCTS. I'm sure the quality will be on top of all.

Pushkar said:   5 years ago
According to me,

If you consider the whole nation that is India, with a large population, different types of people, with great diversity, we can not give a statement that Indian are less Quality conscious. Quality increses with price or cost. If you try to reduce the cost the quality will automatically affect.

So the conclusion is, it depends on the income or money that the person is having.

Also, India has been in Jugaad system as we all know. Somewhere for getting profit, saving time, we as indians have developed this system which reduces the quality.

Sumi said:   5 years ago
I don't think that Indians are less quality conscious. Yes, it may be right for the earlier time when people of India are illiterate.

But now people are well educated and aware for the quality of products.

Divya said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone,

We can't exactly say Indians are less quality conscious.
Why because the quality is depending upon a person need and their financial situation.
If a person uses anything only ones or twice he select less quality product at low cost.
If a person uses an item, again and again, he selects more quality product with any cost.
And he minds his financial situation.


Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Hello Friends,

According to me, Indians are not surely less conscious. Because they are making own decisions and also taking caring for others. This is based on the individual persons. There are situations will be different. So, according to this, they are performing. Not surely they have less conscious.

Thank You.

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