A Person should not be too honest; Straight Trees are cut first

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Ash said:   1 decade ago
I don't understand why honesty has been associated with vulnerability in this discussion. Yes if your honest you will tell people of your weaknesses, but people can see your weaknesses anyway with sufficient time, it pays to be aware of your weaknesses and the influence of other people upon them in order to resist that weakness being used against you.

You also attract what you give, if you have a negative life perspective you attract people who understand and sympathise with that perspective, if your honest you attract people who understand and sympathise with honesty and wouldn't you rather surround yourself with people who believe in honesty and that you can trust? Yes you may also end up attracting some people who want to take advantage of your weaknesses but already through the process of sharing your weaknesses honestly you learn to accept and deal with them, and find a sense of belonging and normality within yourself that you would otherwise not have found, and therefore you are more resistant to people attempted manipulations of your weaknesses and can see these attempts more clearly.

I also don't understand why honesty is seen as a malicious thing. Being honest creates a great support system where people know where they belong and feel accepted for who they are inside, not who they pretend to be. By admitting your weaknesses you give other the permission to do the same, and you make them realise their weaknesses aren't as big a deal or aren't as rare as they may have thought. Additionally I believe there is nothing more malicious than devaluing another persons time, if you set up a dishonest situation where you allow someone to spend their time trying to achieve something that does not exist (for example you tell someone you love them when you don't) you are essentially saying that their time is worthless and unimportant, that their life is worthless and unimportant and that person is worthless and unimportant.

It is basic respect to be honest, it helps people understand one another and find a true sense of belonging, and it encourages others to be honest which establishes a situation around you where you only keep the people in your life who value you and your time.

Anette said:   7 years ago
Lie or truth are human made concepts. Only complete angels or complete idiots never lie. Often in the real world, it is hard to distinguish one from another. Lie tells about the person more than truth to a wise observer. People lie to be seen what they want to be, covering up, what they really are. So their values and interests can be seen through their lies. When people lie on a little matter they are honest on the big things. A child learns to lie in response to the lack of understanding from adults. Sometimes his/her lies are covering bad behaviours and thoughts. Sometimes their best intentions are not understood. That first choice whom and why to lie is a big thing in formation of a person. My first lie I remember it was around 5-6. My mother told me not to play with one kid as she hated her mother. When I came home I said I did not and felt no guilt. On my judgement, the girl was a good friend and our parent's affairs should not affect us. I told my own son how to lie to his grandmother at 11 when she put all his cloth into washing as he was going to see his dad whom I divorced at the time. My step daughter loved me and her father very much at 7, but her mother got very jealous and told her to do nasty things to us from about 9. And the girl chose to lie to us and follow her mother requests reporting her the "achievements". These ethical choices who me to lie and why are made very early in life and they are made by a person based on the call of conscious. I am still not sure if honesty at all possible for people who chosen to lie covering nasty deeds. They in my observation lie all the time and to everybody as suspect nastiness behind every act of others. Their bad nature closes a window for them to see that all people are different and some people are growing so light and clean inside, so they can open up to the very bottom and there is absolutely nothing inside them to be ashamed off. Honesty is a gift. Not all can get it. It is a result of very hard internal work and hard choices. One of which - do not judge others. At any point, their life can turn and their eyes can open.

Anonymous said:   9 years ago
Being honest is a good trait. To a certain extent.

Being honest about something you did in the past is one thing, but if you are required to keep confidential information secret, such as military & personal documentation, then being too honest can kill you. In other words, treason!

One things I can guarantee you is "Too Honest Folks" can't uphold Security Clearance Licenses. If the enemy is wanting some confidential information about our government, who did you think Military is going to put their trust in? The "Honest Man"? Or the "Too Honest Man"? The answer is obviously the "Honest Man" because (1) he is honest about his credentials & (2) won't disclose whatever is not asked. The "Too Honest" man is seen more as a threat because he might (unintentionally) disclose information that could jeopardize the country, the Military, & his career. & believe me, there are MANY secrets our enemies would love to obtain. By the way, disclosing confidential info from the government is called TREASON & the punishment is IMPRISONMENT. You "Too Honest Folks" have been warned.

So in short, being honest is good, but being TOO honest can burn you. You don't need to tell everyone every single little thing that has happened in your life or someone else's life. If they don't ask, then don't tell. And if it's confidential & can't tell simply state "You don't know". You can't trust people nowadays, & you gotta watch what you say too. Think before you speak.

Peter Emem said:   9 years ago
Time-tested truth: "Honesty is the best policy".

Fact: "Today we live in a world in which maybe 80% of the people are not honest".

Now you want to live in a WORLD full of 'HONEST' OR 'DISHONEST' People, the choice is yours.

If you want a world full of honest people, then it must start somewhere, it must start from YOU and ME. Otherwise if everyone keep compromising saying that one should not be too honest because others are not, then you must welcome a world of 100% dishonest people in a not so distant future. You get exactly what you give to this world.

Each one of us must do our bit to make this world a better place to live in.

The following story of 'Star fish' tells us what the little good things we do can make a difference.

*An old man walked across the beach until he came across a young boy throwing something into the breaking waves. Upon closer inspection, the old man could see that the boy was tossing stranded starfish from the sandy beach, back into the ocean.

"What are you doing, young man?" He asked.

"If the starfish are still on the beach when the sun rises, they will die, " the boy answered.

"That is ridiculous. There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. It doesn't matter how many you throw in; you can't make a difference. ".

"It matters to this one," the boy said as he threw another starfish into the waves. "And it matters to this one. ".

Lisa Prince said:   7 years ago
In today's world, the acceptable norm isn't what's the truth but what's politically correct. Political correctness is rooted in dishonesty, not sensitivity. The basis for any communication isn't rooted on right or wrong. Rather it's grounded in the Pavlovian principle of reward and punishment. Saying the right thing will get you rewarded. Saying the wrong thing will get you punished. People have become so steeped in this that they instinctively learn to not say anything if they know it's going to be something you're not going to like. That's why they'll make commitments they have no intentions of honoring, appointments even if they know they won't be there. Then dodge your calls your emails your texts even turn off their voicemail. And if they feel the person they're dealing with isn't stable. They're. Not going to be truthful with them.

Customer service reps will lie to customers and send them on wild goose chases to get them off the phone. And political correctness has made today's world like navigating thru s land mine. Today you really have to watch your P's and Qs. If you do or say anything someone doesn't like they'll smile in your face and never let you know you've crossed them. But could be your undoing. Saying the right thing could get you that raise or promotion. The wrong thing and precious gets the hose. So people learn to instinctively lie to protect themselves.

Readerwriter2015 said:   7 years ago
Truth and honesty are not two sides of the same coin although most of the time they are paired but not always. Sometimes lie becomes honesty and speaking truth become dishonesty because these things are relative, not absolute hence once should be logical and wise to do so. Make Honesty as your default behavior. Do not use dishonesty unscrupulously as weapon to fulfill your unjust, mean and mere selfish desire. Sometimes you feel that if you speak the truth then you or your family will be in big trouble or it may have some dangerous consequence then do not speak truth. If know that you do not have any good or just intention but just want to damage other using truth as weapon then do not do it. For example army officer told truth about country defense to other enemy countries that may damage his country then such army officer become dishonest by speaking truth and citizen of that country do not give him big hand for this betrayal. If same army officer speaks lie to deceive enemy country to protect his country then this officer become Honorable, Honest and patriotic army officer.

NITIN PATEL said:   9 years ago
Honesty is best policy some one word. Can be improve have self confidence by honest importance in there life. Cay you speak have any time comfort.

*Honesty is most importance has to durable time families relations.

*Honesty is more importance for friend relation.

*Honesty is most importance for husband and wife relation.

*Honesty is importance for good teaching has our children and good culture.

*Main role have honest making humble life.

*Soldier are honest works. Which is have not honest work many problem create there country.

Terrorist will be come there country and problem for social evil. Honesty pray of god get good blase.

Honesty is more importance for two country relation, for good contribution, for confidential discuses and import & export business. Honesty is importance for Develop the country. When need of honest for government and private sector work.

The war of Mahabharata win by honest. Always has win of truth.

The Bhagavad Gita have word. Will you honest act get good life.

So honest is good tools there life.

Ramesh said:   9 years ago
I liked the discussion very much, for being said Honesty many times. My dear brothers and sisters we should remember few things, our national emblem says 'SATYAMEVA JAYETE' (as also pointed by Razique) , Geetha says 'Dharmo rakshti rakshitaha', Buddha said 'Dharmam sharanam Gachaami so on. Our ancestors experiences finally culminated into these words. I hope my young fellow friends will not reinvent the wheel again with their beautiful life.

We should have real and exact understanding of the basic words, i.e. What exactly mean by Dharm or honesty. Suffering could be viewed as a Challenge or Opportunity. I am sure if you are determined you can handle any situation like a lion.

Life is like a Lab. For Each action performed (Ethically or Unethically) by us there is a result. Try to keep a keen eye on the result. Analyses of these results (cumulatively but not individually) reveal you many things. I am sure, one day all my brothers and sisters will definitely understand why our elders insisted on the 'HONESTY'. Jai Hind.

Ravi kiran said:   1 decade ago
Yes in the present scenario One should not be too honest. Because daily in the newspapers we are seeing many incidents happening across the country and the world. Recently additional district collector of Malegoan was burnt to death for resisting the pilferage of kerosene. Binayak sen was sent to jail for fighting for the poor. Nine RTI activists were killed for demanding the truth. So like this there are hundreds and thousands to list, But in all these cases they were facing lot of troubles for being good and honest. Recently one advocate was killed by some people for fighting for the right cause.

In fact ours is not a society, we are living in a termite nest eating at ourselves. So in this so called society there is no place for The Honest, The good and The sincere persons. Also sincere Police officers could not work in some areas due to the pressures from higher officials.

Unless and until some measures are taken our society won't prosper. And our honesty won't find place in this termite nest.

Thank you!

Meenu arora said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

I am Meenu Arora and very well to know about this proverb, we never go in this fight.

But if we all are going to a team work then we will definitely win the target. How it's so simple all are knows about this when we make a pearls necklaces we took special pearls from our collection so if we make a team every pearl is countable with his/her best behavior. In the office girls are work under presser she always thinks this if I intercept in anywhere everyone caught their words and others are teasing on her straight forward way.so,moral is this we will walk together we will definitely win our target with our teamwork .without team works it's not possible.which team I have chosen all are good.all are master list n their field.teamwork is the base of every organization.and second understood to each other and listen to them to each other.

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