A Person should not be too honest; Straight Trees are cut first

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Chandan said:   1 decade ago
It is a good thing that a person should be honest because honesty is the best policy, not for limited time but for ever but sometimes it becomes a bottleneck. It doesn't mean that we should leave honesty but we should show our honesty in a different manner according to the time, situation and before the person whom we are going to be treated by. We should also be diplomatic in nature as well as honest according to the situation and requirement while coming across a person so that we wouldn't be cheated by him.

In other words we can say we should be honest but careful. We should be like straight trees but solid rather than soft for not to be cut easily.

Swety said:   1 decade ago
I think the topic should be seen as applying the honesty towards achieving goals. When we are aiming at our goals, our culture tells us to follow honesty. But we should not be too honest that will come as hindrance to achieve the goal. I mean sometimes there needs to make compromise which will not foul with our honesty but make a way towards our target. Sometimes too much honesty is seen as stubbornness.
We call a person successful who knows to how to back a step to move two step forward. That is the reason a car has the back gear. It is nothing with too much honesty. Infact in that case it is the showing off honesty. We should be honest to our ethics and at the same times careful about our goal to reach so that it would never stop in half way like the straight trees cut first.

Saurabh said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion less and more honesty doesn't mean anything. An honest person does not fear from the results or change his decision either by thinking about it. And honesty is the best policy and needs no compromise for it.

Aruns said:   1 decade ago
I do agree the same and always honesty in all the dealing both in professional and personal would't be a rewarding one rather than this world definitely to become you as a dishonest person. People in india doing dishonest thing for achiving and getting some personal needs like, bribe to police, donation from new student etc., How many of them in the 100 Cr. people in india, paying tax regularly?? how many indian political leader have account in swis bank to hiding black money ???

Ashraw said:   1 decade ago
Honesty is a positive thing and lying is negative. But we all have this perception that honesty will always lead to good and lying will always result in bad. The decision to be honest or to lie should depend upon the end result that your truth or lie may result into.

Aanchal said:   1 decade ago
We are living in an artificial world, full of corruption and materialistic people. So i don't think being too honest in such a phase would let one survive. Inorder to be successful and achieve the highest goals in one's life it would definitely a correct step if one has to be dishonest in some way of his/her goal. I won't say this thing has to be followed always but yes when required it should be. Being completely honest and not achieving what one believes to have rather ruining one's own dreams is not good. A slightly bent tree has an advantage to survive more than a straight tree.

Ravi kiran said:   1 decade ago
Yes in the present scenario One should not be too honest. Because daily in the newspapers we are seeing many incidents happening across the country and the world. Recently additional district collector of Malegoan was burnt to death for resisting the pilferage of kerosene. Binayak sen was sent to jail for fighting for the poor. Nine RTI activists were killed for demanding the truth. So like this there are hundreds and thousands to list, But in all these cases they were facing lot of troubles for being good and honest. Recently one advocate was killed by some people for fighting for the right cause.

In fact ours is not a society, we are living in a termite nest eating at ourselves. So in this so called society there is no place for The Honest, The good and The sincere persons. Also sincere Police officers could not work in some areas due to the pressures from higher officials.

Unless and until some measures are taken our society won't prosper. And our honesty won't find place in this termite nest.

Thank you!

Shashi said:   1 decade ago
Being a straightforward person, I too was cut into pieces many times. But looking back I feel it is good to be honest. Meanwhile sometime it is good to remain silent when your honesty can create problems around you.

Anishka said:   1 decade ago
Hi, No doubt Honesty is the best policy but it makes you to suffer sometimes, if you want to suffer, be honest and for the sufferings definitely you may be paid in the long run. Further a tree can't be compared with human being because a tree whether it is straight or curved has to cut or fell down, it is rule of nature, a truth. One must be honest sufferings are part of life, no suffering means no taste in life. Sufferings make us understand what life actually means from ground level. Best of luck for honest people. !

Meenakshi said:   1 decade ago
"What is too much of Honesty". Honesty is either there or not there. If you have to compromise, then it is simply not honesty. The path is definetely difficult for honest people. But should this be compromised for short lived success. To acheive a goal , if you have to be dishonest and bend your way ,then it cannot be called just being less honest. Rather besides being dishonest, one is now selfish too. Why dont the honest lot beleive that they are made this way by Almighty Lord and if He has desired it to be like that, then there has to be a purpose. Maybe, these people come ahead of time and indicate that a change is certainly going to be there - "From less honest people to higher percentage of honest people".

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