A Person should not be too honest; Straight Trees are cut first

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Manish J R said:   8 months ago
This is true, honesty is not always the best policy. Some situations or places require you to be silent or not speak out. Some robbers may enter your house, and they may ask for your locker key so they don't need to break, as it may cause noise and awaken others. If people staying in the house give the key, then they take everything and leave instead they tell someone has taken it out, and they may take a long time to come, and even they don't have the option of breaking or waiting till the person returns.

Yashwant Ingle said:   10 months ago
Honestly being honest is going to bring your true self in close connection with the almighty and you will be attempted to be examined by giving you troubles in your professional and personal life.

Honesty will make you angry for fraudulent behaviour and your expectations will never get fulfilled because you will invite trouble from folks who are jealous of your purity and will try setting up false images of you to make people trouble you. Life will undergo revenge from folks who disliked you competing with them. This will cause weird and bad situations, Spying on your activities, and using political, managerial folks, customer care folks, high end connections will help revengeful folks manage taking revenge. So don't be target of anybody honestly. Thank you.

Jatin said:   1 year ago
Good afternoon everyone.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to express my points of view.

From my point of view, I concluded that honesty is a good thing we all have to be honest.
But sometimes, it is really hard to be honest everywhere because we don't know how the person is going to react after listening to our explanation.

Thus we concluded that we have to begin honestly if it is required not fully but some honesty will be there.

Thank you.

Hrithik Shet said:   2 years ago
This statement simply means to stay honest but not to let others know yourself or any other important misusable aspect about yourself, the best way is to be honest and smart at the same time (that is to be silent when in situations which include reveling about yourself).

Rima Boruah said:   2 years ago
Honesty is a very positive word and its an asset of a good person. But sometimes, honesty may create so many problems in someone's life.

For example, If a person is too much honest. And he is loyal to everybody, then sometimes people try to betray him. So, in my opinion, a person should be honest but not too much. Because being honest every time may create so many problems in our life.

Gk singh said:   2 years ago
Hello, all of you.

In my opinion, honesty is not a simple word. It keeps its quality in their word nowadays our society is being Corrupted. People speak at all time lie in their life. If you aren't honest, your children will not also be honest. They work all time cheat everyone. You do not survive with honesty to not extra earn money with honesty.

Anupam kumari said:   3 years ago
Yes, I agree with the given sentence that a person should not be too honest in today's life. But if you are not honest your children are will go in the wrong direction. So, I think a person should make a decision according to time otherwise you are cut first. Thank you.

Rakesh runguda said:   3 years ago
Good morning to all of you and I am so gladful that I got a chance talk in this matter so honesty is not a simple word it's act of life and some people are good and some people are being bad in this act beacuse those who are good actor they can't survive in this corrupted world they just destroy themselves for their honesty so some bad actor survived shortly they just leaved wisely and showed their honesty in different to different situations that last but not list bad actor they don't have any honesty ness in them they just want to cheat and make money for them in this modern corrupted mean mindedness enviornment they just lead a happy and prosperous life due to this awesome nature but lastly all actore get paid what they did thanku and that's all.

Sameera said:   3 years ago
Honesty is the best policy. If we are honest we need not worry as we do not tell lies to another person. We become trustworthy citizens.

Being too honest is self -destructive and hurts others emotions. If we are too honest others may betray us and people can get disappointed. We lose our fame.

Be honest and not too honest. Excess of anything is dangerous. Straight trees are cut first.

Sana said:   3 years ago
Honesty makes us feel contented. We do not lie if we are honest. This might save a person who is in trouble or disrupt his/her reputation. If we are honest, people think we are trustworthy. This might strengthen or strain our relationship with others. Honesty depends on circumstances. We must act according to the situation and tackle all the problems wisely.

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