A Person should not be too honest; Straight Trees are cut first

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Hrithik Shet said:   2 years ago
This statement simply means to stay honest but not to let others know yourself or any other important misusable aspect about yourself, the best way is to be honest and smart at the same time (that is to be silent when in situations which include reveling about yourself).

Anishka said:   1 decade ago
Hi, No doubt Honesty is the best policy but it makes you to suffer sometimes, if you want to suffer, be honest and for the sufferings definitely you may be paid in the long run. Further a tree can't be compared with human being because a tree whether it is straight or curved has to cut or fell down, it is rule of nature, a truth. One must be honest sufferings are part of life, no suffering means no taste in life. Sufferings make us understand what life actually means from ground level. Best of luck for honest people. !

Ajay said:   1 decade ago
What is the real meaning of honesty. Telling truth is not just honesty. Every one is honest until they can't get affected by consequences. One who faces all the consequences even though he loss everything is the real honest. Like our Great father of the nation Gandhiji. No one likes to follow honest people. The sad thing about it is they only limited to praising on the occasions of their birth and death days.

In my opinion, being diplomatic is best rather than honest. It looks nice to praise honest one, but in reality no one accepts others honesty. Because even a dishonest person thinks he himself is most honest in his perspective.

Just be like water so that you can overcome the problem or if necessary you can wipe out the problem with storm, rather than standing like straight tree.

Sheetal K said:   7 years ago
In today's fiercely competitive, ferocious world where honesty is dying out, one who is honest and truthful is a lone lamb. And well, it's always better to be part of the pack than to be a loner, isn't it?

Today, one needs to be as humble as a dove but at the same time as cunning as a serpent. A lie that yields the good to others is truth itself. In fact, it's better than the truth.

I believe life is a culmination of sacrifices and the good deeds you do, So be honest till your honesty is not taken as gullibility and weakness. Be kind till you are not affected.

Swati Pal said:   1 decade ago
As we always say "honesty is the best policy" but every time this statement doesn't true. As one coin has two faces, so always being honest is not right as it depended on situations we face in our life. How desperately difficult is it to be honest with oneself. It is much easier to be honest with one another. A person should not be too honest, straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.

Honesty - people only like it, till it hurts.
Honestly, it's accepted as long as it comforts.
Honesty - it's to be expected.
Honestly, it's not even recommended.
Honesty - keeps you happy.
Honestly, it makes your outlook crappy.
Honesty - can put a smile on your face.
Honestly, it'll put you in your place.

Anthony. Joseph said:   1 decade ago
Honesty is a slow poison, it kills you every single time when you stand for it, you lose everything and finally you go under depression while the society enjoys making fun of you saying another loser is born the word "Honesty" looks good in books but it reality it takes every thing from you.

Karan singh said:   9 years ago
We live in an era where people's moral value are more considered by other people. Society loves those people only who is honest with them, who are loyal towards them. A relation is only build if the person is honest and loyal with you. You don't step forward to make a relation with the person who is dishonest, because somewhere in your heart you know he can betray you any time in the life.

Yeah It is true straight trees are cut first, a person who is straight forward and honest, is criticized somewhere in his life but in the end he will find a place in society where his presence is more valued.

Readerwriter2015 said:   8 years ago
Truth and honesty are not two sides of the same coin although most of the time they are paired but not always. Sometimes lie becomes honesty and speaking truth become dishonesty because these things are relative, not absolute hence once should be logical and wise to do so. Make Honesty as your default behavior. Do not use dishonesty unscrupulously as weapon to fulfill your unjust, mean and mere selfish desire. Sometimes you feel that if you speak the truth then you or your family will be in big trouble or it may have some dangerous consequence then do not speak truth. If know that you do not have any good or just intention but just want to damage other using truth as weapon then do not do it. For example army officer told truth about country defense to other enemy countries that may damage his country then such army officer become dishonest by speaking truth and citizen of that country do not give him big hand for this betrayal. If same army officer speaks lie to deceive enemy country to protect his country then this officer become Honorable, Honest and patriotic army officer.

KOMAL GAUTAM said:   6 years ago
I think honesty is the best policy because being honest will give you mental peace. You don't have to live with guilt because you lied. If you are always honest with people you don't have to remember the lie you told them. The other person will always trust you. Being honest with someone shows character and shows that you trust them enough to let them know that you tell the truth and nothing but the truth. When someone feels you are honest with them they tend to trust you more and this builds a strong relationship. It also assures the other person that you are trustworthy. Dishonest people don't get second chances when they lie because people are going to think they are always lying to them.

Sweta said:   8 years ago
Yeah, l do agree that honesty is indeed the best policy. But it completely depends on the demand of the situation. Sometimes it may happen that telling the truth may make the bad situation even worse. So in that condition, it's better to compromise a bit with honesty and go with the flow.

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