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A rectangular log of wood is floating in water with a load of 100 N at its centre. The maximum shear force in the wooden log is
50 N at each end
50 N at the centre
100 N at the centre
none of these.
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Anu said:   4 months ago
I think 50N at centre is the right answer.

Naresh Bastakoti said:   2 years ago
Reaction from water is coming as UDL of magnitude 100/length resultant of which will be again its centre.

Pushpesh Prajapati said:   2 years ago
I think B is the right answer.

Kamlesh Kumar said:   2 years ago
50 N at the centre is the right answer.

Sanchet joshi said:   2 years ago
50 at each end.

Because shear force acts at the ends of the beam a.

Gopal Chaudhary said:   2 years ago
According to me, 50 N at center is the right answer.
Because there are applied to Beyonce's force.

Batt said:   3 years ago
50N at centre is the correct answer.

Prakash said:   3 years ago
Water exerts a resisting force equal to the applied point load of 100 N in the form of UDL over the whole span.

Let's say, the span is 10m long then, W=10N/M.

Now, the beam is loaded with UDL of 10N/M in an upward direction and a point load at the center.

From the SF diagram maximum shear 50N at the center.

Sanat kumar said:   3 years ago
50 N at center will be the correct answer.

Anuj j said:   3 years ago

Because the log is floating. So forces are balancing each other. That's why.

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