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The maximum area of tension reinforcement in beams shall not exceed
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Jero M said:   1 year ago
As per IS 456, the maximum area of tension reinforcement in the beam shall not exceed 4% of the total area i.e. 0.04bD.

Mahantesh Gidnavar said:   2 years ago


Please explain the answer with a formula.

K das said:   4 years ago
Ast/bd = .085/fy for minimum.
0.04bD for maximum.

Kishan Jatav said:   4 years ago
Ast/bd = 0.85/Fy ---------> for minimum reinforcement of beam.

Hassan Ahmed Abdulle said:   4 years ago
According to BS.8110, the maximum area of tension reinforcement of beams should not be more than %4. Because if more than that is used, it prevents the required compaction.

Jay said:   4 years ago
What about double beam?

Debanjan Ghosh said:   5 years ago
Max tension r/f-4%bd and max compression r/f also -4%bd.

Sachin said:   6 years ago
What is the minimum mild steel reinforcement in a beam section 300*600 is?

Najib Daou said:   6 years ago
4 percent is too much.
According to IS 1978 AROUND 0.0162BD,
MIN 0.0035.

Mohammad yasir said:   6 years ago
Minimum :It is. 85/yeild strength (%) of gross sectional area/

Maximum :6% and can be reduced to 4% under special consideration.

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