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The maximum area of tension reinforcement in beams shall not exceed
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Jero M said:   1 year ago
As per IS 456, the maximum area of tension reinforcement in the beam shall not exceed 4% of the total area i.e. 0.04bD.

Mahantesh Gidnavar said:   2 years ago


Please explain the answer with a formula.

K das said:   4 years ago
Ast/bd = .085/fy for minimum.
0.04bD for maximum.

Jay said:   4 years ago
What about double beam?

Mrinal said:   7 years ago
The minimum steel is calculated by - Ast/bd=0.85/Fy.

Radhakrishna said:   7 years ago
What is minimum steel area in RCC beam as is 456 -2000?

Bikash kabiraj said:   7 years ago
Minimum -----> Ast/bd = 0.85/fy, max-----0.04bd or 4%.

Sumit kumar said:   7 years ago
According to me, it is 0.17%.

Sanju Khinwal said:   7 years ago
Minimum percentage of tension steel is 0.17 and maximum 4%.

Abbas said:   7 years ago
Over rainforced section is not desirable.

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