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The maximum area of tension reinforcement in beams shall not exceed
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SAMEER said:   6 years ago
If the area of steel is greater than 4% than the bonding between concrete and steel can nog occur because it requires large dia bars that has less surface area and hence weaken the structure.

Vaseem khan said:   6 years ago
4% of cross section area.

Abbas said:   7 years ago
Over rainforced section is not desirable.

Sanju Khinwal said:   7 years ago
Minimum percentage of tension steel is 0.17 and maximum 4%.

Sumit kumar said:   7 years ago
According to me, it is 0.17%.

Bikash kabiraj said:   7 years ago
Minimum -----> Ast/bd = 0.85/fy, max-----0.04bd or 4%.

Mrinal said:   7 years ago
The minimum steel is calculated by - Ast/bd=0.85/Fy.

Radhakrishna said:   7 years ago
What is minimum steel area in RCC beam as is 456 -2000?

Shambhoo Kant Jha said:   7 years ago
The maximum area of tension reinforcement should not exceed 4%. It is because of congestion of reinforcement & also proper compaction of concrete will not be possible.

Further, excess reinforcement will cause concrete or brittle failure which is sudden & without notice which causes huge loss of property/manpower. Hence, the restriction of 4% in tension zone.

Kevin said:   7 years ago
The BS 8110 the area of steel reinforcement in tension, denoted as should not exceed 4%.

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