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The time which results in the leasi, possible construction cost of an activity, is known

[A]. normal time
[B]. slow time
[C]. crash time
[D]. standard time.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Avinash said: (Apr 7, 2017)  
What is meant by leasi?

Rahul said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
I think it is least.

Sanjeev Rai said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
The answer should be a normal time.

Narayan Adhikari said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
The answer should be normal time.

Uttam Baral said: (Dec 29, 2017)  
Yeah, it's should be A.

Avinash said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
Yeah, definitely it's normal time.

Aditya said: (Feb 4, 2018)  
Std time for completing an activity is normal time and least time required is the crash time.

Roy said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
Yes, it's crash time.

Pramod Yadav said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
Crash time is the least time for construction. So it's B.

Bharat said: (Apr 7, 2018)  
For least cost time is slow,

For normal cost, it is Normal time.

Rahul said: (Aug 4, 2018)  
It's should be a normal time.

Ashu said: (Aug 22, 2018)  
Crash time is min time in which we employ extra resources so it's cost increases.

Hence normal duration is answer.

Saork said: (May 28, 2019)  
Answer is optimum duration/time but not given in option.

Beroj Gar said: (Aug 15, 2019)  
Optimum duration means standard time.

So, the correct Answer is D.

Saroj said: (Oct 22, 2019)  
If we slow activities cash flow is minimal so B could be right answer.

Ajay said: (Dec 14, 2019)  
In this question, mention that least possible construction cost of an activity so that would be answer Normal time.

Kishan said: (Dec 28, 2019)  
Options are wrong correct answer is optimum time which lies between crash time and normal time.

Dipunku said: (May 16, 2020)  
Crash time because it shows some possibilities to reduce cost.

Dev said: (Feb 8, 2021)  
I tgink it should be optimum time.

Durgesh Prashad said: (May 2, 2021)  
As per graph between Direct Cost and Time, the Normal time is the least time corresponding to Normal Cost which is again minimum.

Umair Ahmad said: (May 29, 2021)  
A least-cost schedule is one with optimum project duration such that to lengthen or shorten it would Increase the project total cost.

Mjm Gcek said: (Jul 10, 2021)  
Agreed @Kishan.

Subha Prakash Sahoo said: (Jul 23, 2021)  
There is no any concept of a slow time for normal time cost is normal cost least cost occurs at the optimum time only.

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