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The form work from the slabs excluding props, can be removed only after
1 day
4 days
7 days
14 days
Answer: Option
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SHUBHAM SIDDHARTH NAYAK said:   3 years ago
For removal of formwork (without props).

Slab -3 days.

For removal of props.

Slab upto 4.5 m span- 7 days.
Slab more than 4.5 m span-14 days.
Hence as without props is 3 days.

So the nearest answer is 4 days.
And it is absolutely correct.

Ankit said:   3 years ago
Option C, 7 days is the right answer.
For spans less than 4.5 m.

Sahil Chavda said:   4 years ago
Slab excluding props -4 day.

Beam excluding props - 14 day.

Younus said:   4 years ago
Prop means standards which resist comprehensive load and which supports slab & here the questions was except prop then we only left with side runners which could be removed after 1 day.

Akshay said:   5 years ago
What is the meaning of props?

Pushap raj said:   6 years ago
Deshuttering,( formwork, stripping) time.

Vertical side of beams and column 24- 48 hours.
Slab span upto 4.5 m 7 days.
Slab span 4.5 to 6 m 14 days.
Slab span over 6 m 21 days.

Ahmed said:   7 years ago
14 days required is correct.

RANJIT CHAUHAN said:   7 years ago
That no specifiy soffit slab the correct answer is 7.

Roy said:   7 years ago
3 days should be the correct answer.

Mahesh sinh said:   7 years ago
I think as per IS 456 it's 7 days.

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