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How many days are there in x weeks x days?
Answer: Option

x weeks x days = (7x + x) days = 8x days.

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Chaithanya said:   7 months ago
If x=4,
4 weeks + 4 days.
4*7 + 4.
8 * 4 = 32.
i,e 8x = total number of days.

Gaurav said:   1 year ago
Consider value of x is 3.
1 week is 7 days.
So x weeks = 7*3 days & 3 days(x days).
If we convert consider 7*3 days(3week) & 3 days in 7*x days & x days which is equal 7x+x = 8x.

Atit said:   2 years ago
let me simplify it in a simple ways.
The question is asking us to find the total no of days in X WEEKS X DAYS.

First of all, Let's take x=2 so as per the question.
We need to find the total no of days in 2 WEEKS 2 DAYS.
so here it goes:-
1 WEEK = 7DAYS so 2 WEEKS =14 DAYS (7*2) {for 3 weeks 7*3, for 4 weeks 7*4,for 5 weeks 7*5}

"7 is always common"

So 14 days + 2 days = 16 DAYS or 7 *2 days + 2 days.
or now if we will express this equation in terms of x (i,e : Instead of 2 lets use x).

So it will be 7*x+x= 8x.
If we will use 8x to find the answer of our above equation then it will be like 8*2 = 16 DAYS

Asmita said:   3 years ago
Suppose x = 2.
Therefore, x weeks and x days.
2 weeks and 2 days.
Total = 2*7+2 days = 16 days.
Hence 8x = 8*2 = 16 days.
Answer: 8x.
Hope it helps.

Ayesha said:   5 years ago
Hi all, here in question it is given as x weeks x days. So everyone thinks that it as the multiplication of x weeks and x days but here we need to do the addition of x weeks and x days.

So in a week, we have 7 days then x weeks is 7x days
And given x days also in the question.

So 7x+x= 8x.

Simply we have to add the extra days given in the question to the no of weeks.

B Nandu said:   5 years ago
Suppose x = 2.
Therefore, x weeks and x days.
2 weeks and 2 days.

Total = 16days(14days + 2days).
Hence 8x ~ 8(2) = 16days.
Answer: 8x.

James said:   5 years ago
Question is to calculate total days.

So, x week contain 7x days and add balance days ie, x.

So 7x+x =8x.

Subash said:   6 years ago

We are converting X week into days;
Therefore one-week contains 7 days;
So X=7x.
Then they had given x days;
so x+ 7x = 8x.

Kajaldhania said:   6 years ago
Please explain me to get it.

Jaimin said:   7 years ago
This question is incomplete without condition. This 8x formula is applicable only if a number of weeks and days are equal. If a number of weeks and days are not equal the formula will be changed to 7x + y. Hope this will help you guys.

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