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How many days are there in x weeks x days?
Answer: Option

x weeks x days = (7x + x) days = 8x days.

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Akhil dev said:   1 decade ago
Consider the value of x=3 (assume). So we have to find for 3weeks and 3days. So the answer should be 24.

Now substitute the value of x=3 in all the options and see which one is giving the answer 24. In here only 8x gives the answer. Hence answer is 8x (8*3=24). Nothing simpler than that.

John said:   1 decade ago
not getting.....plz explain

Priyavel said:   1 decade ago
Hai sri.

1 week contain 7 days. So it take 7x.

X week so we add it. It gives 8x.

I hope you understand it.

Sri said:   1 decade ago
how it is

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