What India needs is a Dictatorship?

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Manish Ojha said: (Mon, Mar 23, 2015 01:24:00 AM)    
India is a democratic country. Democracy means where there are more than one political party and the people of the country has right to elect their party. Dictatorship is where there is only man ruling the entire country. I would like to compare democracy and dictatorship with two economic terms competitive market and monopoly market respectively.

Competitive market is where there is more than one seller and monopoly is where there is only one seller in the market. The competition in the market among sellers help in reducing the price which benefits the consumers. Just like that in democratic country competition among these political parties definitely benefits the people of the country as the ruling party knows that if it does not serve the people they will not vote for it.

In monopoly as there is only one seller in the market it has total control over the price and it can increase the price according to its will which is not good for the consumers. Similarly if there is a dictatorship in the country the ruler or the ruling party knows that they can do whatever they feel like and nobody can challenge him as it used to happen during the ancient times where the king used to rule the entire kingdom. So I am against dictatorship.

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Saagar said: (Thu, Mar 19, 2015 09:38:08 PM)    
We need Dictatorship but not in such a way that it should eradicate freedom of speech, religion etc. Because we should get of this corrupt politics in this country. Our opinion Dictatorship is surely needed.

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Abhi said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 12:52:00 AM)    
I think India don't need dictatorship India is a republic country and best as it is. If we let India rule under the dictators it will be the disrespect or slap on the face of our great freedom fighter who laid their today for our tomorrow and I cannot disrespect them.

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Ankur Thummar said: (Wed, Mar 11, 2015 08:16:22 PM)    
As a my opinion India has required appropriate leader not a dictator. For this, we have required to understand our responsibility of citizenship. Today, due to carelessness of the people election is not done very well. There are many people who are not do a voting.

First we need to improve ourselves, before to saying wrong about any leader or country. Thus India has not required dictator. If we get dictator, we can not say this he or she will do a good deed for a country. He may improve mar to country. Thus in India public understanding is required aspect.

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Aditya Karve said: (Sun, Mar 8, 2015 06:55:13 PM)    
No friends, a dictator is the ideal form of government for India. In this vast country of diverse people, coming to a definite idea is an arduous task. Only a dictator can speed things up. Most of you will may take Adolf Hitler as an example to prove me wrong.

Well friends, Nazi Germany made tremendous progress in a short period of time had the antisemitism element been absent, it would've won the war and we see Adolf as a hero. Also the population in general was happy.

A majority of people would not join politics. So, might as well leave the government in the hands of one capable man who ensures the moral and material progress of the people. Only a dictator can root out social evils. Only a dictator can bring about a surge of intense nationalism.

A leader who as they say can walk with the kings yet not lose the common touch is the ideal leader.

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Bhupendra Rawat said: (Thu, Feb 26, 2015 04:03:45 PM)    
Hello friends,

My name is Bhupendra Rawat. Dictatorship should not be in India because in dictatorship only one person will rule on the country, I would like to remember about ancient Indian there were lot of kings and Nawab. They used to make new law to live in his kingdom.

They used to do whatever they want, they never ask suggestion from any one. They used to try to defeat to each other and pile up. The result was that British did rule over the India. But in democracy do not allow so, in democracy, king is elected by people, people rule over the country, people makes law and follow. They have freedom to speak.

Thank you.

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Richard said: (Sun, Feb 22, 2015 07:57:10 PM)    
Hello everyone.

I would agree with Ritika. But taking the fact of politics in India passing of a bill is done on the basis of vote banks but not for well being of all. We Indians must love all other Indians. The type of government doesn't really affect the country its the public which does. If we ask why is USA so much developed, its just because they love each and every citizen of theirs, but in India its all majority wins principle.

And we can take the example of reservation, Dr. Ambedkar gave the proposal of reservation only for a decade but as our politicians learnt that reservation is a bank of votes from the reserved people they won't respect the proposal of Dr. Ambedkar.

Dictatorship is basically some activist who leads a group of people fed up of corrupt government and go against it. Indian army is not as corrupt as politicians and hence if the army overthrows the Indian democracy we could have disciplined society. But we mustn't neglect the fact of restrictions imposed upon us. If we consider developed democracy, even if 1 of its citizen even may he/she be poor is protected if in danger.

So eventually I would say that well being of the nation begins at home if everyone who reads this even follows what's India's pledge will give certain contribution in India's well being. I hope one day we would be the BEST! I love India! And Must all do!

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Ss Quadri said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 01:27:18 PM)    
Very nice discussion going on thought I would include some of my ideas also, I think that a dictator although may not sound too good for 21 st century people because of the bad history of the dictators, but this is something very important.

A parliament can't take quick decisions, in parliament the opposition unstabilizes the whole environment sometimes on the other hand a dictator along with his council can take advice's and then finally give a decision.


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Deepak said: (Mon, Feb 9, 2015 02:35:53 PM)    
We don't need dictatorship what we need is strict enforcement of law. The punishment on the crime should be so severe that others can't even think of committing that crime again.

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Abhimanyu said: (Mon, Feb 9, 2015 12:05:50 PM)    
Sisters and brothers of India, let me please make understand the importance of dictatorship and clear your conscience of influential impressions formed over decades of misleading facts provided by the subjugated intellectual authorities.

Considering the long history of India (some of it not recorded) India lost its importance and glory when it lost its brutality. The Indian civilization as we all know began and advanced well before any other known civilization. Hence as it is evident in the recent history that the more advancements and growth a country makes the less brutal it becomes and the more it comes under diplomatic foreign influences.

Therefore being established long before the Indian empire after completing its quota of (annexations, attack, division of kingdoms, establishment of dynasties, killings in the name of king) brutality, it became a stable militarily weakened and a moral and intellectual and peace loving empire. Taking advantage of this weakened brutality the foreign invaders ruled India for over 800 years. So after finally getting independence and recognition in 1947.

India should have re established its brutality and firmness to tackle the newly reformed world that is India needed a strong dictator to dictate terms instead of professing a new concept of democracy at that time.

Due to Indians lack of knowledge about the western idea of democracy India became a victim of unawareness and constituted a system of government divided on religious lines just to overcome its tendency to get exposed globally on how tough it was for India to sustain its diverse culture.

Hence I strongly believe that just one term of dictatorial or authoritarian government would have lifted India morally as well as economically as is the case of china. India would have been a more respected nation by the western world.

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Shiv said: (Sat, Jan 31, 2015 02:12:37 AM)    
I completely agree with Bharat. We all are the part of world's largest democracy and proud of it because we know the position of dictatorship country. In these countries, there is so much restriction. In our country everyone has rights. In Saudi arabia if you were going to the shopping then you must carry with someone else. And democracy will give, the better living policies. We all are seen the worlds powerful country USA also stand due to democracy not for dictatorship.

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Ritika Sharma said: (Wed, Jan 21, 2015 11:54:30 PM)    
To all those who feel that there should be dictatorship in INDIA, friends, if there would be dictatorship, you would not be even able to express this view of yours. We can debate here only because there is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

And how can we forget the efforts of all the freedom fighters who fought for our freedom and not for the rule of one. If dictatorship would have been a better option, than there was no need of struggle for freedom because there was the dictatorship of the English people.

Another point is that everything takes its own time and charity begins at home. No development can take place until unless WE make collective efforts and don't just blame the government. There has been evident growth in India. So, in my opinion, we should be proud to be a citizen of the world's largest democracy.

Yet, there are some ill- effects of democracy as well and they can be removed by the laws and our own conscience. Spitting on roads can not be fined in this largely populated country. We have to think that it is our home and we only have to keep it clean.

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Shreyas said: (Wed, Dec 24, 2014 02:04:04 PM)    
Friends lets not forget that dictatorship is all related to skill of convincing people in one direction and no matter then what comes in its way, but looking at India a country who has shown how people can develop, in spite of the different culture traditions and its huge population, where people have different opinions.

In my opinion we set a real good example for world to see how democracy can be practiced without being affected by any barrier and for that I think India do not need dictatorship its happy being democratic and in future it will show why democracy is good for it.

Many of my friends will say that why we still not developed but my dear friends I will ask you to be patient because some things which have thousands opinions need time but don't forget the fruit of patience is always sweet.

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Chris said: (Sun, Nov 30, 2014 12:17:49 PM)    
If you look around the world today, there is no single country who was democratic before the country is developed.

All countries are developing one way another compared to its own country vertically. However, if you compared laterally, then democracy does harm the rate of the development as it takes time to reach a consensus.

Remember, whatever the policy or decisions made by government, there will be objections.

What ever policy or government made will harm some people, the questions is "will it benefit to majority or whole nation".

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Rj said: (Mon, Nov 17, 2014 10:49:28 PM)    
Dictatorship is what India needs right now.

The present form of Government has devastated the entire nation both socially and economically. After losing the majority of the resources, its pointless to believe that substantial amendments can be made to bring the nation back to track in possible time.

Dictatorship on the other hand, if laid down, has its own benefits and cons as well. No form of governance can be explained as to be the best for current India as challenges are getting piled up one upon another.

While democracy has been around the corner for a few decades now, laying down the foundation for a new form of governance should be approached rationally fulfilling the need of the hour.

People can derive many examples of nations under stable dictatorship and also believed to be as a significant factor in their development.

Remember guys.

"Too many cooks ruin the food" whereas "All it takes is only one man to bring the necessary change".

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Shreya Inamdar said: (Sun, Oct 12, 2014 08:13:26 PM)    
Its Good to have such discussions. But friends do notice 1 point here. It is the same "we" going to elect the person for both the cases 1) Dictatorship 2) Democracy.

Dictatorship could be more efficient one but on the other hand democracy plays a key role.

Dictatorship will lead to "progress" of country but Democracy leads to "Better" country.

Progress and Better which mean the same again ! if actually concentrate. Becoming Puppets to the political leaders is in our hands. As it is "we" who are electing them. I think what India needs is not whether it is democratic\autocratic? Rather it could be better if there exits mutual understanding between each which is almost a difficult thing to implement. First change "U" then say "society" because ultimately "Society is again U"!we can see Better India or autocratic India only when 1) Every child to old is EDUCATED with EMPLOYMENT 2) Eliminating the POVERTY which we are studying from LKG to 10 in schools but yet no one analyse it!

3) Finally stop practicing VIOLENT METHODS. Not necessary to mention as every know what they do!

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Nisha said: (Mon, Sep 29, 2014 03:55:25 PM)    
No doubt, dictatorship is more efficient type of Government. The dictator is the master of his own will. His orders are the final orders. No one can dare refuse to carry them out. When a nation is down crushed a dictator certainly helps it is rising high. Through heavy penalties and punishments, he frees the country of all corruption. In war-time, no other Government is so efficient as dictatorship.

But dictatorship cannot last long. It is very difficult to get a good successor to a dictator. Einstein, the famous scientist, one said, "Dictators of genius are succeeded by scoundrels. " Germany became a terror to the world in the days of Hitler. Turkey was revolutionized and modernized by Mustafa Kamal Pasha. But after them, their countries again fell in darkness. Further, as the danger of going on a wrong path. There is no check on his powers. People cannot critics him or change the Government through constitutional means. They cannot express their views freely or pass their life in the way they think best. They have no rights. They must obey the dictator blindly. Man is thus reduced to the level of a dumb animal.

Hence dictatorship can't be the solution of India. We don't need to change the form of the Government but we need to reform it.

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Neha said: (Sun, Sep 21, 2014 05:20:20 PM)    
Hi friends,

I want to ask a question: How would you feel if government order you to leave your all your belonging ? You will be looted in a moment. Thats what a dictator does. They only think of development of country in materialistic term not of common people. Can you live without freedom? of course not. So for a country like India which is having diversity in language, religion etc Dictatorship is not a right choice. Instead the existing government should undergoes some reforms. Some of them are as follows:.

1. Decision making process should be accelerated.
2. Effective laws should be made fast.
3. Judgement should be made less time consuming.
4. Feeling of Patriotism should come in every Indian heart.
5. Everyone should try to do reform at grass level.

This series is endless. If I continue this it will look like existing law of Indian government. So stop suggesting and start implementing.

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Idhayam said: (Fri, Sep 19, 2014 08:19:42 AM)    
Hi all,

India is an democracy country everybody know it after freedom. We are fast growing everything include corruption also but we not fell down. In dictatorship India no one will give guaranty to this kind of improvement. Example we take our neighbour country pakistan in that country change democracy and dictatorship also still that country struggle to get improvement. My conclude is democracy is good for our nation.

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Rakshitha said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 07:28:04 AM)    
Hello friends,

Nowadays Indians need a luxurious life. Everybody are running behind money. And also they become lazy and don't want to wait for getting anything. They need everything to be instant. This leads to corruption. If everyone in India realize that then we can change our country. Moreover we need a good leader rather than a dictator. If a leader is good then automatically he/she can change the society.

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Mmr said: (Wed, Sep 10, 2014 05:32:40 PM)    
Hello Everybody,

It's very good to have this type of discussion. We common man are not getting proper platform to participate in such a important issue. In my point of view India being a Multi-religion, multilingual, Multi-caste, Multi-believe Nation. So keeping in mind this social factors I can strongly recommend Democracy in India. Of course One thing here I can pull out that India have lost its luster & shining due to some anti-national intruders. This intruder are nothing but the group of people who are trying to polarize the society in the name of religion and caste and some how successful to apprehend the society in the line of hate venom and try to dictate in Indian soil, probably have forgotten the Past History of bloodshed that has brought the nation into division. As we know we have very strong laws but we are not able to implement this in our society. Our youth has become the toys in the hands of So called Saviour of Country. We have to change the attitude and understand our capabilities and then only we will be able to be governed by a popular Democratic Government.

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Pankaj Kumar Kushwaha said: (Wed, Sep 10, 2014 12:03:06 PM)    
In my Opinion there is no needs a dictatorship for India because one single person how can manage 1. 5 billion population. So democracy is much better than dictatorship. We only needs to change the mindset of people, mindset of society. We have to understand our duty and should try to make better system not destroy the system. We need to know our rights. We are responsible for corruption, we make corrupt them because we doesn't know our right. So for seeing a better India first we have to be better otherwise any govt, any system will not work smoothly.

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Gaurav said: (Fri, Sep 5, 2014 11:02:14 PM)    
Hello everyone!

As India is having many culture and religions, so giving all powers and rights to a single person always leads India to a unbalanced situation. As there is a cast system in India so that person will always be beneficial for his cast. So in my opinion democracy is better then dictatorship.

Thank you.

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Prathmesh Shenoy said: (Wed, Sep 3, 2014 06:54:32 PM)    
I think the country needs me to rule it and make it a developed country I can't see my countrymen suffering I want to give them what they want that is development please support me my countrymen I will restore your faith I'm not talking to you as a normal person but as a dictator.

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Prathmesh Shenoy said: (Wed, Sep 3, 2014 06:42:56 PM)    
I believe our country is in evil hands of corrupt minsters who think we are blind I believe we need a strong dictator who will deal with these traitors with iron fist and shall kill any person who stands against country we need a dictator who shall always create fear in anti-social elements and make strict rules and regulations for people.

Democracy is a enemy of our country we need a strong leader only then we can make progress.

I want to tell my countrymen a strong leader is born in our holy mother land.

And I believe we should Support him he is none other than me.

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Varun Srivatsa said: (Fri, Aug 29, 2014 05:21:31 PM)    
India need democraship. What I want is that Indian people should get justice and our leaders should get full freedom to maintain country as India is populated country so making policies passing bill is not an easy job to our leaders all their term will be spent in passing the bill so India should get democraship where a dictator makes the decision and his decision is final so democrator is the right person for India.

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Kingel said: (Wed, Aug 27, 2014 09:42:33 AM)    
Hello Everyone!

In my opinion, India is a country of diverse culture and religions which is one of the pivotal feature of our country & in this case to Give a single person all the powers to take decision for all of them will not be tenable. Democracy is the best form of govt suits to our country. But The form of govt will not decide the future of our country. The need of the hour is EDUCATION for ALL.

Thank You.

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Torpedo said: (Thu, Aug 21, 2014 02:29:08 AM)    
Dictatorship will lead you to progress, but its not suitable for India where we have so much diversity of culture & the mindset of being ruled by a religious person, will not at all work with India's demography! Its more likely to ignite a civil war. Democracy is the vital part of India an Indian systems which empowers every citizen with special right towards making India a better Place. Dictatorship will lead India into a dark future of no friendly countries around its border India will not be able to retain the sustainability. Dictatorship has its own down points, as a single dictator cannot understand and lead the mass of India and the minor communities will feel left alone.

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Yuva Satya said: (Tue, Aug 19, 2014 02:08:38 PM)    
Yes India needs a dictatorship. Our society is a PUPPET in the hands of the so called political leaders, they run the society according to their requirements if it benefits them (their pockets) they just do it at the cost of even numerous lives. The anti social elements are not just the barricades for India's development but are the root cause for India to descend.

All this comes to an end only when there is a strong rule of a dictator. His instant and strict rules improve the law and regulations of the country.

I prefer for it and await for it to happen soon.

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Gowtham said: (Sun, Aug 17, 2014 10:26:50 AM)    
India needs dictatorship because dictator is the only person to change the law and he will suitable judgement to rapists by sentencing them to death. As you know Rajiv gandhi was assassinated. The court is still thinking to sentence them to death. The court is not able to give proper judgement to a victims who killed the prime minister. Then how can believe the law helps a common man. I am ready to become dictator but I am waiting for opportunity.

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Vikrant said: (Sat, Aug 16, 2014 12:57:58 PM)    
I think India needs a democraship i.e. a combination of democracy and dictatorship. In this form of govt some issues such as law making, crime, armed forces are handled through dictatorship and other issues such as education are handled through democracy. Simply speaking divide all the issues into two.

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Rishabh Agnihotri said: (Fri, Aug 15, 2014 04:00:43 PM)    
No India does not need a dictator because India is a country of varied cultures and religions and to think that one person can make laws for all of them unilaterally is absurd. What India needs is a strong leader who can take tough decisions and can convince the parliament to rally behind him. This will give rise o good decision making and will also keep the spirit of free India intact.

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Pranay Dutta said: (Fri, Aug 8, 2014 02:50:52 PM)    
As of what India needs today, it is nothing other than a strong dictator; who can take decisions instantly.

Today, we live in a society full of anti-social elements. Even if some of us dare and speak against it, our voice is oppressed by the powerful. But, who are these powerful people and where do they come from ?

Well, they are nothing but ordinary people who are very clever. They use the weakness of the common masses cleverly against others in a very efficient manner. In doing so, they "ROB" the rightfully earned money of others, through which this whole system runs.

It is a common practice in human behaviour that people respect and follow the orders those whom they fear, like we all fear The Almighty. If this rule is applied to our society, then there is no law or person, as such, today whom the people are afraid of. Robbers, culprits, dacoits and many other anti-social elements are today roaming free, causing harm to others. Had they been afraid of 'LAW and ORDER', our country would not have been where we are today. The law making body our country also doesn't want to make strict laws because if someone from their side is accused, then they would also have to face charges.

The Judiciary of our country is also very lenient. If someone accused of a very serious crime, like murder, is about to be hanged, The Supreme Court or The High Court of the respective place put a stay order on it. This is the reason why the family of the victim of 16/12 rape case is still awaiting justice. The assassinators of Shri Rajiv Gandhi should have been given death by now, but still they were let off and their punishment changed to Life Sentence. Tourists are also not spared many times in our country. This would not only lead to the degradation of our country's reputation, but our Tourism sector would be worst hit. Very shameful for our country.

Now, coming to "Dictatorship". Yes, dictatorship is the worst form of government, but still the need of time for India is dictatorship. A dictator, who can make strong laws; who can revolutionize our country, is much required. Adolf Hitler has said in his autobiography Mein Kampf - "I am thankful to that period of life (when he was in Vienna) because it hardened me and enabled me to be as tough as I am now. I am grateful that I was thrown into a world of misery and poverty and thus came to know the people for whom I was afterwards to fight. " The laws made by the dictator would be very strict, thereby creating fear in the mind of culprits and help in decreasing the crime level of our country.

We should always hope that one day, our this dream shall come true. The youth of India has the capability to accomplish this feat.

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Maduri said: (Sat, Aug 2, 2014 11:21:17 PM)    

In my opinion India doesn't need dictatorship. Because India has a largest democracy and our democracy defines all the fundamental rights of every citizen in India. But if dictatorship is their then the person can more intention towards the people. Therefore our democracy is needed which may help all the people to choose their leader on their own or interest.

Thank you.

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Amar said: (Fri, Aug 1, 2014 08:19:31 AM)    
In my opinion, Democracy is the best form of government India can have. India is the most diverse country where people of many religion, language, culture etc live. These have varied interests which no single person can entertain.

In democracy, every community has their representatives in the government who fights for their interests, thus everybody has the authority which make them satisfied.

I know that despite democracy we have not been able to achieve what we wanted but the unity, fraternity and peace in the country is due to the democracy and if we want the country to achieve more success then we, the people should change our attitude and hold accountability as it is ultimately the people of our own society that are taking the decisions.

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Elina said: (Wed, Jul 30, 2014 09:33:47 PM)    
Hi, I would like to express my opinion too about this topic.

When too much of power is concentrated in one hand, it generally leads to misuse of such power. Dictatorship is exactly that. One person can initiate a change but unless everyone 'willingly' follows it, the change is just a dormant one or futile. And forcing a person is not an option. Dictatorship represents all that. Moreover, it is not necessary that the dictator whose gonna come up has a completely pure intention. Thus, the solution of India's increasing crimes and corruption is not dictatorship.

Democracy, without a doubt, is the best form of government but just selecting a person and handing them some power and hoping that they would change or end the entire nation's grief is just pathetic. They could just formulate laws to build a dream nation but without the cooperation of citizens living in it, it is an impossible task. If the citizens refuse to follow their duty then I doubt the political leader (with no matter how much a clear intention) couldn't bring about any change. The task of betterment of nation lies in our (citizen's) hand and not some random person we select to hand over the duty of handling the nation. They are doing their duty and we should do ours.

And dictatorship is definitely not the answer to the challenges the nation is facing. A tyrannical dictator could do as much as the political leader albeit with much more force. But it will ultimately do as much good as the present govt is because ultimately the change more in citizen's hand than in leaders. Leaders can guide us but unless the citizens take it upon themselves to follow the guidance it is as good as a candle without matches.

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Sathya said: (Fri, Jul 4, 2014 04:43:57 PM)    
Dictatorship is not necessary for modern India. As government of India has framed the constitution in such a way that there will be ensured security for all communities such as minorities women and children. There is a strong defence forces against corruption, and other backlogs in India. Still some hurdles are are going in India. Dictatorship is not in useful in any manner in India. Because it is under the rule of a monopoly and he will do as he likes. If he is a good man we can adjust to him. But when he is wicked no one can adjust him. In the case of yemen who ruled uganda a country in africa and hitler who ruled Germany this has happened. In a democratic country like India the govt is by the people for the people and to the people so people should elect a responsible and courteous person to rule.

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Sreeram Variyam said: (Wed, Jul 2, 2014 10:16:44 PM)    
First of all, India is a democratic country and democracy has been defined as "of the people, by the people and for the people". So the power is with the people and if there is a problem in a democratic country it is the fault of the people, For example we all make a big fuss and complain that the roads are dirty in India. Who is the one dirtying the road? Is it the government, no it's us the people. So basically the problem with India is that the citizens are misusing the freedom given to the people. So I strongly believe that India is needs a dictatorship for a few years till The Indians becomes disciplined.

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Kartikay said: (Sat, Jun 21, 2014 08:59:01 PM)    
Even though we take a lot of pride in saying that " India is the world's largest democracy ", the outcome of this form of government has been far from satisfactory. Inflation, scams and scandals, lower gdp, rising level of crime, all these have torn apart the country and led to the lowering of morale of the citizens.

As is said " Too many cooks spoil the broth ", the mayhem in India is a classic example in support to this. Our so called worthy democrats, the people whom we pin our hopes upon, are often unable to reach to a satisfactory decision on topics of national interest and have a divided opinion. In case of a person having an autonomous authority at least we would be served with concrete decisions which we could chew upon and would yield results. At Least he would not sit mum while our territory is being seized by our " neighbors " but would take action.

The current form of government has not yielded any positive results and we still remain a third world country. Change is the only constant and we should be more receptive to autocratic form of government too.

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Rimpa said: (Wed, Jun 11, 2014 06:06:28 PM)    
No, according to my view, India is a democratic country where different races and different caste takes breath in this country, if dictator is exist in that country then the integrity and the sovereignty of the country will hamper and it will lead to a conflict among the people due to allotting of only one leader without people's permission. It may happen that the leader which is nominated may give importance to this people and he may behaving like an hilter.

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Shashank Kumar said: (Tue, May 20, 2014 03:33:47 PM)    
Hi Friends, I am Shashank. This topic sounds to be a very interesting one.

I personally feel that the giving the country, especially like India, which is diversified in its every aspect, to the hands of the dictator is like nothing but inviting the problems yourself. Some of my friends think that yes the dictatorship is good as the dictator is free to take the decisions firmly and will be able to eradicate the problems like corruption, terrorism but would happen if he himself terrified the country with his acts. One can't imagine what would be the pic of India then. I do agree but that he also may be best and can take the country to zenith heights of success but then to this point I would like to quote an English proverb.

"Two heads are better than one".

So instead of choosing the dictator we should try to be a responsible citizen first and then we should also try to to elect a best candidate possible, not from selected list, i.e from list available to you, but from the list we the people of India think should be.

Only after then we can think of a glorified India.

Thank you.

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Apexa said: (Sun, May 11, 2014 01:13:03 PM)    
The only reason why we can post/comment on anything is because of the democracy in India. Every ideology comes with benefit and flaws so do democracy and dictatorship.

If we want dictatorship we all should be ready to not to raise voice against anything. No choices, no protest against low wages given to labourers etc. Staying in a democratic country we cannot imagine how does it feel living in a country follows dictatorship, look at middle east countries!.

Talking about myself I am proud to be the citizen of a secular country where if I want I can make changes in politics because democracy allows me to do so.

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Raj said: (Fri, May 2, 2014 12:12:16 AM)    
No, all that India needs to be a superpower is that the educated people like you and me should understand our responsibility well and contribute to its prosperity by our deeds. Had we been realising this since we got freedom the scenario would have been quite different. We call names to the politicians and say damn things about them and escape even the most important role to be played as a citizen of a democracy - VOTING - just on the pretext that all the politicians are the same and we will not vote to any.

While saying so we do not realise that this is our vote which could make the difference because we will always be choosing a lesser evil, even if the assumption of all the politicians being evil is correct.

If we would be choosing the least evil since our independence the best evil would have come out by now to rule the country. This is we who waste most of the precious resources of the country which are not in abundance and leave the weaker section deprived of, for instance, drinking water, electricity, cooking gas, fuel etc. Etc. The bold and clear question in front of we the intellect and educated people is WHO GETS DIRTY TO CLEAN THE HOUSE OF OUR OWN. In fact the weaker and uneducated section of our society is not even aware of the responsibilities of a responsible citizen.

So how can we expect him to have less children and not increase the already burgeoning population of the country. Again this is we who can educate them at least as much as it is necessary to read and write. Do we not encounter in our everyday life at least one such illiterate person who comes across our routine life and we can educate him/her?

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Devashis said: (Sat, Apr 19, 2014 06:04:09 AM)    

While we talk of dictatorship we always tend to think and give examples of nazis and fascists etc but think of this, if we talk about voting a right candidate to power why can't a honest person come to power by himself and lead by example now thats a possibility. Democracy is new to India and its just few decades old and look at its condition, people have lost faith on the government entirely. We are a deadly mix of people who were never meant to remain together But all we need is a cohesive force, a force so powerful that will not only bind us with fear but peace, stability and development. The dictatorship in India should be like as follows:

1. The revised constitution will be the only holy book of law.

2. A party with nationalistic programmes and no hidden agenda.

3. No reservations but instead robust facilities and talent development.

4. Governmental participation based on education, experience and likeness of public.

5. No appeasement politics but yes the hinduism should be taught to the world as this is the only land for hindus.

6. A uniform civil code and cooperative participation from grassroot levels.

7. Everything that is anti-national should be banned.

8. Sanskrit should be made compulsory at schools.

9. A single party in which anyone can participate.

10. 5 year elections will still be conducted but with revised and best election procedures.

11. Revision of authority and simpler governance mechanisms in place.

12. Growth, prosperity and city hygiene should be first on agenda.

13. Religious and cultural organisations should be monitored and any hate propaganda should be met with strict punishment.

14. The glory days of India should be brought back with efficient and honest governance and full public participation.

I can write many such points but at the end of the day its our necessity and our desperation and frustration with the current state of affairs that has led us to find the best way to drive our nation. And last but not the least isn't it that our so called 5 year governance is actually TEMPORARY DICTATORSHIP. THINK ABOUT THAT. AND YES IF YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT YET AS TO WHO DICTATES YOU NOW FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE.

. .PEACE. .

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Ajai said: (Fri, Apr 11, 2014 11:33:56 AM)    
Dictatorship is not a correct solution of India.

You seen in world every country now want democratic so how we want autocracy.

Elimination or ban anything is not a solution while changing the condition and make a system good by doing any thing is a solution.

Just like some people talks if India have power in president hand and army hand then it is good. But you think that if they are doing same thing or even worst thing then what would happens instead of that whatever system is there make it transparent better.

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Bhanu said: (Sat, Apr 5, 2014 03:24:35 PM)    
In My opinion, India yes do require dictatorship in a some sense. In last few years we have seen that the gov. Has failed on my fronts either it be economic, health care or defense. We really need a strong leader at the centre who can take tough decisions on every front. Democracy with a strong and tough leader is far much better than pure dictatorship.

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Bala said: (Sat, Apr 5, 2014 04:10:49 AM)    
It is very nice to read all your ideas on whether India needs a Dictator or Democracy.

First thing we should understand that Dictator can not be elected or installed. He emerges from the situation/problem and take control of the country. If he is good the country will definitely benefit from it. Otherwise like many African countries which are under different types of Dictators suffer.

One thing I failed to understand why all these posts failed to mention the current situation of Dictatorship in Africa which will provide us with many cues.

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Anil Garg said: (Tue, Apr 1, 2014 11:59:34 AM)    
Hi friends, I am anil. This topic of whether India needs dictatorship is a serious one. So, we must take adequate steps regarding this matter.

In my point of view there is no use of dictatorship in India. India is a vast country and different people have different needs. So it is difficult for one person to understand the needs of all the people.

It is not right to imply dictatorship by looking at the other countries. America is developed because they are used to dictatorship and there problems are different and there population is also very less as compare to India.

Democratic government is the best for the countries like India. Only thing that is required is that the leaders which are selected should work properly and faithfully.


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Kshitij Kumar said: (Wed, Mar 12, 2014 03:15:17 PM)    
Well, I see that democracy is the better alternative against dictatorship, as because.

1. A dictator, will have his own view of country's overall development, which might not suit everyone's need. Worst case scenario would be that he shall plan only for his benefits, or to implement his agenda. Beside, we shall never know whether the dictator thus installed in his/her post would actually work for the development of this great country?and he will not be accountable to anyone.

2. Even if democracy gets corrupted, it needs the support of the people in order to survive. So, even if one makes false promises in order to woo voters, he/she still must have to do something in order to get re-elected. In other way, democracy ensures the development, in spite of how fast or slow it is.

So if you any problem, choose a right representative who is honest, empathetic and can make and implement strategies to improve our lives.

If you don't find anyone, BECOME ONE.

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Sudhanshu said: (Fri, Mar 7, 2014 10:39:48 PM)    
It is no matter that whether it is democracy and autocracy it is good government which makes the difference but if we talk about India then I must favour autocracy because I feel it can do such thing which are not done by our democracy even in 60 year I want to named then corruption, reservations, communal riot. If power goes in one hand he is allow to do one hand and for that no one claim for that, take the example of china when he see that overpopulation he implemented the one child policy at the same time India also want to implement two child policy but he could not do because of democracy but china implement because of semi autocracy, that type things I want to express, thank you.

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Kushnabh said: (Thu, Mar 6, 2014 01:24:36 PM)    
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, the way politics is done in our country is nothing less than a dictatorship. It is like dictatorship for fixed 5 years.

In democracy, people have a say, representatives have to implement the desires and needs of people. But in the political scenario of our country that is not the case. Representatives act like anything without caring for the needs of common man.

Hence what I want to say is that dictatorship-like rule is already there which is incapable of governing our country. What we need is democracy in its true sense.

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Aditi Khare said: (Fri, Feb 28, 2014 12:03:45 PM)    
According to my views I don't see any benefits in switching from democracy to dictatorship because its not the government which is responsible for the downfall of humanity, it is we the citizens.

So in order to make our country good enough all we need is our increased responsibility and proper understanding.

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Rakesh said: (Thu, Feb 27, 2014 02:06:36 PM)    
Before speaking about democracy or dictatorship. I would like to highlight few hypocritical mentality of we indians.

1. Who does not give their tax on time?
2. Who abuses women?
3. Who is responsible for child marriages?
4. Who buys black sims and movie dvds etc. ?
5. Who over drinks alcohol and smokes and take drugs?
6. Who gives money under-table?
7. Who becomes district officers, police officers, and officers of various public service department?
8. Who employs children in hotel or at home as servant?

To all these questions the answer is the same "it is we common people are the one who do it" and not the "government".

From where does the MLA's and MP's come from ? of course they don't come from hell but once they use to be common people like us!

And in future we will be the one who will rule the government.

Blaming or changing the government may not be a solution to our problem but changing ourselves and by giving a bit extra time for our country can develop India within 5 years! yes !I m not kidding!

The only solution to our problem is 1. Change in mentality of our people, 2. And become a bit less selfish.

THAT'S ALL IS ENOUGH TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY!(my speech was quite long. Sorry if you all got bored).

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Binu said: (Fri, Jan 31, 2014 05:01:25 PM)    

I just want to say that after some 65 years of democracy in our country.

Are we satisfied?

Have we stop fighting on the name of religion, caste, creed etc?

Is there any growth in economy?

Is the gdp is growing?

Are we able to have a control over crime rate in our country?

Are we able to save our people from being beheaded by pakistan army?


Might possible we will have the solution for our problems. As we are bearing the repercussions of this democracy, so we can bear of the dictatorship also.


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Shourya Sodhani said: (Sun, Jan 26, 2014 11:00:05 AM)    
A democracy is literally defined as by the people and for the people. A democracy helps the citizens of a nation stay involved in the happenings of their nation and elect the government that they feel will be the best for them and also gives them a sense of responsibility. The ones who are for dictatorships might say that the government, like in India may turn out to be corrupt and disastrous.

But there will always be someone, someone like Arvind Kejriwal for India who will attempt to solve our problems. In a dictatorship, if the ruler is corrupt, the citizens wouldn't even have any choice to re-elect another leader. Even if they attempt any rebel, they will only face severe punishment, maybe even death. So, I strongly feel that India needs a strong and intelligent leader rather than an oppressive dictator.

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Karan Balaji said: (Sat, Jan 4, 2014 09:07:26 PM)    
Hello guys I am karan dictatorship is actually horrible but it can be used in India to solve our economic problem by a selfless leader who should allow referendum process and if he got a non confidence vote he must be replaced. Of course we got a we got a lot of good dictators in our country. Our bharat mata helped to achieve what any country have not. I am sure dictatorship can be used in good way only for a particular term till our country become a developed country. Then again we can switch over to democracy.

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Mohit said: (Mon, Oct 28, 2013 03:42:09 PM)    
Dictatorship will breed development though straightforward decision making: A dictator being the all powerful head of the state will face no opposition from other parties as in a democracy. He will thus have complete freedom to execute his decisions which might breed development.

- Better control the variables of human development: One of the biggest examples is China (a Communist country) where the population has been brought under control by the government, through the one-child norm policy which is virtually impossible in the Indian democracy.

- Dictatorship is a more economic institution: In a country like India where poverty is a lingering problem, it is but a luxury to spend lakhs on a single election. Dictatorship is thus a far more economic institution.

- Dictatorships regimes can be a path for countries to move on from civil wars and focus on development: China can be used as an example yet again, as the country has been almost absolutely insulated from wars and terrorist attacks.

- Dictatorships have flexibility in economic policy that breeds growth: Democracy can often stagnate economic development. An example is West Bengal where the Tata group could not establish their factory in Singur due to stiff resistance from the opposition party in the government.

- Dictatorship helps achieve social stability: Yes it does.

- The longer lasting and biggest economic miracles have occurred under dictatorships : An example is Hitler's reign in Germany. "The Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, at a time when its economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Yet through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies it could exploit, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began".

- Dictatorship breeds order: In a country like India where law and order is disrupted time and again, dictatorship is definitely going to help out. Even in the 21st century Indian women are vulnerable and rape and molestation cases are reported throughout the country from upscale Delhi to the remote villages of Burdwan. India needs a really strong leader who can make the country safe enough for our women to move around fearlessly, with their heads held high.

- Dictators have incentives to promote development and diminish social differences: A lot of readers might still be optimistic enough to feel that democracy will spell better days for India, but as a youth frustrated with the current situation of my country I feel that we really need a change and dictatorship may just be the way out for a better, brighter India.

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Ashcool said: (Fri, Sep 27, 2013 03:09:13 PM)    
India needs a democratic dictator. What I mean to say is that we definitely should be governed by a democratic system (like it is now) , but the prime minister of India should be charismatic enough to take decisions in a way in which a dictator would have taken them.

No one can pressurize a dictator, similarly our prime minister should also lead us fearlessly. There should not be 10 different people trying to influence him. He should have the guts to take decisions fearlessly.

So in short we need to have a democratic setup in which the chosen leader (the prime minister) should function as a dictator.

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Hbk said: (Mon, Sep 23, 2013 10:23:58 PM)    
Whether the democracy is best for every country but its not working well for India. Causes are not only our corrupted politicians and leaders but also the whole system. British ruled over India but after independence many of the thing are as it is. For example our railway department is one of the worlds largest department and doing very well but it can be better than that and nothing had changed since the independence in railways department. It sounds good The government for people and by the people but in actual it is not working well for India.

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Aniruddh said: (Fri, Sep 20, 2013 10:43:27 PM)    
What India needs is a dictatorship?

This is a quite serious topic. Democracy versus dictatorship. First of all we need to understand the meaning of both the term properly. Democracy basically means a government where people choose leaders by voting whereas in dictatorship there is a single person who make all rules no government no parties no constitution.

See, suppose there is a cycle and a bike, the person who is driving cycle is good in driving and can drive in any kind of road. And one who is driving a bike is not able to drive properly. What will happen. The one who is having good driving skills will win.

Similarly whether it is a dictatorship or democracy, it does not matter at all, provided that the one who running the whole system should be able to make right decisions and have skills.

We always blame our government and democracy for the condition of India but we can also see that when pakistan was being ruled by a dictator, the condition of pakistan was poorer.

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Vinay.H.S said: (Fri, Sep 6, 2013 03:45:00 PM)    
Hi friends,

I think Dictatorship cannot lead India better than the democratic government. Our government has fine infrastructure which will lead to the betterment of the society if we follow it sincerely. We Indians are very well aware of dictatorship rule and its consequences which are so bad that I don't think an intelligent man or even a illiterate man can ever think of a dictator rule again in India. There is just a need of removing corruption from our country and also we should change our old policies. It is not a right decision to start dictatorship in India as we don't know that dictator is corrupted or not. Indians should change their mentality, In spite of commenting on system we should think of improving it.

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Aakriti said: (Tue, Sep 3, 2013 03:10:13 PM)    
Hello! friends I am just concluding that who bothers for the country everyone is busy in minting money by hook or by crook and increasing the bank balance and anyways our country is governed by the almighty and will continue like this only. It is irrelevant to say whether a dictator comes or democracy. Hence, in my opinion there is no use of giving arguments either for democracy or for dictator.

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Sanjib said: (Mon, Sep 2, 2013 09:41:56 AM)    
No doubt democracy is the best form of government But in today's situation it is totally baseless. From top to bottom more or less everyone is corrupt. No doubt there are some good thinking people, but their presence among those giant corrupt people minimize their all goods. If somehow they try to protest, they have to leave this world. That's why there is a need of a good, powerful, well educated dictator, who according to situation could bring some drastic changes.

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Manish Verma said: (Sat, Aug 17, 2013 12:27:07 AM)    
In my opinion, India is a democratic country. India is known for their integrity in all over the world. India needs dictators to tell about their financial, economical and business condition. Citizen of India should have the right to decide the dictators. By this way Indian people can know about the country i.e. what's going on. What's types of problem our country facing today. And what's the country growth all this. So we need a dictators in my view with a very simple and high thinking nature.

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Jacob Jherald said: (Mon, Aug 5, 2013 12:18:00 AM)    
In my opinion I think we don't need a country where everyone discriminates each other by state, Religion, Caste and colour, I think we should use the british policy, Divide the country into independent countries like maratis, Tamils, Punjabis like that, Believe it or not we don't care about this country if we had then our country would have never been like this, We have everything and yet we have nothing.

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Atoshi Sharma said: (Thu, Jul 18, 2013 12:22:06 PM)    
Considering this to be a rather serious topic, I'd like to say people are entitled to their own opinions. I've noticed a lot of people seem to say what we need is not a dictator but a responsible leader who will try to take into account the views of the public.

Might I add, there's 1.3 billion of us in this great nation and I'd say most people share the mentality of their ancestors who lived under the British rule, which is namely lack of development is the way of life. We cling onto meaningless customs all in the name of religion and like it or not, it is these customs that curb development. How is anyone to take the views of these people int consideration?

Also I feel Indians in general lack national pride. We suffer from a deep inferiority complex, be it our skin colour, our language or anything to do with India. Why do you think the fairness industry is so rampant, or the fact that people seek foreign made goods rather than indigenous goods, try to speak broken English not for the love of the language? I think we need a semi-dictator if there is any such thing, someone bound by constitution yet firm.

Oh and one last thing, our constitution needs to change. We are still following the British principles of suppression.

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Vjsupernado said: (Thu, Jul 11, 2013 06:18:11 PM)    
A dictatorship is a vice for any developing country such as India. It is important that India get over its own social and cultural differences over time, and through multiple generations. The Communist dictatorship in China for example has created significant social disorder due to the Communist party's obsession over quick development without regard to old historical conflicts within China. Of course, China right now seems to be the economic tiger of Asia (and the world on that note) , but as some experts fear, as soon as economic growth slows, and people start questioning the government, China could possibly face a deadly civil war if it continues it's path of development without regard to the past.

The truth is, there is no such thing as developing over divisive history. Capitalism and economic development can only divert the attention of people for so long before old frustrations are awakened and released. Dictatorships historically have only been able to find legitimacy in fast paced economic growth (especially in our secular world). Thus, the product is a forceful government that coerces people into ignoring the problem instead of solving it. It is for this reason why violent civil wars a usually witnessed in post-dictatorship nations such as Yugoslavia, Somalia, Russia, etc. It is for this reason that dictatorships only give the illusion of solving social problems, while democracies peacefully solve social and cultural tension through even development, and a determination to coexist with the surrounding world.

It is telling that many Indians are impatient with the slow progress the Indian government is taking in developing and overcoming social tension; it is evident in the fact that many Indians would consider a dictatorship as a viable option. Some look to countries like America and say, 'why can't we fix social conflict like they can?' This is due to the fact that western nations have shorter history. India is a country whose problems come from its eons old history; thus, properly fixing old social problems will take much longer, as people have a natural attachment to history and culture.

Proper development, socially, economically, politically, and technologically must occur at an even pace, otherwise Indians risk loosing their national identity, similar to the fix the Chinese are in right now. Although history is frustrating to many for its inconveniences that hinder development, we must bring closure on the history behind us in order to reach the future. Ignoring the past will only reawaken it in a more ominous form in the future. This is the problem that nations in the Middle-east face; after years of fast paced regimes such as that of Shah Reza in Iran that have paved over old cultural differences instead of resolving them has been released in the form of radical Islam and radical traditional dictatorships that are now destroying all traces of progress.

Long term, if India wishes to develop out of the past, they must wait and allow time to dictate the eventual rejection of the old. It is annoying, but people must be patient; you can't have development now, it takes years to do it correctly.

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Bandana Mankotia said: (Mon, Jul 8, 2013 05:29:26 PM)    
There is no need of dictatorship in India, only a dictator cannot change the condition of India. There is a need of good, educated and responsible leaders and citizens despite a dictator. Because India is the country where people of various religions live together. They all have their own thinking. And only a dictator cannot change their thinking. It needs some leaders who have the vision for the welfare of their people. We should come forward and help in eradicating the social evils i.e. corruption, dowry system, illiteracy etc.

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Suhail said: (Sun, Jul 7, 2013 07:29:09 PM)    
Hi friends, I am Suhail. This topic of whether India needs dictatorship is a serious one. So, we must take adequate steps regarding this matter.

I would like to say that India needs not dictator but an honest leader who would be wise enough to take care of the future of 1.2 billion people. Who choose their leaders with utmost faith.

In elections we elect so many leaders and majority of them are disappointing so, how is this wise enough to entrust one person with such great responsibility.

Dictator alone cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. Our leaders should be given educations to teach them how to become civilized. So that the incident of watching porn during assembly wouldn't occur.

At last I would like to say that everybody should contribute to our nation. Mere giving opinions ain't going to work.

Not only leaders but if all the Indian citizens consider India as their motherland and the people as their brothers.

I am sure that India will emerge as a great nation.

Remember charity begins at home.

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Mohana said: (Sat, Jul 6, 2013 11:48:30 AM)    
We studied in our school days that India's unity in diversity but India is in diverse with lot of religions and because of this it is not maintaining unity. First India have to forgot about the word diverse then only the unity can be propagated. For this a perfect dictator is needed who will strictly prohibits the people or the ministers who use the name religion for his own benefits for whom the people get attracted towards him and blindly elected him. The dictator should have all rights on the ministers and the dictator must be perfect fist.

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Theone said: (Mon, Jun 24, 2013 09:45:33 AM)    
When you look at the politician's that have been ruling India since its independence you will realize the disease they are to India. The only way to get rid of this corruption in India is to have a clear minded and goal oriented dictator working for the people of India.

A dictator who will hold all of these politicians responsible for all of the damage they have caused. The dictator should start by acquiring all of the black money held by these politicians with force and imprison them if necessary. Second order of business should be to crack down on the police force, all of the corrupt police officers should be disbanded. The dictator with all the power held will not have to bend to pressure where profit is concerned, providing all Indians with amenities.

The poor would not go hungry. Infrastructure would be developed, and there would be a huge economic boost considering companies would be able to invest in India without having to first pay the chief ministers of the respective states to do business in their state.

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Qwerty said: (Thu, May 2, 2013 11:26:24 PM)    
India does need a Dictator.

Not matter how much you argue, India is and never was united. Right from the Moghul Empire till today this country was and is fighting amongst each other. Maharashtrian and north Indians, Muslims and Hindus, open and obcs sc dalits and all the other petty fights.

This country's government takes into account the religious and cultural factors will making decisions. Even though its written in the constitution that India is secular state.

Yes, the cultural diversity is what makes India so unique, but it is pretty useless in matters of governance. Trying to please the majority by playing into their emotions and supporting their religious and Orthodox ideas just to get votes is pretty shitty.

Fighting over a decade to decide whether to build a shitty temple or a shitty mosque on a shitty piece of land. Thats how our government waste time and resources.

This generation is going to face the third world war and I'm very sorry to inform that our country is not prepared.

We need someone who will put all the useless ideas and values in rear view and take this country forward. Someone who will make India so great that it will strike fear in the hearts of Chinese. The usa will not look at us as call center hub. Someone who will use the most important resource in our country, the 1.2 Billion beating hearts and unite them to form a respected and feared superpower.

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Manish said: (Thu, May 2, 2013 12:55:24 AM)    
I feel India should go forward for dictatorship as we have seen consequences of democracy from top to bottom everyone is corrupt and even if some of us try to change that it won't change and instead we will change. In short I mean to say giving power to few like Anna Hazare and his few members in form of dictatorship will not only make them only to make decision but won't allow corruption to spread or change their thoughts to become corrupt.

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Shivi said: (Wed, Apr 24, 2013 11:25:25 AM)    
Well I don't think that India need a dictator. We need a leader who have a vision for India.

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Pranavp said: (Wed, Mar 13, 2013 03:01:42 AM)    
What India really needs is not the current democracy nor does it need a dictatorship.

The current democratic system is a failure since the citizens usually vote for a person who is a good liar or actually speaks the truth but changes due to the other corrupted politicians around him. This is what leads the current democratic system to be a failure.

A dictatorship might work out in India, but the citizens cannot be sure about the dictator making the country a better place or making it worse for his own benefits. So why take the chances with dictatorship.

Now, what we really need is a complete democratic system. A system where everyone gets to vote on everything that should happen or should not in the country of India. This system will definitely work but someone will have to come up with a plan to make this work.

In the future, I am thinking of coming back to India from where I live right now. Come back to India and try to become a politician and hopefully one day the president so I can make this plan as in the above paragraph work. I have been planning all of this for a long time. Once I do become the president, I will execute my plan to change the country for good. My plan is based on changes that can be made in reality and not just thought about in one's mind. It will definitely take years to change India from what it is now to a better country for all, but it is not impossible.

Thank you.

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Kanadante Mayavadenu said: (Wed, Mar 13, 2013 01:55:39 AM)    
I would like to support the topic. Whatever the points my friends have commented on is quite true. India is known for Socialistic, Democratic and Republic. But I do feel that the concept of dictatorship was not taken when they were framing the constitution due to the adverse effect of dictatorship in Germany.

Anyone who want to talk about the Indian politics in current situation would definitely say that democracy in India is definitely not working well. But still India is a vast country and considering the development India has shown from the time of independence is way past many countries. We can never compare our country with other country because of the difference in dates of their independence. In sixty years of independence we have developed so much that we are competing with the developed nations such as America who got independence way long back.

The need for dictatorship, if it is there is all because of the politicians and dictatorship seems to be the only way to come out of the worst situation created by the politicians. Why not we think about adding the concept of dictatorship to our constitution and giving more powers to the president than prime minister. After all dictatorship means one man/woman ruling and our president of India is considered as the king of the country.

By supporting for the topic, few might say that if at all dictatorship comes into existence then the decisions taken for India would be according to the mindset of one single person which is never in a compromising stand considering the billions of people living in our country. But don't you think that if at all a dictator is chosen then he would be the one who has all qualities of a good leader including a stable state of mind required to take the major decisions?

Finally I would like to conclude that the concept of dictatorship should be considered in the constitution and bring upon some changes that's better for the development of the people and hence the country.

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Sagar said: (Fri, Jan 18, 2013 02:10:00 PM)    
In my point of view we need a good leader it may be a good dictator. If we think about our ancient days we are ruled by kings their was less crime was happened in our society because we are frighten to kings so their less crime.

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Rishabh said: (Fri, Dec 21, 2012 09:12:22 PM)    
The immediate solution is a revolution with the support of the people and army. By just criticizing the sordid state of India won't help. Parliament should be disbanded since infighting among parties just slows down decision making. The dictator should pass laws which are strict and force the police to do their duty for the welfare of the state. Corrupt politicians and criminals should be sent to the firing squad if necessary. Gradually he should appoint a few other ministers and return to democracy but one in which the politicians are genuinely concerned about the welfare of the nation and behave respectfully and in a dignified manner in parliament and not resort to personal arguments.

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Upendra said: (Wed, Oct 31, 2012 07:13:04 PM)    
Our Indian government should pass orders of maintaining clean in their surroundings &government said to remove black covers for cars but on the police vehicle itself is maintaining the black covers our government system must be changed.

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Jitesh Navlani said: (Sat, Oct 27, 2012 11:08:06 PM)    
Dictatorship can only belong to the country where in the culture is same, people have one state of mind and people know one language to speak. India is such a diverse country where every 10 km the language changes followed by the food. So, India it is not possible that country should need a dictatorship rather I will say we can have a leader who has a vision for the India and the population of India.

India is a democratic country and it has to be democratic anything we can do is increase of education to illiterate people so as to let them know that how much power every individual carries in India.

Talking about china where people have one culture, language is same and even people have same state of mind there dictatorship can run in a high context with high involvement.

So, countering the argument that India got independence before china but still no dictatorship is in place what I believe is India as a country only by the people for the people!

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Pooja Wanti said: (Sat, Oct 6, 2012 05:53:42 PM)    
Hello, I am in the favour of dictatorship. Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people. But current situation has changed this definition in for the politicians, by the politicians and by the politicians. I said it because when the elections happen that time all leaders behave like a god for the poor people and the innocent and illiterate people believe them and give their precious vote to that corrupt leader. The current situation our country can improve only by the visionary, strong and good dictator. We should learn from China which is developed before India while China got independent after India.

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Ajay said: (Fri, Oct 5, 2012 08:09:11 AM)    
In my opinion neither dictatorship nor current governance system would go do much better. The only thing we need is a blood revolution in the name of our country sovereignty. It could take blood of our brothers, relatives and many more, but it would definitely be best for our generations.

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Subrahmanyam C said: (Mon, Sep 3, 2012 09:31:33 PM)    
There is no way to satisfy everyone in this country. Democracy became useless. What the country need a visionary leader. We don't have proper drainage systems, health care, drinking water facilities and no regards to preserving or increasing agricultural lands, proper town planning, population control and so on. No doubt they are interlinked and it is a big jigsaw puzzle. If it is your's or your son's exam or project topic, how do you deal with. For example, an ideal town need proper traffic control, footpaths, drainage systems, water re-cycling, a good evening where families can spend outside, community spirit and so on.

We are not short of brain power. If above are given to 10 university students, they will come with 1000 ways of doing these. We need ideas, Money and people who can execute. To do this, a visionary leader with clear plan is needed.

Can we do this with democracy. No way as the party will have only 5 years and one has to make unpopular decisions to raise money and achieve above.

Can a dictator do it. Yes, provided he or she is a visionary and has clear plan with END IN MIND. He / she need to have good people to support / execute. But he/she should be no non-sense person and need to work 24 hours a day for 365 days for next 10 years. How can country with current state of affairs can compete with China or USA Or European countries in 10 years. It is a tall order. One need 25 years to show 60% progress as our country is vast and diversified.

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Amit Rai said: (Sat, Sep 1, 2012 10:26:49 AM)    
I am totally against this statement. What India needs is a motivated citizenry. In democracy the ultimate power lies with people. People have failed to realize it. All our problems have originated because of our failure to understand the system and our inability to provide resistance to ill practices rampant in society and country at large. Instead of complaining about the politicians all the time we should focus on own own way of living. Democracy at least makes politicians responsible to the country. God knows what will happen if accountability is taken out of equation? chaos-perhaps.

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Sakshi said: (Wed, Aug 29, 2012 11:20:38 PM)    
I think change is the law of nature.

Seeing present condition of our country, we can't feel secure for our future.

And if we see on other side, we are not getting any favourable result from our present government.

So with an "UMMED" we can accept a system of dictatorship. Not only a dictator but a BENEVOLENT DICTATOR.

For the development of our country, I think this change is must.

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Subhash said: (Sat, Aug 18, 2012 08:55:00 AM)    
Dictatorship would solve all of India's problems. However good dictator is the key problem here. If we had a good dictator, one who is selfless, and cares only for the welfare of the people, like a King/Emperor, our country would flourish. A good dictator would solve all of India's problems, from the bottom to the top i.e. from addressing basic problems such as the pathetic drainage system of India to rooting out corruption and modernising the armed forces. One of the problems with India is the economy. We lack a robust economic plan, also although economically India is making some progress, it is too slow. Australia has a population of 20 milion people whilst India has a populaation of 1.2 billion, 500 times over, and yet we have similar figure of GDP. The good dictator would look into such problems, and increase the GDP of India, to fund revenue to address internal problems such as the lack of water related infrasturcture as described above.

However, after India had emerged as a "developed" nation and a key international player, the dictator, if he is truly selfless, would give up his position of power, and transition the nation to once again become the largest democracy in thw world.

In conclusion, a "good" dictatorship is needed in India to solve its petty to large problems and create a suitable "living" environment for its citizens. Then after all this is achieved, then India should become a democracy again, to honour those freedom fighters who have fought for a democratic India, during the pre-independace era. I know that this sounds like wishfull thinking, but is a legitimate reason for a dictatorship.

Just so you know, i am a 16 year old Indian NRI living in Australia, and if at my age and place, I am taking keen interest in such issues is because the problems and corruption which plague India is unforgivable.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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Vaibhav Kumar said: (Fri, Aug 17, 2012 08:16:25 PM)    
I think dictatorship can't be good as every person have there own point of views. If we had a dictatorship we can't be able do what we think. I think we should take power in our hands and we should not let the government do what they want. We have the peoples power but the only need is that we should think about our own power and use that well.

No way that a dictatorship can be good we will lose all our rights and powers.

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Aditya said: (Wed, Aug 1, 2012 10:45:08 PM)    
Dictatorship is good as well as bad just as two sides of a coin. In dictatorship people are barred of liberty, but because of this the government can imply the laws without any opposition. It also helps in bringing a sense of discipline. If the dictator is a good man any country can achieve glory just as like turkey which had good fortune of ruling by Kemal Pasha. Even Hitler's dictatorship should be taken into account that despite his cruelty against the Jews, he recovered Germany from a terrible position. However, for excellence of dictatorship the dictator must be kept under the scanner by a committee of honest ministers. A corrupt democracy such as India, really needs discipline which can only be attained by a powerful, honest and virtuous dictator.

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Mitali said: (Sat, Jun 30, 2012 06:34:57 PM)    
Democracy is better as you are allowed to do whatever you want to do for the welfare but dictatorship is a force according to which a citizen has have to act. So I personally believe that democracy is far better than dictatorship.

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Shilpa Yadav said: (Sun, May 20, 2012 04:05:12 PM)    
Every situation has its pros and cons. But I strongly feel that giving all the powers to a single person will only worsen the situation because every person has his/her different views. According to me we all should try to elect the best person while voting. No, one is good enough but bad is much better than the worst. And only government is not responsible we too are responsible for this situation. Public power is the power which is capable to do everything. We must realize our power and should definitely vote to save our country and to make our country a developed country. DREAM WHICH WILL DEFINITELY COME TRUE.

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Atg said: (Sat, Apr 28, 2012 06:18:41 PM)    
Government always try to protect corrupt people like kalmadi, A-raja, kanimoi and many others. They are all from congress. So congress did not took any action. They always try to increase their bank balances. They do not have care of public. Who try to raise his voice against this corrupt system govenment crush them. This is enough. We have to take action. SUPPORT ME.

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Atg said: (Wed, Apr 25, 2012 11:33:37 AM)    
Due to corrupt democracy there was no care of our talented people and they will got no job. But america gave them job opportunities due to their talent. So america's development is fast and India's slow.

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Zeeshan Danish said: (Tue, Apr 24, 2012 11:20:33 AM)    
Taking present politics of India into consideration, it seems democracy is the worst form of government. In democracy, power is centered in the hands of various ministers elected by people. Among these ministers, only few of them are good and majority is bad. These bad politicians not only spoil the career of good ones but also the career of talented youth of country. They only fetch benefits and does not take care towards the development and welfare of their country. So we should elect a single person to rule our country. But this single person (dictator) should possess each and every quality that a true politicians should have. All powers should be given to him. He will utilize these powers in a proper way and will take good steps for the betterment of people.

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Atg said: (Fri, Apr 20, 2012 07:46:44 AM)    
Now a days India definitely needs dictatorship. I agree that dictatorship is not good as democracy. But some politicians spoil the meaning of democracy. They are making situation of our country worst. Now a days if you see politics you found that many politicians have criminal records like murders, corruptions and much more. Can you imagine if they rule what is situation of our country in future. They will sell our country to foreigners for money. Some politicians are good but bad many. So to make our country not just powerful but also crime-free and corruption-free we needs dictatorship as soon as possible.

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Atg said: (Wed, Apr 18, 2012 09:42:56 PM)    
India is a rich and powerful country. But its wealth is collected in form of black money. Some people and corrupt politicians spoiled our country. India has lots of precious minerals but they sold them cheaply. So India have to face economic problems. If India gets its black money back it became powerful five times america. I want to became dictator of India and do it so. I want to make India 'THE SUPREME POWER'. Support me.

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Yash said: (Thu, Apr 12, 2012 10:48:32 PM)    
Yes!!!!!! Our nation's foreign policy is very weak. The common output of foreign countries is" India,full up of corruption,crime,misuses of human rights". This main things are obstacle between nation's forward policy. Our great enemies pakistan and china should not be greater than us in many fields. Democracy is imaginary political system which apply only in 'truth world',which is free from corruption,untruth and sinless situations. So all people are not great thinker.and also call that,"human never find last and first truth.

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Vigneshwar said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 07:23:39 PM)    
In point of view, dictatorship is best because once people will come under the power of the politician who put the rules in the rules in a very strict way, people will not cross the way without orders, and it will lead the country to develop.

But there is also a negative in that rule what is meant that the politician will not consider what the people are expecting because he made the separate for the development of country.

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Anuradha Oinam said: (Tue, Mar 13, 2012 11:53:09 PM)    
Everyone knows India being a developing country needs a lot of reforms in the field like removal of corruption,able to reach the necessary requirement to the needy,must have an eye on grassroots people,pro farmer as Indian economy is based on agriculture...etc,so by seeing all these things what i want to say is that any type of govt.either under dictatorship or democratic govt...,it will be alright if everything is done honestly for the welfare of people and for the welfare of the country.. because any of this two form is nothing but they are here for the people..and also,the only wish of the people is to have a peaceful,selfless country what we called 'ramrajya' earlier..

Rate this:   +9   -2

Sarvesh Kasat said: (Fri, Mar 2, 2012 07:08:56 PM)    
I have a fact to speak that the period from which america faced development was from 1775 to 1900....thus it took almost 125 years but hitler made it possible in merely 20 yrs after the world war -1 where the situation was terrible...a painter who was damn passionate about his country rose against all and thus made the development possible...we should consider atleast this positive point which india needs at present to precise things, india needs a powerful and passionate leader (dictator).....!!!!

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Shalini Rawat said: (Sat, Feb 25, 2012 12:36:14 PM)    
Well, I don't think that democratic system has to be blamed for the current situation in our country. It is the sheer fault of our corrupt politicians who have created a mess in the country, by misusing public funds and thereby tarnishing the image of our country worldwide. Saying that only a good dictator will be the solution to our problems is a big mistake as we have already seen in the middle east where people came on to the streets and asked their dictator to step down and expressed their desire to have democracy in their respective countries.

Giving too much power to a single person will only aggravate our issues. We should definitely not forget that "democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people" and therefore if people do not have say in the political system of a country, they are bound to retaliate, if not now but definitely in future.

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