Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Omkar Mohapatra said: (Sun, Nov 15, 2015 12:46:49 PM)    
Hi guys,

I feel Brain Drain is a barrier to the country's development. Talented and skilled people migrate to other countries for better payment and better lifestyle, which they are deprived of in India. Its not totally the fault of those people who abandon India to shift somewhere else. They do this because they don't get satisfactory facilities in India. Reason? INDIA IS A POOR COUNTRY!

That's it. But what makes India poor? Here I'd like to blame out political system. If we go deep in it, then BLACK MONEY is the sole reason for India's poor financial condition. If all the black money in India are extracted in India, then India would be ten times richer the The States. Isn't that great?

Well; who's gonna take the responsibility for this? Of course, we YOUNG INDIANS. We get education in our country and then spend all those knowledge in some foreign country! Is it not a betrayal to our Motherland? Some facts are:




This is a really shameful matter for our country. OUR COUNTRY IS THE SECOND LARGEST PRODUCER OF DOCTORS, ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS. Having so much of potential, India is still under developed! Isn't it the duty of every Indian to shoulder the responsibility of making it a Developed one?

The Youth of India needs to bring about a change in the system. If the system is neat, then India becomes rich. If India becomes rich, people get their requirements fulfilled. And if their requirements are fulfilled, then there will be no way for Brain Drain. Indian brains ought to boost the status of India.

Just think: If our home gets littered, then are we gonna leave it and settle in our neighbor's house? No, right? We ought to clean it up and continue living there. India is our home. If its dirty, then every single Indian needs to clean it up rather than moving out.

Thank you.

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Manoj Rawat said: (Sat, Nov 14, 2015 03:31:02 PM)    
I think everyone is right at his/her stand but my point of view over this issue is - we shouldn't stop brain drain because we have been living in the world of globalization where every nation is dependent on each other as our nation's talented persons going in other nation.

Likewise other nation's student also doing job here and they are helping us at various projects, technology is not a solely reason due to brain drain our FOREX reserve also increases and I don't find any problem on this if a person is doing job in another country where he/she got the job according to his/her talent.

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Rajesh Naidu said: (Fri, Nov 13, 2015 01:04:21 AM)    
All the people are speaking about India's corruption and less opportunities. In my point of view all I need is encouragement and I wanted to enhance my skills. For that I will go anywhere on the planet. All I need is a right place to develop my skills and improve my knowledge. It might be India or Pakistan or any other country I don't care. I just wanted to explore.

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Rachana said: (Tue, Nov 3, 2015 07:21:25 PM)    

I support this because in India there are many people need you. And if everyone leaves abroad then why do you need to say that you are Indians.

Thank you,

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Rahul Kumar said: (Wed, Oct 28, 2015 03:07:01 PM)    
Brain drain is also good in some way like if person take knowledge from abroad and come back to serve for there own country.

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Vivek said: (Wed, Oct 28, 2015 02:57:53 PM)    
Yes it is a big issue in our country but people who are going outside from their country for better life style and encouraging themselves should know that it can also start in our country all we need is initiative and make habit to encouraging others.

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Karna said: (Wed, Oct 21, 2015 05:03:34 PM)    
Some people here got completely taken away by the topic. But Ms. @Shweta you brought quite interesting topic to discuss. Now my turn for comment on this topic. Some of them given various reason. I am a research scholar. Even I used to ask myself once why people go aboard when they are well furnished here.

But the thing is people don give respect for right talent. I can give N number of example because I have seen with my own eye. Talent which quit with broken heart. One fine talented professor from my university specialized in bioinformatics. He is one of the best in India in the field of bioinformatics. But due to stupid politicization, he just got tired of it & quit his job when he is left over with enough retirement age. When students fought in support of him. They got only punishment.

Another professor is in verge of moving aboard. Some people in this discussion say those who moving abroad are selfish. Let me ask them how can people will be comfortable in the place which don belong to them. Atleast those people respect them. That's the reason we are moving. Ya we know that's not permanent so what. We will find another away around. Some people here complaint about reservation even I discourage that.

But those people should also know, its not just particular sect of people going abroad its from every class. I want to comment one last bit to those who is against brain drain & in support. We (research scholar) are not asking for high end life style just respect & support. People should ask for yourself.

When India had re owned institution like IISc, IITs, TIFR, etc. Why there is no single noble prize winner since sir C V RAMAN from science Why Har Gobind Khorana, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan has to move abroad while they are educated in India? Its not going stop with them. It will be continued unless government wake up.

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Shweta said: (Mon, Oct 19, 2015 09:44:54 PM)    
Hi guys.

Brain drain is really a matter which needs to be talked upon because it leads to a great loss of Indian's talent. People who migrate to other countries in search of better jobs are very talented and thus India losses its big asset. So to be a pride of the country brain drain should be stopped to see a better India and to change it first you must begin.

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Vishnu said: (Mon, Oct 12, 2015 10:42:09 AM)    
Hello everyone,

I am here to support working in outside of India. Because there is no use of thinking to serve our country until the corruption is eradicated. Here in our country everything is money everywhere is corrupted. See some examples,

- If we try for state government job say police inspector we need 10 lakhs money to get selected.

- If we need central government job we need 20 lakhs.

- Even if we want to open some trusts for parent less children, for old people, for handicaps we need to give bribe for lots of corrupted idiots.

Then in India we only speaking about this issues and in future we also just will be speaking but there is no use. So, I can say thinking to serve our country by working here is totally waste. So at least we will develop ourselves in foreign countries.

Thank you.

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Hassan Rock said: (Sun, Sep 27, 2015 06:48:00 PM)    
It is a very serious problem to solve this problem the skilled people should understand that there need in our country is more than other country.

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Kiran said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 05:06:50 PM)    
My opinion about brain drain is of course it is not good for our country, But problem with our country is we don't have any opportunities. If the person has the talent also it is not being encouraging here. Suppose If you take the case of Venkatraman Ramakrsihnan who is noble laureate from India after receiving the award he said few words that He has done this work in India but it has not been encouraged here instead to accept so many asked bribe for it. In that situation what a person will do?

And the problem with our country is reservations, talented people not getting selected for jobs in that situations obviously the person chooses a better option.

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Divya Lodha said: (Sun, Sep 20, 2015 01:59:14 PM)    
Everything demands some thing back. Same as our talented brain wants platform to do work but in India only disappointed in return. Talented person are drain not because they want more money, as being knowledgeable they know, no one motivate their work, talent in India. People calls them MAD. Forgive my language but its facts of our country.

It should be stop soon through motivation, giving them chance to prove itself. If any person go for some new, then other you are in vain so, why do you do it? If some body take chance to prove then our politician and government Put pressure on them of money or any kind. Actually, our country adopt that to depend on others.

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Captain said: (Thu, Sep 17, 2015 07:12:54 AM)    
Hi guys,

I strongly feel that brain drain is a massive loss for the country. Rather than just keep talking about it, we should create some form of organization that discourages people from permanently settling to other parts of the world. I'm not against studying abroad, I'm more concerned with the loss that the country makes from the migration of these highly skilled people.

If you agree with me please give me a thumbs up.

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Snigdha Reddy said: (Wed, Sep 16, 2015 11:40:07 PM)    
As so many people said that brain drain is not good for our country because of our skilled persons and technical labour are moving to abroad. As per my knowledge that was happening because of our self it means for example when time arrives to serve our country then most of the people will accept doing their responsibilities and duties for low payment, later they might wish to work for foreign countries because of only reason that they get high amount of salary than India pays for them.

Actually Indian people are selfish they always try to be happily but they are not developing our country by their skills. By doing this we are not becoming rich they are becoming rich and more richest day by day. If we want to stop the brain drain in India then every citizen of our country must think. WE ARE ALL INDIANS AND WE ALWAYS WORK OR GIVE SERVICE TO INDIA AND MAKE INDIA A DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

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Lakshmathi said: (Fri, Sep 11, 2015 09:05:15 PM)    
I think brain drain is serious problem of mother land. My opinion money is need for live, living is not for money. I agree all of you statement.

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Sahil Bharti said: (Fri, Sep 11, 2015 07:03:28 AM)    
Yea brain drain is very bad for every country. Skilled and clever people migrate from their country to highly developed country like USA, Japan etc. And these country are taking benefit of the skilled people. Yea I do agree that a person wants to do everything for his family.

He wants to give all the facilities to his family. But if we See in the point of view of nation serving, they do not serve the nation. And I think that by serving the nation we can do something by which people will remember us.

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Anima said: (Wed, Sep 9, 2015 09:36:09 AM)    
Hello friends,

I think brain drain is causing a serious problem to our states and country as well. We have a huge population in which maximum percentage is of those who are backward in the socio-economic growth. And the rest with some special skills and talents are leaving their region. Talking about my state, Jharkhand, we lack no where in resources both in mineral and raw materials.

But when it comes to using these boon, we have handful of old workers using old techniques. Its mainly because the new born talents and the brilliant brains are settling in Banglore, the technical hub. Its more of a selfish move, once you are groomed well, do you leave your parents and get on to a well established apartment?It's your choice anyway.

But why do people fail to understand that where there is high level of growth (like in regional case, Bangalore and at national level USA) , the competition is also tough, once they find someone more magnetic they will take no time in kicking you out. Well, in case of those developing regions, where you are needed you, at least have a respect, stability and salary of course.

All you need is a confident over yourself to stand out of the crowd and do something using your that skill which will bring a change.

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Amit Suthar said: (Fri, Sep 4, 2015 07:59:42 PM)    
Brain drain is really very big problem of native country. To developing a country, a big hand and most important role of their citizens. But problem is that the country which is still developing has no proper facilities for research, there are lack of job opportunities, due to this they are unable to identify of real talent. But in positive point of view if talented people do good work in other countries and if they really think to bring such new technology to their native country then it may help to their country.

But like in India to stop the brain drain a right step should be taken by our government govt should remove the caste based reservation system and should able to understand a real talent. Govt should establish the research lab as well as create the job opportunities.

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Suman Sharma said: (Thu, Sep 3, 2015 07:46:38 PM)    
Hi friends.

I want to express my opinion about "BRAIN DRAIN HAS TO BE STOPPED ".

Due to brain drain there are many more problems are occurred in our MOTHERLAND. Those country which is under developed there's government need to be conscious about brain drain. Because nowadays it became a communicable disease, because everybody wants to earn more money and more facilities. Nowadays most of the people only & only think about themselves so, in other word they are also selfish with respect to their motherland. Everybody know that there is need to money for living but in my opinion "MONEY IS NEED FOR LIVE, LIVING IS NOT FOR MONEY" so think before doing.

People who are able to develop their country like; doctor, engineer, scientist etc. There is need to think about their country. Do struggle for their job means do struggle to serve their country by different way in which they had learned. They have need to change their mentality about earning more money and stay luxurious life.

So, government of there also need to think positively and take it positively. Because those who are well knowledgeable person they need well factitious hospitals, research centers and labs with attractive salary. These facilities are need to provide by government. Then only government become able to save their manpower in their country and then only easy to make country well developed with respect to other one.

Finally, in one word brain drain cause harm for our country so, everyone need to be careful about brain drain.

Thank you.

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Bishal said: (Thu, Sep 3, 2015 07:40:56 PM)    
As you all know that the brain drain is the migrations of well educated personalities like Scientists, Engineers, Doctors & various trained or intellectuals to foreign to show their ability and earn more money.

In my opinion, there are some few reasons behind for the brain drain that is, Lack of right job for right person. Lack of big research centers where our talented person show their talents. Very less salary for this type of talented persons.

We do not recognize or reward talent in our people (e.g) Hargovind Khurana could not get work in India. He left India and settled in USA. His talent was recognized there and he became a Nobel laurel. India then realize his worth.

At last I want to say that brain drain should be stopped because it the big loss for the country & the Government should have to think about this problem.

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Citizens Of India said: (Wed, Aug 26, 2015 07:43:31 PM)    
I would like to tell that for stopping brain drain the government should introduce such society or a place that Contain all advanced colleges, institutions, research centers, modern labs, and a good environmental surrounding with highly access to nutritious food and facilities high payments etc in a particular area of the state.

Every state is famous for different subjects like Bangalore is famous for engineering only. It contain all the things related to engineering such as schools, colleges, institutions, research centers, labs etc. If it can possible than see no one can go to other countries. Since all the things will be available in India. Will it really possible.

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Sangeeta Yadav said: (Tue, Aug 25, 2015 09:34:06 PM)    
Hello friends,

Today was the debate in our college on "Brain Drain is good for country".

I was in against of the topic, what I noticed is that the student in favour said that :- India cannot provide better jobs as per their requirement and we should earn there and invest after earning money.

But we should notice that many foreigners are coming to India for earning money.

Eg:- Lorraine do Bollywood movies not Hollywood. Because India has lot of money, the problem is of a good leader who can put them in use.

So, we have to understand that we had learn here so we should give our output to our country not other countries which are already developed.

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Yuvraj Ahirekar said: (Sun, Aug 23, 2015 06:27:00 PM)    
Brain drain is the loss to a country when skilled and clever people leave their country and work in other countries. It is the depletion of intellectuals or professionals resources of the country through emigration. Brain drain is common problem in developing countries. The problem is more acute in India.

1. According to United Nations Report, thousands of professionals and scientists migrate from under developing countries to high developed countries like UK, USA, Japan and European countries. They utilize their skills and serve the new country. This is the direct loss to the native country. It trains them at great cost and then loses them to the other countries.

2. There are numbers of factors responsible for brain drain in India, Firstly India lack job opportunity after completion of professional courses and training. They do not get proper employment in India. The developed countries offer job opportunity with attractive salaries. Secondly, there are no adequate lab facilities required for research. Advanced countries offer attractive lab facilities. They offer a high standard of living as well as high wages. Thirdly, we do not recognize or reward talent in our people (e.g) Hargobind Khurana could not get work in India. He left India and settled in USA. His talent was recognized there and he became a Nobel laurel. India then realize his worth.

3. India has a vast natural resources like oil, gas, coal ore minerals, precious stones, etc. These resources have to be fully developed for use these resources get neglected as there are only few experts in India. In this way brain drain is a big hindrance to India's technological development. India should frame a national policy to prevent brain drain. It should create employment opportunities, It should also arrange well equipped lab facilities. It should offer scope to non resident Indians so that they return to their motherland and work for its prosperity and advancement. In no time India would become a developed country in 2020.

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Sharad Akbari said: (Sat, Aug 22, 2015 01:43:34 AM)    
Basically Brain-Drain refers to the migration of educated people to go abroad to settle there.

- There are some reasons which responsible for,

1. Many of educated people are not getting job due to lack of the employment.

2. Even they are getting job, not getting good salary according to job profile.

3. People are thinking that there is more prosperity and better lifestyle than India.

4. Reservation in Government Jobs and in Education Field and therefore talented people not getting enough opportunity to utilize their skills.

5. Large Margin in currency of the nations.

Due to brain-drain many talented people go to abroad the country is lacking in really talented persons, but on the other hand there is also positive effect of brain drain:

Foreign countries are realizing the potentials of Indian students and they are coming to our country for setting up manufacturing units as a result of that it is contributing in increment of employment. So ie is a good effect of Brain-drain.

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Ansh Bhandari said: (Thu, Aug 13, 2015 08:26:26 PM)    
Hi friends,

Brain is good as, if we go to abroad and to great works then we raise mother India's head only and reservation of seats is a big reason for brain drain and convenience and salary is also very important.

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Sambhav said: (Thu, Aug 13, 2015 12:05:12 AM)    
Hello friends,

We discuss the very serious topic brain drain.

I would say that many of the peoples like as 90% students goes to foreign country or any developed country. Best facilities and best infrastructure likes students and some other reasons students prefers developed countries and they lives long time and more money earn in few months or years.

So basically they mixups their environments and not returned us his country.

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Kumar Gaurav said: (Tue, Aug 4, 2015 01:07:19 AM)    
We can think brain drain like as such that in a family parents is investing upon his child so that in future that fellow will help them. Take care of them stay with them think if his child leave his parents alone what would impact he has created on his family.

It has to be stopped don't think what your country gives you always think what you have to give to your country (like don't think what your parents have given to you think always what you have to give) pay for the initial investment.

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Rahul said: (Sat, Aug 1, 2015 12:59:15 PM)    
Hello friends,

Our topic about brain drain and in my opinion brain drain is a disease which work like as the white ant those hollow the tree like as India. My first point for that is the reservation for the SC and ST students due to that the student of general category does not take admission in governments colleges.

And another reason for vagrant from India to abroad is that in India the salary of an government employee is too less so they go abroad to earn more money and for life style. The people or student do not know their responsibilities for his country they are born and brought up here. According to databases.

Our Indian engineers in NASA are about 30% to 40% and the doctors are approx 65% to 70% are abroad. If they will come back to the India then our India will.

Definitely progress in few years. Their duties are to trying for make a develop country "India". In last I say that we have to change our mentality.

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Thush said: (Thu, Jul 30, 2015 09:33:17 AM)    
I would say that brain drain is a disease. When we have got a plethora of opportunities here in India we go abroad just for money and luxury.

The problem is we have become lazy and we don't even bother to look for jobs in our nation. After our studies we directly search for a job abroad. We have got to stop this.

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Ramyashree Gowda said: (Tue, Jul 28, 2015 10:32:46 AM)    
Hi my friends,

Brain drain is really a bad disease not only for India but also for other under developed countries or developing countries. Brain drain refers to migration of talented persons to some other countries. According to my view it is very shameful to us because we are all born and brought up here but ready to serve for other countries. Being a citizen of India we should have the responsibility to make our India a developed. Don't behave like a irresponsible citizen.

Don't think what country has given to you just think what you had given to your country. Indians have enough talent just utilize your talent in our country only, if you have true love about your country. Lets unite together to make India beautiful among all the countries in the world.

Proud to be an Indian.

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Sonal said: (Sun, Jul 19, 2015 01:36:47 PM)    
Brain drain is caused just because of Indian policy where cast is superior than talent. People are unemployed just because of reservation system in India. As per my opinion, if you are not getting enough scope to prove your talent then it's obvious to go elsewhere you get chance to show your talent.

Many students are going to do MS in foreign countries because they know value of their education. Also education system in US is far different than that of India. So brain drain situation only be improved if everyone will get equal opportunity.

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Sonu Sangwan said: (Tue, Jul 7, 2015 09:19:31 AM)    
Hello every I am view. Brain drain isn't good for our country. Many students is going to abroad, due to earn more money.

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Nri said: (Sun, Jul 5, 2015 08:39:32 PM)    
If God had given you a choice to be born a citizen of any country in the world would you choose to be born in India? Until yes becomes a popular answer there is no hope for solving brain drain. It has to change in such a way that people would honestly say yes. And it is not by jingoism or nationalism but because the country is truly a place where citizens can fulfill their dreams.

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Anamika Gautam said: (Sat, Jul 4, 2015 07:45:16 AM)    
Brain drain is huge problem of our country I think that reservation is also a problem of brain in drain because those who are belong to general category they do not get seat in college rather than marks is higher than reserve category. Students does not get proper position.

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Meena said: (Fri, Jul 3, 2015 04:26:56 PM)    
Hi friends,

India follows very old law for example it give priority to the people under the ST caste, just you think about that all the people under ST caste are poor else all the people under OC caste are rich for these type of law only the brain drain issue are happened. Our government look for only the caste not an knowledge.

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Anamika Gautam said: (Fri, Jul 3, 2015 10:32:21 AM)    
One of the biggest problem in India is unemployment in Indira lack of number of jobs so people migrate to another country for earning and provide better facilities to implement the project there.

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Mohit Rathore said: (Thu, Jul 2, 2015 10:38:32 PM)    
Hi everyone.

My views is here.

Brain drain is not good for any country. A country educates our student very well and these students turns toward another country. It is not good for any country's future. Everyone wants to go abroad for fulfill our dreams. Please think about the reason what is the reason. Why his country's students want to go abroad?

Main reason is more salary, good environment for work, no pressure to work and many other things. Students should think about it that we are the created of our nation. If we will not work in our country how can our country be a develop country. Government also should think about it.


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Dharanya said: (Wed, Jun 24, 2015 04:10:46 PM)    
Hello friends,

Brain drain is a huge problem which is taking place in India. Main reason people needs are not satisfied. Their ideas are not given any value in India because most of Indians are not educated. So they tend to move out of their own country without any concern for it.

While moving to other countries their suggestion and ideas are valued better and most importantly they are paid well. This is the situation exiting. But its our duty to make our country well versed in all fields.

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Nakul Goenka said: (Wed, Jun 17, 2015 12:49:08 PM)    

Today India is being affected greatly by brain drain. Every year hundreds if thousands of Indians migrate to several countries across the globe to look for a better and higher paying job. And how can we blame them. All the members on this page have been defaming Indians who leave the country to live a better life. Instead we should focus on developing the country to attract more skilled personal into India and thus balance for the number of individuals leaving.

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Pulkit Agarwal said: (Thu, Jun 11, 2015 01:45:08 PM)    
We cannot blame other people who are settled in other nations because it is their choice and in foreign countries they get better salary.

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Pals said: (Tue, Jun 9, 2015 05:45:18 PM)    
Brain drain is actually a very selfish motive of Indians, they are ready to work in there countries because they don't have to work hard there, poor India has provided education to them and they utilize this knowledge elsewhere. Why not in India? The government is hopeless, agreed. Who said other countries have amazing governments? The people there love their country. This is not seen in Indians.

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Varun Bhaskar said: (Fri, Jun 5, 2015 04:22:35 PM)    
I just want to say that it's not always about money. There are other factors, I do things to make my environment right for ex: throwing trash in a trash can, not wasting water. I have been doing these little things for 26 years and when I don't see an acceptable change in trend I crave for a better environment and so I want to go to a better place.

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Anita Chettri said: (Tue, Jun 2, 2015 11:44:05 AM)    
Hello everyone.

I personally believe that if talented person like Scientist, Engineer, Doctor and other skilled person would not getting what they want they must go foreign country. A talented person wants his identity, good job, money and progress and developed country give them everything so why they will miss the golden opportunity they should grab the golden opportunity.

We live in a democratic country where all people have right to do what they want. If government want their brain to live in India then they have to made some policies for talented people which can stop their migration.

Thank you.

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Puja Saini said: (Mon, May 25, 2015 07:53:41 PM)    
Word Brain drain is firstly used by Dadabhai Naoroji. At that time this was not a big issue but now it has become a problem that India is facing today. Every year most of our skilled labors migrate to foreign because of lack of opportunities. We have better mind and talent but not for us, It is utilized by others. If it is used by us we also be in the line of developed countries.

A talented person want his identity, living standard, good job, progress. In search of all this he go to another country. Developed countries respect and pay for talent. Human resources are very important for a country. They play an important role in the progress of a country. Government have to made some policies for talented people of our country only then we can stop of their migration.

A migrant should not be categorized in anti-nation. We live in a democratic country. It is our fundamental right to do what we want. We have to make opportunities for the talent in spite of their criticism on going abroad.

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Sunshine said: (Mon, Apr 20, 2015 06:54:39 PM)    
Its everybody's dream to go to US, but how many dream to make our country a developed nation?

If we cannot stop or motivate others lets make individual efforts at our own level. With many such individual efforts in respective fields, we can head towards the Better India.

It's a feeling which should come from within for our motherland, there are so many soldiers working hard on the border despite all the harsh conditions, but they have immense love for motherland that they're ready to serve anyway with smiling faces.

If the same spirit for the motherland comes in all. Despite all the circumstances things would be different.

Lets unite together against all the odds & work towards the *BETTER INDIA * start at your level. Others will eventually come along!

Jai hind!

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Rohan said: (Sat, Apr 18, 2015 07:18:20 PM)    
The migration of scientists, doctors, engineers and other technically qualified persons usually from a developing or under developed country to a advanced or developed country is termed "brain drain". It is a very serious problem for poor and under developed countries, including India.

Thousands of Indian scientists, doctors, engineers and other qualified persons have migrated and are staying in other countries. Every year hundreds of our best brains make frantic efforts to leave India. The demand for passports is increasing every year, even though more and more employment opportunities are being created within the country. The steady outflow of our nation's talent, especially those educated, at the cost of the tax payer's money, has caused concern to the government.

The UNDP estimates that India loses $2 billion a year because of the emigration of computer experts to the U.S Indian students going abroad for their higher studies cost India a foreign exchange outflow of $10 billion annually. A recent study conducted by Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B) shows that the students going for higher studies abroad has increased by 256% in the last 10 years. When 53,000 Indian students went abroad for higher studies in 2000, the figure shot up to 1.9 lakh in 2010.

America is the largest absorber of such persons, are about 5000 Indian scientists, and 8000 Indian doctors in f-United States of America. According to a recent survey the Iran from India is likely to be diverted to oil-rich countries, because new areas of large demand for professionals have emerged m the oil producing nations.

But the demands from western developed countries are not likely to come to an end. It has been estimated that every migrating Indian doctor costs India Rs. 33 lakhs and every Indian scientist going to the United States of America adds Rs. 18.75 lakhs to the wealth of the USA. A very complex pattern of pulls and pushes is responsible for this phenomenon.

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Tamilselvan N said: (Sat, Apr 18, 2015 02:49:52 PM)    
We can't complain the other people of India who have settled in other nations because India is the reason for this problem the government isn't being good and isn't concentrating on the people.

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Boski Gupta said: (Fri, Apr 17, 2015 08:38:13 PM)    
I agree with the point of kamal. If we would not migrate to other countries our India will become the best country.

Rate this:   +11   -15

Parag Vachhani said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 06:19:28 PM)    
Brain drain is very shameful for us. Because we leave our mother land for make money its not good. We are not support our mother land for developing but support to other counter.

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Divya said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 11:07:29 AM)    
It is a very serious problem for poor and under developed countries, including India. Thousands of Indian scientists, doctors, engineers and other qualified persons have migrated and are staying in other countries. Every year hundreds of our best brains make frantic efforts to leave India.

The demand for passports is increasing every year, even though more and more employment opportunities are being created within the country. The steady out flow of our nation's talent, especially those educated, has caused concern to the government.

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Ritesh Kumar Panda said: (Mon, Apr 6, 2015 10:47:10 AM)    
Good morning gentleman, I want to share my opinion on the merits and demerits of brain drain some groups of peoples thought that brain drain should stopped and the other group thought it to remain in existence, brain drain a serious issue that hampered the growing economy of the country by dislodge the intellectuals from our country to abroad, but before saying it we must focus on its reasons that why it happens.

1. When a doctor of an engineer moves from our country to other what he realize, he realize his dreams comes true, he find every means by which he can fulfill his needs.

2. Growing needs of monetary for a persons is also a reasons.

Some facts are:-

1. More than 70% of doctors are Indians in US.

2. 40% of scientists in NASA are form Indian background.

3. Few companies want to invest in India which increase brain drain.

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Aditya said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 09:27:47 PM)    
Hi everyone.

I think we cannot change the mind of persons migrating to other countries immediately as they were in excitement or hurry or selfish to settle faster. Everyone needs respect and status they feel like they cannot get that in India so easily. I think change should start within people who are residing in India, if everyone tries to to build their own country then obviously those migrated people return back.

No one is trying to develop the existing product or innovate new ones in here, we are living by marketing other countries products. At last Politics should change everyone should have time to think about India. Every profession should be respected better try be doer than talker.

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Prashat said: (Sat, Mar 14, 2015 04:32:06 PM)    
Hello everyone.

I strongly agree with Miss Neha thakur point of view. Brain drain is also a major cause of why India is lacking in innovation, all of you must have heard about the global innovation index, in innovation index India's position is much disappointing and the cause of that is brain drain. This thing is also responsible for our increasing imports in different sectors, specifically in defence sector.

Do you know?most of our nation's defence equipment's are being designed with the collaboration of other nations. Do we seriously lack innovative ideas? I don't think so because most of India's best talent is working for other country's organizations. So in my opinion some policies must be set in order to stop the brain drain.

Thank you.

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Praveen said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 11:51:09 PM)    
We have to give job for jobless people in India and who ever not working after giving the work also than he is not electable for citizenship of India. And no religion should mention only two religion one is male and female.

Government should put a rules that all who ever taking a salary more than 1L per month he are she should take a below poverty children atleast 2 children to sponsor for schooling and all the Indians account in Swiss bank should be closed and they have to give a details for that money.

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Haresh said: (Sun, Mar 8, 2015 09:20:06 PM)    
Everyone is obsessed with Scientists, Engineers, Programmers, Mathematicians, etc. But what India needs is Artists, Architects, City designers, Writers, Chefs, etc. People leave the country seeking a better life because buildings are ugly, there is no proper city development, there is little culinary talent etc.

Without skilled people with these soft jobs all the innovators seek a better life elsewhere where these occupations are respected. To solve the brain drain it is important to create high quality living conditions such as beautiful buildings, high quality food, proper city waste management, journalists with integrity, writers who can create a good culture.

Too much importance is given to technical learning and not enough to the cultural industry, so these jobs are not respected even though they improve quality of life.

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Clarinta Rose said: (Sat, Mar 7, 2015 02:49:32 PM)    
The mentality of human should change for Brain-Drain to get vanished. Let me tell you one thing. Our nation is our mother right. If so, then who are we to the nation?Children Right, is it a good behaviour for a son/daughter to leave his/her mother alone when she can't even look up? never.

This is what the people who supports Brain-Drain does. Think about the fact. Don't be an irresponsible human. Make your mother stand, then help others.

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Gomathi said: (Tue, Mar 3, 2015 04:14:33 PM)    
Hi friends,

Here we are supplier of human resources to foreign countries like Doctors, Engineers, Scientist etc. "EVERY INDIAN SHOULD KNOW THE IMPORTANT OF THEIR NATION ". We sold our brain to others can you agree with this?

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Abhishek Mittal said: (Mon, Feb 23, 2015 11:39:18 PM)    
Hello guys! Brain Drain simple means to emigration of intelligent well-educated individuals to somewhere for better living status.

If we look the reason behind the brain drain then we will find that there is only one most reason is that we get better facilities and payment in foreign country which we get in India.

But Can we get these better facilities in India also?

If we see the reason why we don't get these good facilities then reason is our Dirty politics or we can say our System. A person born here study here but goes outside for doing a job because he is not getting satisfactory payment here.

People says that India is a poor country then I would like to answer to these people that if they ever saw their Indian politics scam:

1. INDIAN COAL ALLOCATION SCAM - 10.673 billion rs.

2. 2G Spectrum scam- 1766.45 billion rs.

Then I would like to ask the person a question is India also rich now?

Now I would like to inform about something about which a few people merely knows. These are :

1. INDIA is the 2nd most largest pool of ENGINEERS, DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS.

2. In AUSTRALIA around 40-50% job seekers are indians.

3. USA is most popular destination for Indian students.

Reality is that the nations about which we say that they are developed are being developed by INDIANS. It's simply means is that if they all work for India INDIA also become a DEVELOPED NATION.

But what is problem that person doesn't want to work here. Reason behind is that:

1. Unavailability of right job for right person.

2. Lack of big individuals hub where our talented person show their talent.

3. Very less salary for Government Job.

Reality is that Developed nations attracts citizens of developing nations by providing good facility and payment and using their skills for themselves.

So in last the person who says that brain drain is good I want to ask a question from them that if your home is dirty then what will you do? You go to your neighbour house for living Nhi na. You try to make your home clean. Yes just like we have to change our system. There is a need of cleanliness in our politics.

Because our former president said that-if 1 rupees come from central government only 10 paise are utilized in direct way. So we have to change rather than we go to foreign country.

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Priya.. said: (Tue, Feb 10, 2015 09:27:23 PM)    
If anyone had asked me what I thought about brain drain, I would say it as a very bad option.

Every one needs good education and everything that would make them as human from mother land but in turn they do nothing for their mother land.

First of all parents should not encourage their children to go abroad and settling there, why should we give away our talent's to others when our country which is still in developed state needs all the talents.

So guys reading this especially supporting brain drain I hope that just wait and think for a minute what good are you doing to the country that had made you what you are today.

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Veer Rana said: (Tue, Jan 20, 2015 08:54:17 AM)    
According to me brain drain is a situation in which the educated or professional people of a place or a country leave there own country or places in search of the job or a profession for earn more money or to get better life style. Though it is good for individual but it is harmful to the developing countries. Because there economy is directly affected by migration of educated and professional people.

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Kamal said: (Tue, Jan 13, 2015 10:35:07 AM)    
According to me Brain Drain affects a nation's economy since skilled, intelligent people migrate to other countries, some people migrate for their passion on studies and research and some people for welfare of their lives. Latter want to make money and settle soon, which is not possible in India.

It's human's selfishness making people to work in advanced countries. We are born and brought up here but ready to serve for other nations just because of money. Right, money is very much valuable but not everything. There is no limit to what extent we can earn. We have seen our corrupted politicians have lots n lots of black money.

Unless we see change in our politics we cannot stop Brain Drain. India can provide all amenities for educated and intellectuals when there is a good governance and neat politics. Politicians are spending huge money in elections because they are certain that they can earn more than they need by doing corruption in all possible ways. So future is in our hands, but not to run away from these dirty politics and migrate to other countries.

When India provides good education and employment, Brain Drain can be stopped. This is only possible with good governance and honest and uncorrupted politicians.

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Abdul Aziz said: (Fri, Jan 9, 2015 09:40:33 PM)    
Brain drain means migration of peoples from their own country to another country for job and many other thing. Just like if we talk about India so many peoples of India migrate from her home to another country here and there like in Saudi Arabia, America, Paris, and so many other country to find their job because if we talk about about India maximum of their salaries spent in tax.

Because because in India there is like 20 taxes present in India. So that's is the reason people migrate from India to another country they take fulfill knowledge from India from different colleges but when the time come for his job they can't fulfill their expenses from just little money but in another country they can earn and they can save also thank you.

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Bhuvana said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 09:28:57 PM)    
Brain drain means employees, graduates and manpower of one country are working in another country. Countries like India are having good manpower. But, now-a-days Indians are showing much interest to work for other countries like USA and Australia.

Because they pay more salaries for employees, due this reason till date our country is a developing country. If our Indians are working for our nation instead of other country we become a most rich in the world.

This brain drain takes place not only in India but also in some countries. If every person works for their nation, income of that country increases and poverty will decreases.

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Japneet Kaur said: (Wed, Jan 7, 2015 11:19:09 PM)    
I don't believe in the word motherland. Its that the entire world earth is mine its just the boundaries that men has created. Be practical its so good 2 study in books that the world is a global village so implement it. It doesn't matter were you study whom you serve its important that you contribute for the healthy society and for the welfare of human beings.

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Nidhinpradeep said: (Wed, Jan 7, 2015 03:13:42 PM)    
Brain drain means migration of highly qualified peoples like scientist, doctors, engineers and other trained persons from their mother countries to foreign countries. While some get forced to do so by circumstances such as lack of opportunities, recognition, reservation system, some go only for making money and get luxurious life.

In both ways those who are going abroad got equipped with talent they posses from the studies they did at their home land. Hence they are owed to their motherland. Since India is now at developing stage, it needs maximum talent to grow. But in my point of view it all depends on ones mind set. Because of mind drain only we got Kaplana chawla and because of those who hates such we get genius like Dr. APJ Abdul kalam.

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Raj Kumar said: (Sun, Dec 28, 2014 06:57:45 PM)    
Hi friends I'm Raj. I think that brain dead is not a big issue the main problem is lies in ourselves why we are thinking about the people who is doing their profession in abroad else in India because they don't know how to live in motherland. Apart them remaining 125 crore population rest in India means remaining all are sleeping. Don't think about others motive yourself and your neighbours tell the importance of motherland and educate the illiterates.

All politicians, higher officials, who wants to reduce the Brain dead can be done by introducing subject on "WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR MY MOTHERLAND" educating the children about the patriotism and struggle of freedom fighters towards the independence. And for this parents has to change first and impart the inspection of freedom fighters in them and their children.

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A Drained Brain said: (Thu, Dec 25, 2014 08:23:17 PM)    
When India has a good salary, impartial law, liberal society, gender equality, social security and good standards of affordable healthcare all other issues will be irrelevant.

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Afreen Jahan said: (Mon, Dec 22, 2014 12:33:31 PM)    
Hello friends,

I support that Brain Drain should be stopped.

Talented Doctors, engineers, scientists are moving abroad due to two reasons one, lacking job opportunities, other reason is parents wanted their sons/daughters to settle in abroad so that they can proudly tell to neighbors.

Poor people also go abroad to earn money by cleaning toilets, doing household works etc. The first step to improve is to create good job opportunities with good salaries in every section by the government. The second step is that mindset of the parents has to changed to send their children to abroad.

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Khushi Khurana said: (Wed, Dec 17, 2014 08:06:23 PM)    
All those people here who said that India is not an option because of reservation. Let me tell you. If there's a problem we have to change it going abroad is escaping the problem n passing it on for generations once again. If you think reservation is a problem. Go through it. Be brave.

Become a politician or a lawyer or a journalist or do something of yourself which gives you authority. And change the system! And for all this you have to stay in the country. Trust me we the next generation will always remember you for this.

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Madhubala said: (Fri, Nov 28, 2014 02:16:03 PM)    
Hi friends,

I would like to say, that working in our India is not bad, I agree that the salary is not high so some of them are going to aboard. If we are working in our country mean we can develop our country growth in some years then automatically our salary will get increased and also our country.

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Aidana said: (Wed, Nov 26, 2014 11:00:07 PM)    
Hello everyone! I am from Kazakhstan (country which became independent in 1991) , and I also think so, that the citizens must have patriotism and should to do everything only for developing their homelands. In order to achieve this aim, in every society should be unity and friendship. If in the country there is no such moral values, it means that this country may be destroyed in recent future.

What about corruption, in every part of the world it is still existing, but in different degrees. To solve this, every of you must start work with the type of thinking for this problem, because corruption is an action which is done by ourselves.

To sum up what I said before, everything in our life in our hands, one day can change everything in our life. If you really want to change something in your life, you must to start it yourself.

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Janhavi said: (Tue, Nov 18, 2014 09:43:37 PM)    
Hi friends! I would like to say that we got Independence in 1947. Many abroad countries imprisoned us harassed us. Savitribai phule started education for girls. Great leaders struggled, sacrificed their life and gave us independence.

But, ask yourself the question that we are really independent. For money we go abroad, leaving our country alone. All talented people of India go abroad, therefore talents are decreasing. All the talents are in abroad. In this condition can we say we are independent. We are leaving our country were we had born, played studied. That country whose other name is motherland in short we are leaving our mother.

Can any child leave her mother alone and go somewhere else just for the sake of profit. Benefit. We will of course get profits over there but we will not get that love and care which you used to get.

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Bhadra said: (Wed, Nov 12, 2014 07:14:27 PM)    
Today every Man and Woman wants to work in abroad. Why should we go abroad ? don't think about money and don't feel ashamed to work in India. If people who are willing to be military officers why would they serve abroad? if we can, why should they work for other countries? they are losing their lives for our India. So why could we work for our INDIA?

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Azhagar said: (Sat, Nov 1, 2014 08:37:26 PM)    
Hello everyone,

I am here to support working in outside of India. Because there is no use of thinking to serve our country until the corruption is eradicated. Here in our country everything is money everywhere is corrupted. See some examples,

- If we try for state government job say police inspector we need 10 lakhs money to get selected.

- If we need central government job we need 20 lakhs.

- Even if we want to open some trusts for parent less children, for old people, for handicaps we need to give bribe for lots of corrupted idiots.

Then in India we only speaking about this issues and in future we also just will be speaking but there is no use.

So, I can say thinking to serve our country by working here is totally waste. So at least we will develop ourselves in foreign countries.

Thank you.

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Prastut Rasgotra said: (Sat, Oct 25, 2014 08:40:48 PM)    
Hi, I am prastut.

I would like to say that if others can make India so different, why can't we make India different think different than other countries.

Leaving the option of going abroad why can't we just stay in India show your intelligence and make India better than other countries.


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Mayank Singh said: (Sat, Oct 25, 2014 08:14:15 PM)    
I am very sad that India is not advancing because of brain drain. Brain drain is because of reservation in India for backward & minority classes, it should not be done, this is lowering our countries economy. More opportunities should be created for talented persons. Thank you.

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Sreeja Alla said: (Fri, Oct 24, 2014 08:06:27 PM)    
I think brain drain can be prevented only by change in all of us. It will good if we encourage our people who are talented and smash our selfishness of earning lot of money. I don't encourage reservations and I think there should be a change in politics which plays a major role.

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Riya said: (Thu, Oct 9, 2014 07:39:47 PM)    
Hi I'm Riya.

Many young Indians are leaving India and staying abroad.

According to statistics we have seen that learned Indians holding their degrees in academics have left India and gone abroad.

Why have they migrated? we ask ourselves.

People who have migrated and have been told that job opportunities here in India are not good the salary paid is too low and no respect given to academics degrees earned.

However one must pause and think why to migrate when our nation needs us.

We must therefore think before leaving our country as development of our country is in our hands.

We must strive for the upliftment our country.

Why to give benefit to other countries who are already developed.

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Poonam said: (Wed, Oct 8, 2014 04:50:00 PM)    
This is Poonam.

Brain Drain is like disease.

Hello brothers and sister, "if you work for yours in other country only you will be benefited but if you work for our country you can give life to many and your next generation like us will follow you, we are the one who can step forward to make our country rich".

Jai bharat!

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Datta Chaugule said: (Mon, Sep 29, 2014 12:14:48 PM)    
Hi friends,

As you all are known about Brain Drain, it is migration of Talented Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and various intellectuals to foreign countries.

According to my opinion, Reasons behind this issue are.

1. Unavailability of right job for right person.
2. Lack of big industrial hub where our talented person show their talent.
3. Very less salary for govt jobs for these persons.
4. Reservation.

Impact on our country:

1. Other countries are using our talent and developing their country.
2 India is not developing as it should be.
3. India expending money on large scale on projects buying from foreign countries, which can be developed in India if our talented scientists work for India.

Positive points:

1. India giving priorities to FDI.
2. India developing in all spheres which will produce jobs.
3. Priority to availability of higher education in India.

Its feels very bad when any cow grows in a house and at the time of milking leaves the person who struggled to feed them.

Thank you.

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Srinidhi said: (Fri, Sep 26, 2014 05:28:26 PM)    
I speak by personal experience, India is NOT an option, especially if you are a GM category student, no matter how talented you are. Let the govt stop reservations and I will bet that there will be a significant drop, if not complete reversal, in the number of people heading abroad for higher studies. I know people who've scored 10-15% less than me and have secured seats in IIM's, and that is just plain sad and awful. No matter what others think, Reservation is just not fair in this day and age. DOWN WITH RESERVATION.

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Radhika Choudhary said: (Thu, Sep 25, 2014 11:24:43 PM)    
People need to understand what their country has done for them, the thinking that is evolving is how to make money but they need to understand that India is not feeding them to work for others but for development of India.

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Sasikumar R said: (Thu, Sep 18, 2014 04:51:43 PM)    
Brain drain means migration of highly qualified peoples like scientist, doctors, engineers and other trained persons from under developed countries to advancing countries.

Nowadays people are from a selfish attitude if he think ourself only. Don't think our country level.

So people need to earn more money to sold our skills & knowledge for other country, then what will happen"RICH GET RICHER and POOR GED POOR".

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Ajit Katal said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 12:08:32 AM)    
Brain drain is a very vast topic. I think from class 6 we are reading this. In class 6, we were given an assignment to write an essay on brain drain. And our whole class just copied it from some textbook and submit it. That time we were not knowing the real importance of this topic. That time it was a topic. But now, it have became an issue.

In my opinion brain drain cannot be stopped or banned, but we must prevent it.

India is the developing country. And for its development maximum talent is required, because talented people are very helpful in growth of any country.

So, its the time for the government of India to take some steps to bring our talent back in our country and provide them what they deserve here only.

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Peterparker said: (Sat, Sep 13, 2014 05:34:11 PM)    
Gone through the comments. People have given answer in a manner which clearly shows that Indians don't think by mind but through emotions. Brain drain has been an issue, not only for India but other parts of world also. It depends when one tribe, ethnicity etc is becoming strong and they reap or extract resources, wealth, raw materials, goods from the neighboring states. This part is known as political science, where when an empire state is being formed, they behave in a brutal manner. People fight wars to have control and determine the policies.

Brain drain is part of this empire building. Even Russia used to import scientists from Slavic nations. Arabs also used to import scholars of Persian, Spain etc. The fact is that India is a very weak state, comparable to African third world, which does not have it's own technological base, hence cannot control the economy of world, and hence this situation. Until and unless the infrastructure will not be improved, the intellectual classes (not intelligent people, intellectual classes, these both are difference) will not be allowed to frame right policies, this situation will not improve. And by the way, India is a free democracy and everyone has right on their own life. If people want better comfort, then they are free to choose.

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Prabhat Mishra said: (Thu, Sep 11, 2014 11:35:04 PM)    
Hello friend's brain drain isn't good for our country because now a days India is become a developed country of all over the world. Many students is going to abroad, due to earn more money and gain good knowledge but our country is expend more money for study purpose. Other hand brain drain is not good for our country that's all.

Thank you.

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Vaibhav Mishra said: (Wed, Sep 10, 2014 12:35:34 AM)    
If we are going to discuss about brain-drain then perhaps there is no-one, who would not want to stop it. But in my point of view it has to be stopped but not forcefully means I would like to say that you don't have the right to kill anyone's ability.

For example: Kalpana Chawla was keep ability to go on space but because of brain drain problem you didn't want allow her to go outside the country then I think that is wrong because you wants to kill her ability. Now in all over world everyone knows that Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian-American astronaut and first Indian woman in space.

But that doesn't mean that I allowed brain drain but I want to remove in such way that other person's also come here for job.

And many persons says that there is lack of money in India so brain drain arises.

But I want to give some data:

1. Indian coal allocation scam (10673 billion Rs.).
2. 2G Spectrum Scam (1766. 45 billion Rs.).
3. Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam (2000 billion Rs.).

Now tell me India doesn't have money?

India has enough money for development of country and for stop the brain drain but the politician used it only for scam not for development.

"When one rupee was sent from central government then only 10 paisa are utilized in direct way. ".

--Rajiv Gandhi.

So I would say if corruption decreases from the country and politician works for the welfare of country not for own's welfare then definitely brain drain will be reduced.

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Suraj said: (Tue, Sep 9, 2014 12:05:47 PM)    
Hi, brain drain is very big problem. What exact brain drain it is nothing but you are birth, grown up, study in your country and after that you work for a foreign country. Because of the brain drain our mode is not changing from developing to developed. In India there are more talent as compare to other country. Because of some reason they can't show there talent. The main reason are lack of money.

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Satyabrata Palak said: (Sun, Sep 7, 2014 09:19:24 PM)    
According to my view, Brain Drain is a term which refers to the emigration of intelligent, well-educated individuals to somewhere for better pay or conditions. In the modern era the BRAIN DRAIN is increasing day by day in our country because of.

* More people less job i.e. Due to unemployment.

* If I am an MBA Graduate with specialization in FINANCE, but here I get no finance job, I get a marketing job which also not a managerial job, it might a salesperson in any show room of any shopping mall. i.e. NO RIGHT JOB FOR RIGHT PEOPLE.

* In our country many people works under state govt also. Where the people recruited by the government in contractual basis with very low salary. i.e.. An govt engineer get only Rs. 5000 in a month. Where the govt hospital doctors get only Rs. 5500 per months. Where a teacher get only 3500 per month. Which is very difficult to manage a family. Whereas in other country a daily labour get more money then our engineers. So they prefer to go other country.

* There is also a big problem i.e. every year there is lakhs of diploma engineers, graduate engineers, MBA holders, MCA holders produce from our country. But if we see the recruitment list of companies one company grabs only some hundreds of students. As a result the technical students prefer to work clerical cadre jobs or data entry jobs also with very low salary. Then simple +3 (simple graduation student), +2 (intermediate) and many students with other non technical courses do not get any job or not placed any where.

There are many reasons like that but have told only one part which is more students very less jobs, no right job for right candidate.

This is one reason of brain drain. THANK YOU.

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Simmi Agrawal said: (Sat, Aug 30, 2014 08:13:34 PM)    

According to me brain drain is a very big problem. Through the brain drain our India mode is not changing. Our Indian mode should be developed country instead of developing country. There is no doubt indians has more talent rather than American, US peoples, but due to lack ais indians can't show his talent in India. I mention some problems by which Indian can't show his talent in india:

- Highlighted problem is lack of money.

- Indian government does not provide facilities as provided in abroad.

- Girls security.

- Reservations and biased behaviour for a particular cast, community.

So, this brain drain problem can easily removed by our India government if he full fill all the requirements. And Indian system must be do process in manually way rather than corruption.

Thanks for reading my thought about Brain-Drain peacefully :) :).

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Anand Yadav said: (Tue, Aug 19, 2014 03:51:32 PM)    
Gentlemen, according to my view brain drain has to be stopped and this can be achieved only if one is being taught right from the childhood that you're born in INDIA and your each and every molecule should be dedicated to your motherland.

It's not that India has nothing, its a poor country. According to me India's the richest country in this whole world. What recently has made India poor is the lack of Youth in all the sectors of available fields.

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Babu Ambedkar said: (Fri, Aug 15, 2014 07:37:39 AM)    
Look at the reservation system guys. 69% of the seats in colleges of TN is reserved. Whereas it is 50% in central government. How do you think people of other communities survive? There are many people who deserve good job in public sector, seats in colleges lose them and under-perform. They have no choice other choice but migration. Realise the 'truth' in these statements, guys.

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Devisri said: (Tue, Jul 29, 2014 09:14:44 PM)    
Yes., I concur with you friends now a days Brain drain is a big issue, many of our Indians are using government funds for studies and they are working for other countries. Here parents need to motivate their child like my dear daughter/son you have to work in our country and then you can automatically change our country by paying taxes and etc. If parents can do like this mostly we can solve this problem. Not only we can solve this problem but also we can change the mode of India from developing country to developed country.

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Shankey Kumar said: (Wed, Jul 23, 2014 12:56:32 PM)    
Hello friends, today the problem of brain-drain in India is going to increases day by day. Peoples of India feel good to do work for foreign countries because they earn more in foreign countries. But they don't know what's its effect on India, India infrastructure, India currency or India economy. They feel happy to live in foreign countries.

As we all know that near about 40%-50% employees in Australia are Indians. Also there are many doctors, engineers who work in foreign countries are Indians. After sees all these thing, we feel that whether they doesn't love their country. They don't even remember that its effect on their nation. If all these Indians come back to India and government provide good facilities to these peoples then imagine where India will go?

Sometimes sees that engineer doesn't get the good job in India, so they prefer to foreign countries. The same is also happening with the doctors. In foreign countries they are occupied with lot of facilities as compare to India. Also they got the good salary in foreign countries as compare to India. That may be the one reason why the Indians go outside from their country. Also many peoples who work in private company are send to foreign countries by their company and after working 4-5 years work in foreign country, they prefer to live in that country because of the facilities provided to him/her. This may be also the reason for settlement of Indians in the foreign countries.

So my view point, Indians after completing their study or business work, they should come back to India to serve their nation. Also there is a need of a change or modifications in the system so that everyone get job acc. To their ability and they are satisfied with that. With all these things there is also need to change the mindset of Indians related to their interest/fever to do work in foreign country.

So today if we really feel that the time is come to end the problem of brain-drain in India, their is a need of take an action and change our mindset & end the fever of foreign countries. It is India where we birth, it is the India where we grown up, it is the India where we study and this is time to serve the India, do work for India which is helpful for the progress of nation because if we do work for foreign countries then why not for our country. If we are not earn so much and not provided with all the facilities as that of foreign country, then what's the problem with that. That's are little things, then why we can't compromise with that. Why we can't think about our nation. So change our mindset and can take step which is in the favour of our country.

That's all I want to say my friends!

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Tarun said: (Wed, Jul 16, 2014 07:38:13 PM)    
Hi friend,

In my point of view, Brain Drain is one of the issue that made problem to the well educated persons. They started their studies in one place and they went to abroad, how good so far it is. I suppose this Brain Drain Problem. Here we read all of our friends shares but one thing I want all of you to be get aware of that is utilize knowledge in well manner and apply that in our own country so that our country will one of the great country as compared with other countries.

Thank you.

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Ruchika Thayil said: (Thu, Jul 10, 2014 04:54:13 PM)    
What should our education policy be then? what do you think about brain drain? what will be the effects of this in the future? how can we pull back our Indians who are getting attracted by foreign countries? what India needs?

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Nishanth said: (Thu, Jul 10, 2014 11:15:30 AM)    
#Why many brilliant brains of India are being migrated to foreign countries every year?

#What is wrong with India and what is good with countries like USA and all?

#Does India lacks a good education system? If it is, can't we change the system?

#Why can't we create employment opportunities here in india?

#Aren't we having good resources to make our country self-sufficient?

#Are there no possibilities of establishing industries in India?

#Are we not responsible for our political system on which we always blame on for leaving India?

.. Many questions.

* We have all the answers, but most of us are not willing to take the test. We grow up and acquire our knowledge here. Then we go to foreign countries to serve them, we make them rich, richer and richest. We feel like we are getting rich by earning dollars, but the fact is we are making a huge loss to our nation. ASSOCHAM estimated that the hundreds of thousands of Indian students now studying abroad cost India as much as US $17 billion a year in lost revenue. According to an estimation, India loses $2 billion a year because of emigration of computer experts to USA. Developed countries attracting the citizens of developing countries by high salaries and using their skills for themselves. The USA remains the most popular destination for Indian students and is still perceived to provide the most prestigious and valuable credentials of all study abroad destinations. The US still attracts more than half of all Indian students going abroad to study. Most of them rely on scholarships or other financial assistance to fund their education, but the study notes that many Indian students pursuing degrees abroad are taking on heavy financial burdens and debt to do so. Not just USA, our indians go to serve many other countries like Saudi, London, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Germany and many other.

* Though there is corruption in India, leaving the country for selfish benefits will not make the condition better. If we have the right to complain, then it is we who must do to rectify the problems. If our own home is dirty, we don't go and live in other people's houses. Do we? Instead, we try to make our own home clean. Staying in this country and utilising the skills that we've obtained from this country is the only way one can achieve satisfaction and also contribute to our country's growth. If the value of rupee is fast falling, then it is we who must work so that it reaches at level with dollar. Becoming rich by converting dollars to rupees shows selfish motives. If we are born Indian, then we ought to serve India. We owe each and every molecule of ourselves to this country. When we've come of age to serve this country, we try to run away. Why? Hasn't this country done enough for us? Now, we must do something for it.

* Indians must utilize their knowledge and skills for India to make our India as developed country. India has the 2nd largest pool of doctors, engineers and scientists but unfortunately they work for other countries! Half of the electronic & software industry and more than 30% of the medical field of USA is dependent on Indian born engineers and doctors. India is more talented than any other countries and you will get proof about it if you have a good knowledge about Indian history. If all Indians utilize their skills for India, India will be the top most developed country in the total world. Because India has much skilled manpower. We are born in INDIA, our nation made us. I wish every one to to show gratitude towards our nation. I'm not pitting against achieving higher education in abroad, but after completing education one must return back to India. But most of the emigrant intellectuals refuse to return. If we do not change this trend now, the rich nations will always be rich and India will be poor like always.

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Naresh said: (Tue, Jul 8, 2014 11:14:15 AM)    
Hi friends my name is Naresh.

According to my opinion the migration of educated or talented people from less economically advanced areas to more economically advanced areas especially to large cities or richer countries.

Brain drain cause our country loss talented people. Due to this our country is only developing country.

So we should not become selfish.

And we will have to do more struggle for our country is called developed country.

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Bhawani said: (Fri, Jul 4, 2014 03:10:52 PM)    
Hi friends;

First of all I wanna explain that what is brain drain. Yes I know that we have some friends view on this but I wanna add some lines in it. Brain drain is the way by which our well educated, well trained and highly qualified human resources going out side of the our native country.

We have some reasons behind it:

1. Lack of opportunities.

2. Government policies wrong directions.

3. Lack of money and respect or regard for brain and ability I. Country.

3. Thinking of our n parents about abroad;

4. Reservations and biased behaviour for a particular cast; community.

5. WishWish to earn in dollars any many more things.

It is also have some vices and virtues too.

Vices:- if a talented person who can serve our country best and will make us proud and can help us for develop our country and will help country to Bring prosperity in people life its not good if he goes from country.


If a man go outside and help his country's economy by sending foreign currency ; I he come with a new tech knowledge which will help us to I improve our tech in life.

Son brain drain is good if it will help our country to be develop and economically strong.

Thank you:-) ).

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Man said: (Wed, Jun 25, 2014 10:15:49 PM)    
When the people of a particular country get educated in the same but go abroad and work it is called as brain - drain. This happens due to the weak and unsupported mentality of the people. The point to be taken into notice is the basic difference between India and America which says that India is a developing country and America is a developed country. Therefore India:

1). Lacks educational facilities,

2). Payment of employees is comparatively low,

3). Lacks opportunities,

4). Lacks research and development programme in the industrial field of the country,

5). Money given more value than talent,

6). Lacks basic equipments like electricity, water, etc.

So government can stop brain- drain by only developing India in the above factors.

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