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Internal gears can be made by
shaping with pinion cutter
shaping with rack cutter
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Rambabu Yeripilli said:   1 year ago
Except for shaping with a pinion cutter above all used for external gear cutters, shaping with a pinion cutter is used for internal gear cutters.

Neel said:   5 years ago
How internal gears are being made by the tapping process? Please explain it in detail.

Dhananjay Bhile said:   5 years ago

An internal gear having one side blind is produce by pinion cutter. And broaching is done on hollow internal gear. Broaching is more economical and fast then shaping by pinion cutter.

Ashwani said:   5 years ago
Pinion cutter means? Explain in detail.

Ananta Zade said:   6 years ago
Also known as broaching.

Sreenu said:   6 years ago
Spur gear can not be made with the hobbing process. Only using with shaping with pinion cutter.

Likith said:   6 years ago
Hobbing is the right answer.

Ref: RS: Khurmi.

Bagish kumar pathak said:   7 years ago
The internal gear is a gear with its teeth cut in the internal surface of a cylinder and meshes with spur gears. In its manufacturing, because of its shape, the usual hobbing machine used in spur gear production cannot be used. Generally, it is made with gear shaper (or gear shaping machine) equipped with a pinion cutter.

JEETRAM PRAJAPATI said:   7 years ago
It has done by rotating pinon with partialy sliding in axial direction of pinion.

VRC said:   7 years ago
Dear All,

According to my knowledge, we can cut Internal gears with shaping with pinion cutter.

Please watch some videos on youtube maybe you people also clear your doubt.

So, given answer is correct.

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