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Segmental chips are formed during machining
mild steel
cast iron
high speed steel
high carbon steel
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AMAHI amit said:   7 years ago
What about high carbon steel. Won't that produce discontinuous chip?

Nikunj said:   7 years ago
In which material Segmental with buil-up chip is possible?

Raman and yadav said:   7 years ago
We have to just remember that brittle material produces discontinuous chips?

The more the carbon content the more the material is brittle incase of steel.

Mohit varshney said:   7 years ago
This type of chips are produced during machining of hard and brittle metals like bronze, brass and cast-iron. Sometimes, cutting of ductile metals at very low feeds with small rake angle of the cutting tool and high speeds and high friction forces at the chip tool interface also result in the production of discontinuous chips.

HARSHAL said:   7 years ago
Continuous chips form during machining ductile material. Cast iron contain large % of carbon than steels hence it is harder than steel.

Anoop Kumar said:   7 years ago
Segmental chips are semi-continuous. These are formed in those materials which have low thermal conductivity like titanium, cast iron etc.

Prashant chaudhari said:   7 years ago
Nice answer. Thank you all.

Ps yadav said:   7 years ago
Segmental chips are semicontinuous chips.

Mild steel is correct answer when,

Feed is large.
Depth of cut large.
Cutting fluid present.

Hareesh said:   7 years ago
B is correct in 90° Cases but when machining with less cutting speeds continuous chips can be formed.

Hemant said:   8 years ago
Can it be generalised that higher the carbon content, higher will be the tendency of the material to form segmental chips?

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