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Segmental chips are formed during machining
mild steel
cast iron
high speed steel
high carbon steel
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Chandu said:   1 decade ago
The chip is produced in the form of small pieces. These types of chips are obtained while machining brittle material like cast iron.

Rabindu said:   1 decade ago
Chips produce for hard and brittle material are known as discontinuous chips as cast iron is a hard and brittle material therefore chips are discontinuous.

Patel said:   1 decade ago
What is meaning of Segmental chips ?

Anu said:   1 decade ago
For the materials like cast iron and bronze, chips break up into small segments due to the property of having brittleness.

Prashant g said:   1 decade ago
Since it is brittle material, so chips generated will not be continuous formation.

Vasu said:   1 decade ago
Segmental chips are formed continuously.

Biswajit ghosh said:   1 decade ago
Cast iron is brittle material. For this reason it breaks quickly.

Rahul said:   1 decade ago
Ferrous material critical structure properties Crystal structure not machine smooth at high speed machining for cast iron so during machine process chip form continuous Segment.

Mrutyunjay mohanty said:   1 decade ago
As cast iron is a brittle material the plastic deformation takes place quickly so it breaks.

S.Vikas said:   1 decade ago
Segmental chips are the discontinuous chips. During machining of hard materials like cast iron, the chip formed doesn't have the energy (machining forces) absorbing capacity. So they immediately transfer the energy in the form of crack to the end of the chip thickness resulting in small/discontinuous/segmental chips.

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