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Segmental chips are formed during machining
mild steel
cast iron
high speed steel
high carbon steel
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Divya said:   8 years ago
Segmental chips mean chips become broken pieces before it departs from the cutter. It is often happened in high brittle materials, such as cast iron or bronze.

Because the chip forms then are broken off promptly, which won't have pressure on the tool surface, the remainder of the irregular surface, it's easy to be cut, so it can get a more flat surface.

And lower the pressure of the tool surface, less wear happened, so the tool life is longer. Such as discontinuous chip caused by higher friction coefficient or higher soft ductile materials, it means poor cutting conditions.

Syed said:   10 years ago
Segmental chip are formed while machining Brittle material.


Brittle materials has high hardness and Fine Grain structure as compared to Ductile or Coarse Grain structure material.

Thus, Of above properties and grain structure size chips breaks up rapidly in the form of segmental or Dis-continuous chips.

Best example is CAST IRON (CI).

Mohit varshney said:   7 years ago
This type of chips are produced during machining of hard and brittle metals like bronze, brass and cast-iron. Sometimes, cutting of ductile metals at very low feeds with small rake angle of the cutting tool and high speeds and high friction forces at the chip tool interface also result in the production of discontinuous chips.

S.Vikas said:   1 decade ago
Segmental chips are the discontinuous chips. During machining of hard materials like cast iron, the chip formed doesn't have the energy (machining forces) absorbing capacity. So they immediately transfer the energy in the form of crack to the end of the chip thickness resulting in small/discontinuous/segmental chips.

Kunjan Modi said:   6 years ago
From Fe3C diagram we know that in all types of steels the carbon is up to 2% and from 2% to 6. 6% carbon content is found in cast iron. So if the carbon % is more then the brittleness of the substance will be more and the more brittle material will have more tendency to generate segmental chips during machining.

BABAI said:   10 years ago
Due to machining hard material, which have fine grain structure, it can not stored energy, and for hardness and brittleness, the segmental or discontinuous chips will be produce, and all of these properties are present in cast iron.

Garima said:   8 years ago
Segmented chips are semi-continuous chips with zones of flow and high shear strain and metal with low thermal conductivity and strength that decreases sharply with temperature.

Eg. Titanium Chips have a sawtooth-like appearance.

Mohit sharma said:   5 years ago
It is a form when machining of brittle material like cast iron, brass etc. With slow cutting speed. Chips cut into small segment during cutting. This is formed during slow cutting speed with a small rack angle.

Babar said:   8 years ago
Segments mean smaller pieces. As in ductile material this condition is obtained only at very high speeds (because due to more heat the chips get attracted to the tool). Hence, the correct answer is cast iron.

DEEPAK said:   9 years ago
During machining, the brittle materials lack its density which is necessary for plastic chip formation. But, it should be less. This will result in formation of discontinuous chip or segmental chip.

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