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Segmental chips are formed during machining
mild steel
cast iron
high speed steel
high carbon steel
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Mohit sharma said:   5 years ago
It is a form when machining of brittle material like cast iron, brass etc. With slow cutting speed. Chips cut into small segment during cutting. This is formed during slow cutting speed with a small rack angle.

Sarvesh Kumar said:   5 years ago
Cast iron is a brittle and hard material. So very small parts or segmental form of chips are crated during machining of cast iron.

Pandu said:   5 years ago
Cast iron is not a brittle material, it is a harder material.

Naveen said:   6 years ago
It is Due the presence of carbon.

Nithya Nith said:   6 years ago
Segmental means discontinuous, breked chips are formed during machining, cast iron is brittle material so it formed segmental chips.

Kunjan Modi said:   6 years ago
From Fe3C diagram we know that in all types of steels the carbon is up to 2% and from 2% to 6. 6% carbon content is found in cast iron. So if the carbon % is more then the brittleness of the substance will be more and the more brittle material will have more tendency to generate segmental chips during machining.

Md Nadeem Khan said:   6 years ago
Brittle material is stronger in compression and weak in tension.

Anand babu k said:   6 years ago
Segmental chips is known as discontinuous chips. Therefore discontinuous chips are formed during the machining of brittle materials like cast iron.

Narendra said:   6 years ago
Anyone give details of high carbon steel.

KUMAR LK said:   6 years ago
It can resist compressive loads, the chips are discontinuous or segmented because it is mixed graphite. So the chips are discontinuous.

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