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Directions to Solve
Read the question carefully and choose the correct answer.

A four-person crew from Classic Colors is painting Mr. Field's house. Michael is painting the front of the house. Ross is in the alley behind the house painting the back. Jed is painting the window frames on the north side, Shawn is on the south. If Michael switches places with Jed, and Jed then switches places with Shawn, where is Shawn?
in the alley behind the house
on the north side of the house
in front of the house
on the south side of the house
Answer: Option
After all the switches were made, Shawn is in front of the house. Ross is in the alley behind the house,Michael is on the north side, and Jed is on the south.
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Shubham Bhatt said:   1 year ago

Do remember north is always to the left of east. We are unable to define east or west in the above question (for Michael and Ross).

So due to this, A and C both are correct. If the east is the front part of the house then option C is correct but if the east is the back part of the house then option A is correct.

Purusottam said:   7 years ago
How can I be able to distinguish between the exact point or location of the south area and its front portion, both are pointing the same?

The odd question we have been tried.

Snehareddy said:   7 years ago
The answer is correct initially, Jed is at the north side, Shawn is on the south side, we know that the person is opposite with each other. Consider any direction as the front where Michel reside and opposite direction the remaining guy will be there, perform all the switching procedure, we will obtain the correct answer.

Avimannu Roy said:   8 years ago
It makes clear in this way.

First replace Michel and Jed. What happened? Michel goes to the north and Jed is in the front.

Then, replace Jed and Shawn. What happened? Jed goes to the South and Shawn goes to the front.

I think it will work to understand the concept.

Yogi said:   10 years ago
I think that @Jia is absolutely write.

Because if we think that direction as a place, then it is easy for finding answer of it.

Sam said:   10 years ago
The answer is right.

While we don't know which way is north/south, you can make an assumption about which way is north, and the result is always the same, regardless of that assumption.

Anand said:   1 decade ago
Actually the answer can be thought in 2 ways. One is that, jed replaced his initial position with shawn or his second position with shawn. This made all the confusion.

Aprameya Shyam said:   1 decade ago
Ezhil, Jyoti, Jia ... u ppl r rite..

Initially -> M(F) R(B) J(N) S(S)
Michael switches places with Jed -> J(F) R(B) M(N) S(S)
Jed switches places with Shawn -> S(F) R(B) M(N) J(S)

Jia said:   1 decade ago
The answer is correct guys. Don't take south north front and back as direction. Just take it as a place and the solution will be easy.

Jyoti said:   1 decade ago
Aprameys, initially I too had your same opinion. However, if we assume that the house is facing the east and then proceed, the answer is correct.

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