Logical Reasoning - Essential Part

Exercise :: Essential Part - Type 2

Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.


A. outburst
B. bravo
C. applause
D. encore

Answer: Option C


An ovation is prolonged, enthusiastic applause, so applause is necessary to an ovation. An outburst (choice a) may take place during an ovation; "bravo" (choice b) may or may not be uttered; and an encore (choice d) would take place after an ovation.



A. reward
B. raise
C. cash
D. employer

Answer: Option A


A bonus is something given or paid beyond what is usual or expected, so reward is the essential element. A bonus may not involve a raise in pay or cash (choices b and c), and it may be received from someone other than an employer (choice d).



A. rarity
B. artifact
C. aged
D. prehistoric

Answer: Option C


An antique is something that belongs to, or was made in, an earlier period. It may or may not be a rarity (choice a), and it does not have to be an artifact, an object produced or shaped by human craft (choice b). An antique is old but does not have to be prehistoric (choice d).



A. civility
B. education
C. agriculture
D. customs

Answer: Option D


A culture is the behavior pattern of a particular population, so customs are the essential element. A culture may or may not be civil or educated (choices a and b). A culture may be an agricultural society (choice c), but this is not the essential element.



A. school
B. teacher
C. textbook
D. learning

Answer: Option D


Knowledge is understanding gained through experience or study, so learning is the essential element. A school (choice a) is not necessary for learning or knowledge to take place, nor is a teacher or a textbook (choices b and c).