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Directions to Solve
Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.

Answer: Option
An antique is something that belongs to, or was made in, an earlier period. It may or may not be a rarity (choice a), and it does not have to be an artifact, an object produced or shaped by human craft (choice b). An antique is old but does not have to be prehistoric (choice d).
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Sonal said:   8 years ago
Even the iPhone 1 is now an antique, which sells for thousands of dollars. It's hardly aged. Because it's rare and has a significance. Answer Should be A.

Harshit said:   8 years ago
The answer should be A. As, the antique thing net not to be aged or prehistoric or may be an artifact, it can also be a unique thing which cannot be made or produced.

Vivek Verma said:   9 years ago
I agree with Lalit Mohan.

Lalit mohan said:   9 years ago
Of course antique things are aged, artifact and may belong to prehistoric time but the main thing is antique things are found rarely. Therefore answer is option A.

Anas khan said:   9 years ago
Antique refers to a thing which rarely resembles to any thing of its kind or other. So it is rarely found.

Yogesh Sharma said:   1 decade ago
The word "antique" is referred to only for man-made articles...so "artifact" is the correct answer...The non-man-made articles are not called "antiques" but "fossils"...

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