Logical Reasoning - Essential Part

Exercise :: Essential Part - Type 2

Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.


A. tenant
B. dwelling
C. kitchen
D. house

Answer: Option B


A domicile is a legal residence, so dwelling is the essential component for this item. You do not need a tenant (choice a) in the domicile, nor do you need a kitchen (choice c). A house (choice d) is just one form of a domicile (which could also be a tent, hogan, van, camper, motor home, apartment, dormitory, etc.).



A. backbone
B. reptile
C. mammal
D. animal

Answer: Option A


All vertebrates have a backbone. Reptiles (choice b) are vertebrates, but so are many other animals. Mammals (choice c) are vertebrates, but so are birds and reptiles. All vertebrates (choice d) are animals, but not all animals are vertebrates.



A. map
B. route
C. travel
D. guidebook

Answer: Option B


An itinerary is a proposed route of a journey. A map (choice a) is not necessary to have a planned route. Travel (choice c) is usually the outcome of an itinerary, but not always. A guidebook (choice d) may be used to plan the journey but is not essential.



A. violin
B. stage
C. musician
D. soloist

Answer: Option C


An orchestra is a large group of musicians, so musicians are essential. Although many orchestras have violin sections, violins aren't essential to an orchestra (choice a). Neither a stage (choice b) nor a soloist (choice d) is necessary.



A. picture
B. image
C. mimeograph
D. copier

Answer: Option B


A facsimile must involve an image of some sort. The image or facsimile need not, however, be a picture (choice a). A mimeograph and a copier machine (choices c and d) are just a two of the ways that images may be produced, so they do not qualify as the essential element for this item.