Logical Reasoning - Essential Part - Discussion

Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.



[A]. reward
[B]. raise
[C]. cash
[D]. employer

Answer: Option A


A bonus is something given or paid beyond what is usual or expected, so reward is the essential element. A bonus may not involve a raise in pay or cash (choices b and c), and it may be received from someone other than an employer (choice d).

Tapan said: (Jul 12, 2013)  
According I to my small thinking this is wrong answer. I think employer is right answer as bonus is given only employees not stars and players of any event;reward is given to them.

Navneet said: (Jul 11, 2014)  
BONUS is something extra that is good and can be given to anyone and in any way.

Ex- Free throw against foul in games. Extra sum to employees.

Khushboo said: (Feb 6, 2015)  
I think bonus always leads to raise of current value so "b" should be the answer. Moreover, the bonus can be certain every year and for everyone like diwali bonus so taking it as reward is incorrect I suppose.

Vishnu Vardhan said: (Jun 5, 2015)  
With out employer how can we give bonus. To whom you give bonus except the employer as SALARY will be given to EMPLOYER, BONUS must also be given to the employer. So I think employer is a must both for salary and bonus.

Siddy said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
I think A is a wrong answer because no doubt bonus means reward but the necessary part is employer. Without employer there is no value of this word.

Naveen said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
I think the employer is correct.

Because bonus is something extra apart from his regular salary is given by the employer to their employees.

Shree said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Bononus point or bonous number is not given ti employer, so employer is not right answer.

Sushmi said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
Here it is mentioned as employer not an employee!

The employer is the one who supposes to give a bonus to the employee! So the reward is the correct choice!

Renu said: (Apr 29, 2019)  
According to me, cash is the right answer.

Sathish said: (Sep 14, 2020)  
I think the employee is the right one because the remaining options are related to the bonus but actually what the employee gets after their hard work is that bonus.

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