What makes you angry?

HR Interview
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Sejal Shefalika Khadiratna said:   6 months ago
Basically, As I am a human being I have many emotions and anger is one of them.

But, basically, I get angry when someone interrupts in my working zone without my permission.

Satish said:   7 months ago
When someone points without my mistake and when someone didn't listen to the words then I get angry.

Nazli said:   7 months ago
As a human being, I have many emotions so anger is also one of them I get angry when someone is teasing me without any reason wasting my time.

Ramkumar said:   7 months ago
Basically, anger is common in everyone. The things that make me angry are, simply disturbing me when I am busy with some work, gossiping about others e and also wasting the time on unnecessary activities.

Shakthi shetty said:   7 months ago
It is everyone's responsibility to give some basic respect to everyone when someone breaks that and misuses my kindness and trust it makes me angry.

Bhavana said:   7 months ago
I usually don't get angry, but I'm pissed off when someone judges me.

Nani said:   7 months ago
I usually can't control my anger and with that, if anyone broke my trust, betrays me or lies to me I use to get angry.

E. Abinaya said:   8 months ago
When I didn't able to get the job done within the stipulated period, I got angry.

Chandu said:   8 months ago
If someone disturbing me when I was busy with my work, I felt angry.

Xadica said:   9 months ago
I often get angry when I trust someone and they betray me.

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