What makes you angry?

HR Interview
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Gopisaravanan said:   2 weeks ago
Anger is a part of our emotions, so there is no wrong in getting angry, but people should not make any decision when they are angry as it affects not only themselves but also people around us.

Sujit Patil said:   3 weeks ago
The one thing that makes me angry is lying. I find it very hard to work with someone who lies because there is an immediate loss of trust, which infuriates me. I understand diplomacy and sugarcoating at the workplace, but lying leads to misinformed decision-making and poor execution.

Sapna Jakhar said:   4 weeks ago
Getting angry is not a bad thing because it's part of our emotions.

Rather than controlling it, we have to understand whether it makes sense or not.

Dolly said:   1 month ago
Anger to me is a loss of control. I do not lose control. When I get stressed, I step back, take a deep breath, thoughtfully think through the situation and then begin to formulate a plan of action.

Nandu said:   1 month ago
Generally, I don't get anger if anyone makes me angry and I won't talk a single word. It takes sometime to make me relax and then I will talk to them about the issue.

Eshika jain said:   2 months ago
As a human nature everybody gets angry, but you should know how to control it through emotional intelligence and not to reflect your anger in your actions. I am a person who knows how to channelize my emotions and don's get easily offended.

Manvi nayaka said:   2 months ago
Whenever someone disturbs me and underestimate my capability I get angry but I try my best to control my angry with a smile and handle the situation.

Dappella kalyani said:   2 months ago
I will angry when anyone lies in front of me.

Ganjikunta Vasanthi said:   2 months ago
I don't get angry easily at all, Sometimes it happens. If any person shouted on me infront the people I can't tolerate. Everyone is not perfect so it is not correct to do. So I get angry.

LevakulaLakshmisai said:   2 months ago
I see how my mother is doing hard work for me, how she is struggling for a better future. My parent's sacrifice motivates me the most.

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