What makes you angry?

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Koppanapudi Suvarna said:   4 weeks ago
I get very angry when someone lies to me and I find out about it again through other people.

Naveen said:   4 weeks ago
Involving me in unwanted arguments makes me angry.

Sandhyashree karan said:   2 months ago
I can't control my anger, When someone takes me for granted, don't listen to me and points out my mistake even without knowing the truth.

Divya das said:   3 months ago
I'm usually a calm person who doesn't get angry and wouldn't show it even if I am angry at some point. But I find it annoying when people try to impose their opinions and perspectives on others. One should understand that people are allowed to have their own opinions and perspectives and of course, those should lie within human ethics and values. Anything within that shouldn't be objected to, but a few people don't understand this thing and I find it annoying most of the time.

Arpit said:   3 months ago
I really do not get angry or if I even get I usually don't show it but yeah people arguing with me or among others for stupid things make it annoying for me sometimes.

Priya said:   3 months ago
I usually don't get angry. But sometimes people's expected more than actually have that makes me somewhat feel angry.

Trishna sarma said:   4 months ago
I'm always a normal and cool person so I usually don't get angry. But I can't control my anger and with that when I trust someone and if they broke my trust, ignores me, betrays me or lies to me. That condition I get much angry.

Gurilanka Sai Durga Venkatesh said:   4 months ago
While anyone is speaking and flirting with my crush I get angry and gets frustated I want to kill them.

Sejal Shefalika Khadiratna said:   4 months ago
Basically, As I am a human being I have many emotions and anger is one of them.

But, basically, I get angry when someone interrupts in my working zone without my permission.

Satish said:   5 months ago
When someone points without my mistake and when someone didn't listen to the words then I get angry.

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