What makes you angry?

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Pihu said:   6 years ago
When someone not listen me completely it makes me angry.

Sunil said:   6 years ago
Getting angry on professional and personal life : Professionally : if anybody won't listen, what it was said to do. Personally: if anybody start beaching my personal space limit.

Angry man said:   6 years ago
If a company put pressure on me that will make me angry.

Sakshi said:   6 years ago
I Will get angry when any Overconfident person stand in front of me and blam again and again.

Esteyak ahmad said:   6 years ago
Confidence is good but someone is showing his over confidence then I got angry.

Priyanka said:   6 years ago
I generally don't get angry but I get upset if my trust is broken.

Naresh S said:   6 years ago
I am calm person, who doesn't get angry soon. But if I get so it last for long. The reason behind getting angry is guys or girls treat the person bad who is good to them.

Logeswaran said:   6 years ago
When the people demotivate me, I definitely get anger.

Sriram srinivasan said:   6 years ago
There's only one person who can make me angry,

And that's me.

If I fail to do what I planned, before time, I get angry and self-impose stricter rules to keep me on track.

Other people's attitude mostly don't affect me. Unless in extreme cases if they are important to my life.

Shadab Malik said:   6 years ago
I use to get angry at myself because I think a lot even on little things.

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