What makes you angry?

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C. Cash said:   6 years ago
I don't necessarily get "angry" or "frustrated" in situations, instead I analyze why I'm flustered. When I analyze, I am trying to better understand the core reason why that particular event or incident wasn't favorable.

For example, in my current position as a Graphics and Web Designer for the US. Army, I am apart of a small web team of 4 people. I have no issues with anyone on my team and we are actually a close bunch. There have been numerous times a particular team member, we'll call them John Doe, will make undermining remarks as they pass by my cube, they would make ask me things like, "Are you STILL working on that. " loud enough for everyone in our cubicle row to hear, most of them not being apart of our team but work in our department. This bothered me a little more when I was still new to the position and team. After observing John Doe's other interactions with people in the office over a period of time, I now can understand and empathize why they make those numerous undermining statements. They have been wheelchair bound their entire life, which involves people looking down on you and make assumptions about their capabilities.

I realized that John Doe felt threatened by me when I joined the team, especially being a female, he didn't want to have any possibilities of being outshone by me. Once I clearly understood the underlying reason for the remarks he makes to me, I would respond by asking if he could show me a more efficient way to getting the task completed that I haven't discovered, or just ask for guidance on how he would execute a certain chunk of code that I am overlooking.

Madhura said:   3 years ago
Getting angry is human tendency but controlling that is the key to success. I usually take everything in a supportive manner but I get angry when I am full of positivity and suddenly someone just come & try to mess up with my positive attitude towards my goals by saying something like "Oh that's not going to happen?

But then I do not show it with words I simply try to ignore them & later making that same thing happen.

Sir/mam, my mother always taught me that your positive attitude & your dedication to achieve something can make everything possible and I too strongly believe this as I have experienced it many times.

Divya das said:   5 months ago
I'm usually a calm person who doesn't get angry and wouldn't show it even if I am angry at some point. But I find it annoying when people try to impose their opinions and perspectives on others. One should understand that people are allowed to have their own opinions and perspectives and of course, those should lie within human ethics and values. Anything within that shouldn't be objected to, but a few people don't understand this thing and I find it annoying most of the time.

Rajat said:   3 years ago
Well, emotion is one of the basic things that make us human. And anger is of the kind. I normally get angry when a speedy rash driving vehicle crosses me on-road or someone with high pitch modified exhaust system. They do it just for fun, not considering how they affect others. For a few seconds, I am really tempered but then again time keeps running and life is short to be still and be angry on a point. So then within a few seconds, I am back to normal and ready move on.

Aanchal bhardwaj said:   4 years ago
Nothing, because anger is that action of our mind that opposes us from achieving our goals a presence of mind with anger can cause many distractions like not able to focus on work, thinking about the incident that has made us angry so basically I don't get angry, well as per the human psychology anger is within the human nature but it's our perspective that how we deal with it whether by doing restless things or by making the anger our strength, not the weakness.

Bhagya Gupta said:   2 years ago
I think it's a kind of emotion that usually flows from us but we can control it as well if we want to do it. Sometimes I feel we all are humans and every living organism must have felt it ever. But we can control it by doing yoga and meditation also traveling is also the best way of removing this emotion from us. I feel angry when I don't do that kind of thing which will be making my career after few years.

Qwery said:   1 year ago
It's a typical one that completely shows your power of thinking How you think to a 1different aspect of your life. Like anger what is it? In my context, nothing just a 2-min discomfort which can show6w21 your leadership qualities and problem-solving capacity There is nothing that makes me angry.

And if in case I am angry with the person its show my disability ''always remember when one teaches two learn''.

Norm said:   4 years ago
Well, anger is a secondary emotion, and there is a frustration-anger hypothesis which says; "When someone is not able to achieve their goals and they are being blocked in some way, is what usually causes the anger". So, I would look at what my goals are, and try to see if there is another way of working that I could achieve my goals without them being stopped or derailed.

Saroj said:   6 years ago

According to my nature, I am neither like very angry girl nor tempered. Usually, I have very patience. But if someone irritates me again and again or someone is trying to ignore me, then I will be get angry. One situation is like I am right there and someone is not accepting, because he just want to argue with me, then it will also make me angry.


Vidyadip said:   5 years ago
It is human nature or emotion you can say. It can come out at any point any situation you do not prevent it from happening. Eg. You are returning home as usual from office got tired, walking on road suddenly got call from a old school friend which will surprised you and in the next moment someone spit tabaco right in front of you then what will be in your mind.

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