How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

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Labishetty Shreya said:   12 months ago
I don't mind working in the night shifts and Weekends. I came to know through my friends, who already doing night shifts they said night shift works are very exciting and fun too compared to day shifts. I would have to learn Knowledge and new things which in turn helps to my experience. I'm a little concerned about the safety measures, if the company take the basic safety measures, I don't have any problem working on the night shift or at Weekends.

Ishmeet said:   7 years ago
I think it's rare to find people who enjoy working on weekends and nights. Honestly speaking I would like to complete all the work assigned to me in the provided working hours so that the balance between personal and professional life is maintained. Moreover, a break is a necessity to get refreshed so that the outcome is enhanced in terms of work. But if it's about the company's reputation then I will definitely be there to provide support.

Naresh said:   5 years ago
The 1st thing working nights and weekends is not a good sign for the employee as well as the company.

According to me an ideal employee should complete his/her work in a stipulated time period only.

It is a good sign for his/her own growth ultimately company will get efficient employers. Also, such working gives stress which is not desirable. Unless there is no tremendous demand for work I wouldn't like to work at nights and weekends.

Abhay said:   7 years ago
Frankly speaking, no one wants to work on nights and weekends. Because we have our love ones (parents, wife) who are thinking that at least at night and weekends I am free and I can devote my time to them and make them feel happy. But if it is about our company reputation then I am ready to work in nights because after all, our company is also my family because it gives me status, reputation, money which makes our love ones to proud.

Tarun sharma said:   7 years ago
First of all, I need to say weekends are for fell free with family and friends and enjoy the off days. But the fact is when we are doing job we should ready for any situation while for doing job in day or in night it depends the situation if company wants me to work in nights on weekend I will definitely do this and it will also be a chance to judge myself that I will do work in nights or not. It will be a good experience. !

Anchita Chanda said:   4 years ago
In this case, I want to say that student life and work-life are two different aspects, work is nothing but the practical application of the things which we have studied throughout.

And being a student I studied for my exams, made projects and this kind of staffs in late night and also in the weekend. So it's not an uncertain thing for me. I feel absolutely positive and accustomed to working nights and weekends.

Sona said:   5 years ago
Sir every person have to strike a balance between their personal and professional life. Spending time with families is also of utmost importance. So, I will complete my all assignments during working hours itself avoiding working late nights and on weekends. However once in a while when it is utmost required I will surely work late hours and also during weekends for the growth of my organization.

Ganesh Balaji said:   2 years ago
Firstly, to understand why it happens working night and weekend, because of ineffective process and working in a big project.

So, as per my perspective, the ultimate task is to complete the project with full commitment, if your vision is fixed with full commitment, the night and weekend will not be in the frame. So it does not affect me. When I was working to achieve the target.

Akshat said:   3 years ago

Actually, I do not have any problem working at night and on weekends if your company will give me this opportunity.

And there is no specific time slot to learn new skills and explore me. And I am joining the company to learn new skills and enhance my knowledge and it is my duty to complete the given task by my company either in day or night and I feel happy in doing work.

Ravi Patel said:   6 years ago
Company's growth is obviously employees growth, whenever company needs me I will be there, either in night shifts or weekends. And also believes in punctuality to complete any task within specified time limit and maintain work life balance properly to avoid any compromise either in work life or personal life and even that is one kind of good management example for any person.

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