How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

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Naik Renuka said:   6 years ago
As I'm a fresher. Company's growth is obviously employees growth. Whenever company needs me, I will be there either night shift or weekend.

Pankaj Bhatt said:   5 years ago
Sir, I think companies growth is obviously employees growth. So, whenever the company needs me I will be there either in nights or weekends.

Gupta said:   4 years ago
According to me, generally I don't prefer to work late night. I tried to complete my on the time. And if sometimes it requires to work at the weekend then I can do that also, but only sometimes.

Because we all are humans we need time for our family and we should maintain a proper balance between our personal and professional life for work effectively.

Harsha said:   1 year ago
Yes, sir, I am not worried about night shifts and weekends, because as a fresher my responsibility is to gain knowledge and explore my skills for helping the growth of the organisation.

I am flexible to work in night shift.

Sona said:   5 years ago
Sir every person have to strike a balance between their personal and professional life. Spending time with families is also of utmost importance. So, I will complete my all assignments during working hours itself avoiding working late nights and on weekends. However once in a while when it is utmost required I will surely work late hours and also during weekends for the growth of my organization.

Rahul said:   8 years ago
Sir frankly speaking everyone wants to enjoy weekends but if company needs my presence then it means I am suitable for this job so I will always be ready for this.

And about night shift, there will not be problem for me because I love to work at night.

Neha said:   5 years ago
Sir, company growth is employees growth. Whenever company needs me I will be there. I think it will give me an experience about how to handle a critical situation.

Thank you.

AMIT ANAND said:   5 years ago
I don't have any problem to work at night in weekend because I am a fresher, my first priority to gain More knowledge and experience, because I think company growth is directly related to employee growth, if it is necessary to work in night, I will with my company in any situation.

Pallavi said:   5 years ago
As a fresher, I don't have any problem to work in night shifts because you are a company giving me a good opportunity to prove my self.

Ishita said:   7 years ago
I think the work given to me must be completed at time. Doesn't matter either I am working in weekend or night.

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