How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

HR Interview
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Harsha said:   6 days ago
As, I'm a fresher. I want to gain some knowledge and industry experience so that I'm ready to do whatever it takes.

Pranav Sharma said:   1 month ago
Working in the night shifts and in the weekends may be hectic sometimes, but if company require the employees to work in that, then I must be always ready.

Talachutla said:   2 months ago

In my point of view as a fresher, I need to enrich my knowledge plus experience. So, if the company wants my presence during weekends or Nightshifts then I will be able to work at any time.

Hari said:   2 months ago
I don't have any problem in doing night shifts and weekends because I want to gain knowledge and more work experience.

Elackeya said:   3 months ago
I understand that working nights and weekends are necessary to meet deadlines and handle urgent tasks. I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of the team and the project.

Ayan S said:   4 months ago
As a fresher in this company, my first goal is to gain more knowledge and industry experience. In that goal achievement, if any step comes in the form of night shifts and work on weekends I will do.

Harish said:   5 months ago
As a fresher. I want a platform to improve my skills and knowledge of also job. So can do night shifts.

Sujitha said:   5 months ago
As as fresher, if the company need me that I'm ready to work at any time.

KANAKARAJU PARA said:   5 months ago
Sir, in my opinion, working in night or on weekends is quite uncomfortable but if there is any need for my side I will move with it.

Chevula Prathisha said:   5 months ago
Working in night shift and weekends, means I understand how important it is so am ready to do that, as a fresher I get some more information and experience by working at night shifts and weekends.

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