How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

HR Interview
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Sumit Agale said:   3 days ago
If there is a need then I can do work on weekends.

For example, when I working on a particular project and there are deadlines coming close then I need to do work on weekends and also.

Shariyasiddiqui said:   3 weeks ago
As a fresher it's my first priority is to gain more knowledge and skills.

So, I have no problem to work at any time.

Shubham Ashok Khatale said:   1 month ago
I have no problem because my motto is to gain knowledge quickly.

Vikash mishra said:   2 months ago
Yes, sir, I am not worried about working in night Shifts and weekends, because as a fresher my responsibility is to gain knowledge.

Shankar singh said:   2 months ago
Yes, I don't have any problem doing night shifts because as a fresher my responsibility is to gain knowledge and more work experience.

Only My aim is to gain my knowledge that's it.

Swagatika Panda said:   2 months ago
As a fresher, I am expected to gain more knowledge quickly.

But I must point out that taking a break on weekends will help me get a clear picture of what I am doing.

Md Azam Ansari said:   2 months ago
I have no issues working in night shift and working at the weekend will improve the experience also I can prepare myself to work for the company at any time.

Rutvikraj Patil said:   2 months ago
As I am a fresher my responsibility is to gain more skills, so I don't have a problem doing work at any time.

Okon Ekemini Edet said:   3 months ago

If it is a remote Job, I don't mind working nights and weekends but if it is not, I won't be disposed to working at night and weekends.

Anusha Velpula said:   3 months ago
Yes, I don't have any issues in attending night shifts but as my apartment is far from our company It would be appreciated if you provide transport facilities during nightshifts.

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