How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?

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Basha said:   6 years ago
I have no problem reporting to younger person.

Sbabu said:   7 years ago
Of course I feel bad but I should respect the position and knowledge to reach this level at the young age.

Riya said:   5 years ago
Actually, in an organizational set up it doesn't matter whether your manager is younger or older than you. In my previous organization, I have seen people who are working there for 5 years is reporting to a 25-year-old manager who has just joined. I feel that's completely okay one shouldn't bring the age factor there.

Subrahmanyasai said:   7 years ago
I feel very good and glad about myself and I believe with the person and work I had to learn to form him.

So I didn't give much priority to the age.

Aaron Royale said:   4 years ago
Seniority at work is not about the age, but rather about the knowledge, experience and good works, reporting to a younger person than me is nice because I gain more from him/her.

Meha said:   2 years ago
Reporting is to be done based on skill, knowledge, job title so yes I will definitely report to he/she based on the work they ask me to report on. It's a part of work.

Sakshi said:   6 years ago
What I think that if you have to report to younger talent than probably you are getting motivated somewhere that if he /she can do than why I cannot.

Ravi Arora said:   6 years ago
It creates some kind of boosting in you. Whenever you with young talent at a high position you will automatically motivate towards an extra effort to prove you.

Susi said:   7 years ago
I am not interested about to report any one. Because their point of view they do right one then how could we criticized.

Naved said:   6 years ago
We are not here to concentrate on age we are here to concentrate on work, work doesn't see the age difference it requires the experience, knowledge and talent.

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