What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies.

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Nayeem said:   1 decade ago
Dear Friends,

Let me define "scam". Scam is irregularity - by a single or group of people - in public resource (money, land, license, food, medicine etc) for their own needs. Before moving to the cause of scam, its effects and treatment by regulatory bodies. I would like to ask to question to all my dear spectators that How many of us haven't given bribe (not even a single time) for fulfillment of our own desire ? I think everyone has. Another question. How many of us has voted without taking money from party worker or without any influence of caste and religion ? You will get countable no. Of people who has not taken note for vote or has given vote without coming under influence of caste or religion. There is the problem and there itself is the solution. Before pointing to finger towards others we should correct our self. Some or the other way we are the culprits of this curse. We as individual should take step where ever we find corruption.

Now talking about the regulatory bodies.

1. Most important point is the regulatory body should be an independent body (Like SC and EC) , otherwise it will not take much time to become a handful key for government to treat for their own benefits (like CBI).

2. There should be a quick channel (like website. One of my friend has suggested already) to launch such complaints.

3. The complaint launched should have a verification team (like a third party verification to tackle false complaints) which should submit their report within 15 days of time.

4. After its been verified, the complaints should get approved by this verification team and it should be processed further for investigation team with a time line based upon the size of issue. Please note that, this all steps are to be carried through website with mail triggering at each step to maintain transparency.

5. Investigation team should start their work immediately as soon the complaint is approved, and daily progress should be registered on site.

If govt. Really want to eradicate corruption they should come up with such kind of ideas. And being a true citizen of a country we should bring changes in our views also to step ahead. One more point, corruption can't be eradicated 100% but at least by 60 to 70 percent. Because there may be huge chance that member of regulatory body them self are corrupt. But I am very much sure that it will reduce by huge margin as compare to current situation.

Neha salve said:   1 decade ago
As discussed by many the main culprit for the scams are we. Small bribes eventually take the form of huge scams. It is the value system of the people that forms the foundation of thier character. If the foundation is only weak, no matter how many regulatory bodies we form, scmas will to continue to happen. Hence it is very important that we inculcate right values in the children from early stages itself. Also education plays a major role and contributes largely in moulding a character of the person. So right values, right education will definitely help to bring about the change. And India will surely acheive its dream to become developed nation.

Harpreet singh said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

From my point of view yes there must be better regulatory bodies which can take care of all big events to be corruption free. But but they must be honest enough to serve properly (i. E honestly) and for that we all not as individuals but as a whole need to impart smartness, daring attitude to raise voice against wrong and honesty towards nation in our children and in ourselves.

I am an engineering graduate and was thinking that there should be a website where people can submit there problems regarding corruption or bribe. That must be state wise so that it would become easy to handle initially. Every problem must be available as public comment also, so that each and every citizen can read that and can raise voice against corruption.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone. Let me tell you first what is a scam. This is nothing but corruption in a higher degree. This involves higher govt officials and the money favoured is huge. We can name a few like Sarada scam in West Bengal. Where govt of West Bengal ministers helped the Sarada chit fund owners to accumulate money from poor people against unrealistic promises to make double or triple the amount deposited and at the end, the company officials went aloof with public money. Next vyapam scam in MP. Where in state govt jobs exams were given by fake entities to pass the exam. Next 2g scam where govt officials distributed 2g spectrum at lower than the market price to tele providers against bribe. So all these scams happened out of greed and disrespect towards law and order of the country. The govt should introduce stringent regulatory rules to monitor each and every sector to ensure public trust and hasten the judicial process to bring the culprits to book cause in India corrupt people are less afraid of being caught in the trial due to lax in the judiciary system. Sebi income tax department election commission rbi should devise role models to regularly monitor the working of suspected organisations.

Pearl said:   1 decade ago
Scams are the result of greed of a person. Some balance is required between professional and personal life but when a person's personal motives dominates his dedication for work this will lead to inefficiency and unwanted use of power and responsiblities.

When large amount of resources are misused it becomes a scam.

What can we do to stop these cases of corruption?Why is Civil Vigilance Commission not able to reduce such cases?

The reason is in all these scams there are high level ministers involved (take 2G Scam Telecm Minister was involved or CWG scam IOA HEAD Suresh Kalmadi and many more). CVC corruption regulatory body comes under Government control so its very difficult for them to take direct action against the minister of Govt.

So what I now required is an independent regulatory body which is independent and have power to investigate against any minister or higher government official. It should also have department which will register and consider comlaints of comman man as these small level corruptions results in big scams.

Deepesh Kumar Bansal said:   1 decade ago
Regulatory bodies can just catch those people who are involved in these scams, these bodies can not change the mentality of the people who encourage these scams. The main reason behind these scams is corruption which starts from the general public. They start giving bribe to the officials to complete their work in a short period of time. And after that as a result it affects the public itself. As we can take example of 2G scam in which the companies give bribe to A.RAJA to get licences just for their benefit. So I think regulatory bodies can just support in reducing these scams but the main task is for the people to change their mind and remove corruption.


Rohit said:   1 decade ago
Regulatory body is not the solution, because:

1. There are various regulatory bodies like SEBI, TRAI etc but they are efficient till the time they are not against out politicians, So we need more than regulatory bodies to curb corruption.

2. The basic solution will be to send clear image politicians at the top.

3. The laws should be tighten and process should be fast. Even a politician should be afraid of the law.

Bala said:   1 decade ago
Scam will be happen single or group of people can involve. Purpose scam mainly that to benefit (money, land, gold. etc..). Reasons for scams happen through out world because of.

1. Got less salaries in that area of working.
2. Promotions also one of the reason.
3. Comparisons is also one of the reason (Private and Public sectors).
4. Selfishness of some people.
5. Recommendation of higher Authorities.
6. Awareness of Rules and Regulations.

Overcome the above problems we can change the some of the Rules and Regularities.

1. Give good salaries to their work.
2. Give a overall idea about Rules and Regulations in every field.
3. Job allocation recommendation will be stop.
4. Give a job to eligible person in that particular field.
5. Every student involvement also to decrease the scams in through out world.
6. Interaction of people with CBI also helpful to decrease the scams.
7. To create a medium to interact all people in that area. To get new ideas also to decrease the scams.
8. Not one can do decrease the scams to take every one part to remove the scams in India.
9. Be a sincere about their job everyone.

I think above all are to helpful to decrease the Scams in India or other countries to take every one part of this to be a success.

Venu gopal said:   8 years ago
In my view, the scam is a big issue now in all public related sectors, why because there is no proper head of the sectors like education, tax related, excise, financial, railways, information etc, unlike in private sectors. So to stop and to prevent the scams, the supreme court must involve and they only have to appoint a comitee which consists of sincere retired army and police officers and it must laid the rules to these people, to submit the records annually related to their fields, and it should be free from politics and the information relevant to the fields must also know n to the common people, like how much it getting on each field and how much they are spending for the growth of the particular field.

Jai sri ram said:   1 decade ago
India is a democratic country where the government has elected by the people.

If the political system is good then everything else will be fine, unfortunately some of politicians are doing scams for the fruit full money with high desire. As they try to grasp the opportunity in the activities/schemes which have to reach the common man, but it is not happening.

Because of weekly tightened governance system.

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