What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies.

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Suresh Kumar M said:   10 years ago
As already said regulatory body to curb corruption is not the answer to my point of view. It should be taught to people from the childhood days itself. Even there is corruption in other countries. But there they get corrupted to do extra work. In India they get corrupted to do their actual work. Proper education and strict laws should be enforced to stop corruption.


Vishu Gupta said:   7 years ago
Hello, Everyone.

The scam can be done by any person starting from Prime Minister to a Clerk. A human's greed is unpredictable by any Exam or Machine in the World. Today, India is deeply submerged by the past and current scams. It is very clear to me that wherever Human intervention is present in the financial system, there lie certain chances for a scam. But the reality is that we can't Replace Every finance person by a Robot!

So Transparency and Digitalization are the key routes for minimizing the scams. If all the Tendering process, Balance Sheets, Expenditure Records, money Allotment are made Transparent via the Internet then Any Human on the earth will have no room to make a Scam.

Thank You.

Sundara Bharathi said:   1 decade ago
Lack of patriotism-pride in being Indian- is one of the major reasons for such rampant corruption. Selfishness is on the rise and individuals are not concerned about the society or the nation. Everybody is concerned about his or her own welfare or family's welfare. The nation suffers lack of ethics in all spheres of life. This country that is rich in noble ideas, morals and values has, now, chosen to ignore these good norms for an exalted life. Material prosperity takes precedence over moral uprightness. As long as this is the attitude of the majority in India, we have no hope to make our land corruption-free. We should practise what we preach. That is the mantra for making corruption less pervasive in India.

Shristi said:   1 decade ago
I think its not only the regulatory body can helpout but each and every person of India shoud realise where our country is going and what we are doing for that?how much we are countributing for those scams. Yes we are countributing. Because as per present situation of India each and every person is responsible for such scams. In a small town itself when a person wants his work to get soon he will nt even think once before offering money to any govt server. They are not named as scams but from dere part it is a corruption which somehow countribute towards bogger scams like 2G and common wealth games.

Megha said:   9 years ago
Hi friends, according to me, scams can be controlled by the regulatory bodies only if they are regulated properly, as these bodies are under the influence of many political leaders who use make these bodies to work according to their needs. Hence if these bodies will become independent bodies so that leaders cannot control them then only these bodies will surely work towards this direction of removal or reduction of scam that is affecting our nation badly.


Suresh said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

Today corruption is one of the big challenges for India's growth. Take this example if we go to get OBC certificate, there th clerk ask 100 RS for percapita. It became a regular thing. Even thought they didn't ask people give bribe volunteerly for their urgent. Like that in RTO matter also if we have every documents properly why they ask bribe. By the way now scam minkled with our Indian life. First people should get change ourself then only we can point our finger to regulatory bodies and others.

Manoj Desai said:   1 decade ago
I think we should take step by step action against the scams and corruption which are going on in our society.

First of all we should demand our leaders and ministers to declare their property and the money which is been deposited in Swiss banks.

Apart from this we should educate people to discourage the ground level corruptions as well as we should try to catch the corrupt people around us.

Nagaraju said:   1 decade ago
Good morning.

According to me scam is start from higher officials, they give the money to to government employees and get the permission with in short time in these way they get higher profit, in these profit comes from public property finally suffering peoples, mainly it effects on high tax etc. Thanking you giving in this opportunity.

Commonman said:   1 decade ago
When a person changes himself firstly then automatically nation changes. Why to blame on others for not fallowing rule. Let us change over self n then try to change the nation.

Rahul said:   1 decade ago
To all these, I just want to add that this is the morality and a person's value which are supposed to be enhanced and these are adopted by a person through his school and college time, so basically the root cause lies in the education system only. These have become more of a business rather than imparting the true values and the Indian culture to the students. So the students starts getting into this activities at a very early stage only.

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