What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies.

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Disha said:   1 decade ago
The recent scams like 2g spectrum scam, Adarsh society scam have proved that its the higher officials who are responsible for loss millions of money. The money which belongs to the citizens of our country, for our welfare but the common man is suffering just under taxes n rising prices.

Many IAS officers are under cover and history says that if there is no responsible regulatory body taking action, our dream of becoming a developed country will remain a dream.

Ankur said:   1 decade ago
The recent scams have posed a threat to the image of the nation in the global scenario. This might turn out to be the reason that the foreign investors lose faith on the profitability and sustainability of telecom cos. And banking companies (2g scam & banking scam).

Sachin kumar said:   1 decade ago
The CBI predicted that the scam was mainly due to loss from underpricing the Government of India. The telecom bandwidth was being undervalued and the licenses were offered on the basis of 'First-Come-First-Served'.

Out of the 122 new licenses that were given out, 85 licenses were won by companies that did not meet the eligibility criteria. Some companies who did not have any telecom infrastructure also got 2G licenses

According to a report submitted by the Comptroller and Auditor General based on money collected from 3G licenses, the loss to the exchequer was 176,379crore

Pratibha said:   1 decade ago
The whole thing is just because of corruption in the society.it is a virus which polluted each and every field.the ministers wanted to earn more profit and wanted to become rich as soon as possible.
i think we are responsible for all these going around.chose the right leader,no matter which party does the person belongs.it is the time to do something for your country for your motherland.

Vidhant said:   1 decade ago
All these scams are very shameful.i believe that we need to exercise our rights. we should learn something from the egyptians and probably campaign against the govt. and ask them to take some major steps.i know this may result in a huge revenue loss but it will definitely help in future.somebody needs to make a change.

DEVENDRA SINGH said:   1 decade ago
I think the judiciary is responsible for series of scams. There are not stringent punishment for any criminal act like china.

Aiman fatima said:   1 decade ago
If they see the money there nature will be changed. we can try to prevent this by conducting surveys educating them about our country and the poor. whereas the politicians they are already educated but its our work to elect a perfect leader for our country who can develop the country and the rules and regulations in our country should be strict enough that the person should not think to do such things.If the political leaders are arrested also the jail for them will be like a VIP house.This is the difference between developed countries and India.

Farmer said:   1 decade ago
There is urgent need of formining a new body because our exixting regulatory bodies are also under succpect. This regulatory body should be head of all antycurreption body because no one is perfect either CVC or CBI. So for eleminating this problem a top full powerd anty corruption body must be here.

Manoj Desai said:   1 decade ago
I think we should take step by step action against the scams and corruption which are going on in our society.

First of all we should demand our leaders and ministers to declare their property and the money which is been deposited in Swiss banks.

Apart from this we should educate people to discourage the ground level corruptions as well as we should try to catch the corrupt people around us.

Gaurav goyal said:   1 decade ago
As we know scam is a part of India's decreasing image in place of other industries.

As we can see that, from last year, there are so many scam happened in India that causes a scam of losses of money. SO for solving the problem of scam, we have to think that what can be solution of the problem of scam. Scam problem can be solved by CBI that can do this work. CBI can search which is doing scam and give the punishment to scam's person. This is the solution of solving problem of scam.

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