What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies.

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Unkown said:   1 year ago
Scam reduce the development of people, it will affect the development of the country as financially and socially. Scams divert the mind and thoughts of people so people will also be corrupt. They want to be big scam.

Government should take immediate action to prevent scams. The government has to make strong laws against scamming people. So people will scare to scam.

Nishigandha Babar said:   2 years ago
Hello friends, I'm Nish Babar.

According to me, a scam means fraud or corruption in any sector like financial, social justice, or educational sector.

Every day we read in news such types of scams, for example, trp increasing scam also Satyam scandal scam it is financial fraud related to foreign companies investment.

I think such scams affect both individuals as well as nations.

But if there is proper control on such sector then it will be reduced. To set up regulatory bodies also laws against such scam.

Not only set up but most important is implement it. Those who not follow instructions, rules should punishable.

Sometimes the officers in regulatory bodies also involve in such cases so it must to choose the right one.

Check audit of work of every company will reduce scam. It's mandatory to provide a legal documentary of every project & must to provide data of work. So it is easy to handle /reduce this type of scan.

Thank you.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone. Let me tell you first what is a scam. This is nothing but corruption in a higher degree. This involves higher govt officials and the money favoured is huge. We can name a few like Sarada scam in West Bengal. Where govt of West Bengal ministers helped the Sarada chit fund owners to accumulate money from poor people against unrealistic promises to make double or triple the amount deposited and at the end, the company officials went aloof with public money. Next vyapam scam in MP. Where in state govt jobs exams were given by fake entities to pass the exam. Next 2g scam where govt officials distributed 2g spectrum at lower than the market price to tele providers against bribe. So all these scams happened out of greed and disrespect towards law and order of the country. The govt should introduce stringent regulatory rules to monitor each and every sector to ensure public trust and hasten the judicial process to bring the culprits to book cause in India corrupt people are less afraid of being caught in the trial due to lax in the judiciary system. Sebi income tax department election commission rbi should devise role models to regularly monitor the working of suspected organisations.

Sidharthan said:   6 years ago
The persons at the higher authority must work with dedication and sincerity meanwhile the anti-corruption bureau must solve the case as soon as possible and submit its report to the judiciary. If the supreme court or high court finds anyone guilty then judgement must be given as soon as possible instead of taking more years.

Venu gopal said:   7 years ago
In my view, the scam is a big issue now in all public related sectors, why because there is no proper head of the sectors like education, tax related, excise, financial, railways, information etc, unlike in private sectors. So to stop and to prevent the scams, the supreme court must involve and they only have to appoint a comitee which consists of sincere retired army and police officers and it must laid the rules to these people, to submit the records annually related to their fields, and it should be free from politics and the information relevant to the fields must also know n to the common people, like how much it getting on each field and how much they are spending for the growth of the particular field.

Vishu Gupta said:   7 years ago
Hello, Everyone.

The scam can be done by any person starting from Prime Minister to a Clerk. A human's greed is unpredictable by any Exam or Machine in the World. Today, India is deeply submerged by the past and current scams. It is very clear to me that wherever Human intervention is present in the financial system, there lie certain chances for a scam. But the reality is that we can't Replace Every finance person by a Robot!

So Transparency and Digitalization are the key routes for minimizing the scams. If all the Tendering process, Balance Sheets, Expenditure Records, money Allotment are made Transparent via the Internet then Any Human on the earth will have no room to make a Scam.

Thank You.

Parag patle said:   9 years ago
What better will a regulatory body will do if they are also under the influence of people who are involved in scam?

Unless we develop some independent bodies that can work without any pressure over them and investigate, raid, without any warrant then maybe we can be in assertion with the formation of regulatory bodies to bring and end which brings defamation to the nation at international platform.

Madhu Sudan Prabhakar said:   9 years ago
For every good thing, we cannot look at Government. Law cannot change one's mindset, greed, lust of power etc. It is we who have to rethink and redefine the system of working honestly. Why scams happen?

It is only when we think and take it granted that we should do enough for our children and coming generations so that they don't require to work hard. In other words, don't you feel that we are trying to make them easy going, means neither to read, nor to compete and no use to society.

We should take only the requisite water for our field of crop. Excess water will not yield any result and instead spoil the crops.

Megha said:   10 years ago
Hi friends, according to me, scams can be controlled by the regulatory bodies only if they are regulated properly, as these bodies are under the influence of many political leaders who use make these bodies to work according to their needs. Hence if these bodies will become independent bodies so that leaders cannot control them then only these bodies will surely work towards this direction of removal or reduction of scam that is affecting our nation badly.


Bala said:   10 years ago
Scam will be happen single or group of people can involve. Purpose scam mainly that to benefit (money, land, gold. etc..). Reasons for scams happen through out world because of.

1. Got less salaries in that area of working.
2. Promotions also one of the reason.
3. Comparisons is also one of the reason (Private and Public sectors).
4. Selfishness of some people.
5. Recommendation of higher Authorities.
6. Awareness of Rules and Regulations.

Overcome the above problems we can change the some of the Rules and Regularities.

1. Give good salaries to their work.
2. Give a overall idea about Rules and Regulations in every field.
3. Job allocation recommendation will be stop.
4. Give a job to eligible person in that particular field.
5. Every student involvement also to decrease the scams in through out world.
6. Interaction of people with CBI also helpful to decrease the scams.
7. To create a medium to interact all people in that area. To get new ideas also to decrease the scams.
8. Not one can do decrease the scams to take every one part to remove the scams in India.
9. Be a sincere about their job everyone.

I think above all are to helpful to decrease the Scams in India or other countries to take every one part of this to be a success.

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