We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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Shivank said: (Jan 6, 2021)  
We need to drink water instead of coke and Pepsi because these kinds of drinks contain some unusual substance which is harmful for our body. But water contains many minerals and it removes our thrust also. Water is the basic need of our life. We have to use water instead of coke because they are very costly as compare to water.

Thank you.

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Rushikesh H said: (Jan 19, 2020)  
In Rural India there is shortage of water resources. In rural area there is more requirement of water for agriculture. So government should be work on it & increase the number of water resources and also maintain it. Because water is a primary requirement in human life, then provide other facilities.

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Prasanna M said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
According to my point of view, we need Drinking water and not coke & Pepsi in Rural India.

Yes, of course, this is the right statement.

We really need water not cool drinks because.

We drink Coke or Pepsi in one or twice in a month but we drink water every day because water is very important in all the places because where ever we go we can ask water for drinking it is a primary drink for all peoples because we can use water daily.

Without water, people cannot survive in the world.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 25, 2019)  
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously rural areas of India need drinking water. Rural peoples are very hard to make water for their day to day life. Most of the company and industries and real state companies are cover the rural areas for their business developing. So they are getting money for their business. But rural peoples are hard to drink water in their's life.

Because technology will be developed. So manufacturing companies and their rays are affecting the ozone. So that can be affect reasons of rain. So rural area peoples don't harvesting the farming process. So, that can be affecting also farming culture. So we have need only water for drinking and farming.

Thank You.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 24, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Obviously rural areas of India need drinking water. Rural peoples are very hard to make water for their day to day life. Most of the company and industries and real state companies are cover the rural areas for their business developing. So they are get money for their business.

But rural peoples are hard to drinking water in their's life. Because technology will be developed. So manufacturing companies and their rays are affecting the ozone. So that can be affect reasons of rain. So rural area peoples don't harvesting the farming process. So that can be affecting also farming culture. So we have need only water for drinking and farming.

Thank You.

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Irushana Kalrit said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
My view is that we should not drink any Coke or Pepsi etc, because it is harmful to health. But water is good for health, it purifies our body and reduced thirst. But juices are very harmful, it is full of gases. Many harmful ingredients are added. And also it is foreign make, so we must encourage them by drinking their product. So I request everyone to drink water instead of Coke or Pepsi. And these juices are quite expensive. So please do not waste money and spoil our health. Thank you.

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Vishakha said: (Jul 23, 2017)  
Everyone knew what is the key value of water. You can drink coke in place of water, but it quenches your thirst only for some time but if you drink water you don't feel thirsty for 5 to 6 hrs normally. Even to make soft drinks or another kind of drink you need water. So I would suggest the industries to focus on water harvesting and preservation rather preparing coke and all.

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Abhishek Nair said: (Jul 2, 2017)  

We definitely need water and not Coke and Pepsi in rural India. This is because it is water that quenches our thirst and not the Coke or Pepsi. Water being responsible to make our survival possible, is the most precious natural resource required in the rural areas since it is really hard for women to fetch a pail of water. They travel long and also water wells dry up in hot summers. Hence more focus should be on providing water in rural areas than the Coke and Pepsi.

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Bhoop Narayan Singh said: (Jun 21, 2017)  

First of all, I would like to say that water is the basic necessity of every human being. So even thoughts of replacing it with something doesn't sound to me something very logical and that too with something that is as harmful as anything.

So I would just like to say that if we are thinking of replacing water with Coke/Pepsi not in villages but also in cities we are basically replacing.

A liquid rich in minerals is being replaced by a liquid rich in carbs and fats.

A liquid that does not only fight with numerous diseases but also keeps us fit is being replaced by an addictive drug that will only lead to diseases.

Thank You.

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Ankit Verma said: (Jan 7, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Water is essential for a life, we can live without coke and Pepsi but we can not live without a water for a day.

But a current condition of our village is worst because most of the village and even a small town does not have a hygienic water to drink whereas Coke and Pepsi and other drinks are easily available. And for a hygienic water they have to suffers a lot.

1) People, as well as Government, take a step.

2) People should educate how to conserve water and don't waste water and how to collect and store Rainwater.

Conclusion: water plays a very important role because it maintains our body temperature and makes us cool and without water, we cannot survive.

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Ramya said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
Hello friends, I'm Ramya.

Our rural India people need water to drink, not that soft drinks. Because the people who are mostly depend on agriculture, for agriculture also they are suffer in water drought. So automatically their ultimate need becomes water, at the time they are not prefer coke, Pepsi like drinks. The regular drinking of Soft drinks leads to ill effect and it becomes big health problem in younger generation. So drinking water gives energy and prevents from hydration without any harmful effect. So drinking water is necessary but coke and Pepsi for only refreshment.

Thank you.

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Phani said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
Yes, we need drinking water most of them are today are drinking cokes rather than water in rural areas too because of the rural people have no idea what it causes bad to their health. Even that they also think it is easier to get coke rather than the water. Even large companies also concentrating on the marketing towards to the cokes and soft drinks rather than the water. Drinking water did not given any energy if we drink coke and Pepsi we get energy but they are not considering the bad effects of drinks it's my opinion friends.

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Suraj said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
A major problem arises due to soft drinks is that if we consume soft drink instead of water after working, it may cause death because after work everybody drinks water. If they consume soft water instead of water, gas forms in the body and they cannot breathe. So please avoid consuming soft drink after doing work.


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Rahul said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
It has been observed that the Pepsi and another foreign product is easily available in the rural area but the same area faces the problem of drinking water, even they can't find the water for daily purpose due to the recent drought. But if you want the coke or Pepsi, that is easily available. The foreign trader invest in India, use natural resources and sell their product.

Though FDI is necessary for growth but that indirectly affect on the rural pupil. The government must think about the policy of FDI. So it will help the growth of the nation as well rural pupil.

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Causarina said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Hi friends, this is Causarina.

In our topic is dealing with contribution and necessity of water I will go with that water.

Is an major basic thing but due to fro some MNc's our ground water is to get pollute and they make it for producing their own product it is not so healthy also our India economy also not contribute their more focus on this hence FDI is a case to be considered they are making profit by using our resources hence most of the farmers are the major affecting persons in this case.

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Mohamed Anvar said: (Jul 12, 2016)  
Hi friends the coke and the Pepsi are the unnecessary drinks for our nation because they are made up of foreigners and they have the harmful effects for our nation people so we won't need this drinks.

They reduce the agriculture of our rural India. They are the reason for deaths of our nation's farmers. Indians make the awareness about the harmful effects of these drinks.

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Mamatha said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Yes, we all are need drinking water. Because drinking water is main important to human body.

Water is very healthy to us. Coke& Pepsi are harmful our body. Because some chemicals mixed in coke and Pepsi. But water is pure and nature.

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Sajjad Yousuf said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
If we compare water with any kind of soft drink which is needier of course water is needier so why government is providing more soft drinks than water we need water, not soft drink we can not imagine a day without water and soft drinks are also not good for health at last we need pure water not cold drink.

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Maqusud Alam said: (Jan 13, 2016)  
Hello friends.

I think there is no need of purified drinking water in rural India but it became a major concern for urban area's today. Water that is used in rural areas for drinking purpose are well released from ground through hand pump and bore well. As we know ground water are pure and safe for drinking purpose even availability of ground water is enough in rural India.

As we know the definition of rural India, free from the rush of traffic, wastage of industries. So that there is no heavy pollution of ground soil, air and water so the water uses by rural people having no any contamination of harmful element like arsenic, lead etc.

But in reverse urban area's people are getting the problem of purified water unavailability. And for urban supply there is need of purified water for drinking purpose and the result is that treated water bottles are sold today in different urban places and we are buying water today it's a business just like coke and Pepsi companies are doing in India and I think there should be no any objection for them because one side we are talking about MAKE IN INDIA also.

Coke and Pepsi type beverages became the part of our life today we are enjoying these at different occasion may be in party, marriage and in summer season for internal satisfaction. (smoking is injurious to health but people are taking).

If they are trying to enhance their business and replacing the drinking beverages of our country than we should avoid them.

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Ashish said: (Dec 23, 2015)  
Undoubtedly it is true that we need drinking water and not Coke, Pepsi kind of things not only to rural India but entire country. Apart from mere drinking water it should be safe as well.

Water is the most essential natural resource fulfilling all our needs from drinking, cooking, washing, etc. Availability of sufficient water is not only limited to all the things listed above, hydroelectricity is one of the major sources of electricity in our country. We can provide electricity to many rural houses if there is sufficient amount of water.

Coming back to the point, indeed Drinking water is far more important than Coke Pepsi. Coke Pepsi or any kind of soft drink is merely a drink one enjoys to party with or temporary relief from the scotching heat, even then one feels allay only after taking water. We can live without these soft drinks, but not a day without drinking water.

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Siddharth M said: (Jul 10, 2014)  
The topic raises a concern on the lack of availability of basic life resources in rural areas of India. As per the recent report by Rangarajan, around 29.5% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line, and the majority of that belongs to the rural areas. I think it's imperative that the basic necessities like water are sufficiently available for people in rural areas, if the govt is unable to provide basic necessities, how can we think of raising the standards of rural india, I mean that is the least that can and should be done.

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Nasiruddin Ahmed said: (Jun 10, 2014)  
Hello guys,

I agree with all above views of my friends, according to my view that water is most important to survive. People live without coke & Pepsi, but not live without water.

In urban areas like big big company, waste lots of waters, to used personal needs. But it affect rural areas people, they fight a drop of fresh water.

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Kevin Koster said: (Apr 14, 2014)  
Commercial drinks are rubbish. Of course these companies are spending a fortune advertising this water with sugar and chemicals. It's dirt cheap to make and not good for your health. Drink natural water - add some mango extract or lemon. Infinitely better and healthier. Don't pander to American domination in thinking it's cool and with it to drink this absolute crap!

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Akil said: (Apr 9, 2014)  
To live our life water is one of the most common thing. Without food we can live for some days but without water imagine at least a day, it is not possible. So that drinking water is more necessary than pepsi and coke to live our life. Imagine a world without water.

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Gokul said: (Apr 1, 2014)  
By looking at this topic first thing that come to my mind is that government promises a lot that we will bring technology advancements, new infrastructure, computers etc. To rural India. But just ask the rural people they simply don't want these things, they just want drinking water. People in rural part of India travel miles to get drinking water, and in most of the villages a tanker comes and people fight for their turn to get water as they are actually fighting for life. This situation is quite critical. So government first provide them the basic needs of life instead of keep promising them on the other things which is expressed in the topic as Pepsi, cola.

I would like to say that water is more important for human beings. Soft drinks is not important why because soft drinks are harmful for health. By drinking soft drinks at present it will very nice to drink. But in future it will harmful for health. So that I would like to give first preference to water rather than soft drinks.

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Vasanthi said: (Mar 15, 2014)  
Why should we let corporates control our basic needs? They occupy a place, plunder our natural resource, the water and drill it and sell to our own people as coke, Pepsi, maaza, sprite etc. Our basic necessity is not fulfilled, but who wants all these bottled drinks? When a middle class man can't buy water for cheap, and he is forced to buy a drink, he has to buy these drinks. Before some years, there was plain soda available for some 3 rs or so. Now we are forced to buy soda for 18 rs or so.

All available from these corporate companies. If there is a plan to give pure filtered water to all common man, properly in the common roads, that is, all time pure, filtered water in a glass is available from upper, middle to lower middle class and common man for free. Then is our country democratic country. By then, nobody will go for these bottled rubbishes. 10 to 15 years before, mud pots served water to all on the main roads. Now it is gone. People's minds are drained of love.

India has so many billionaires. Can't one person provide it on their responsible area. ? One water tank linked with triple filtering gadget. A steel glass dropping off from a chain. Whoever wants can come and drink pure filtered water. Then these bottled demons will reduce, humans will fulfill one of their basic necessity.

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Jhansi said: (Mar 11, 2014)  
Ancient days our grand fathers drinking the water only. They drink pure water. So they have good health. But now a days the water is polluted by the people. This water very important in our daily life this water purify the wastes in our body, the coke and soft drinks do this work? no they give harmful to the body, so why we give the so much important than water so don't waste money buying this soft drinks. There is no important to improve this soft drink companies because there is no use at all. So the gov planes how to save the water, they give suggestion to the people, and build the companies for purify the water.

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Skumar said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Hello friends.

Water is very important part of our life. Generally in rural area we found problem to get fresh water but in urban areas we do not face these type of problems than why we prefer to coke/Pepsi instead of water for thirst. When any relative person come in our home I provide Pepsi/coke instead of water, lassie, lemon water etc..

So I want to say that when we feel thirsty then we prefer to take fresh water instead of coke or Pepsi.

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Viswanath said: (Feb 27, 2014)  
In general when a person in thirsty, he used to have a glass of water. But now a days things made different by that situation he would like buy a soft drink. In olden days when a person visits to our home, we used to give a glass of water to that person. Nowadays it becomes passion while giving a glass of soft drinks like maza, cook, People do not think the problem behind that companies would prepare those drinks with harmful chemicals. While having those drinks their would be chance of stomach diseases. So the Govt Should restrict these companies and make awareness among the people about those soft drinks and educate them about the importance of our traditional homemade drinks like coconut water, lemon water, butter milk. Etc.

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Abhijith Krishnan U.R said: (Feb 24, 2014)  

The main reason for the problem is the vast publicity gained by soft drink companies. Their roots are firmly struck even in our remote villages. Government should take necessary steps to cut their demand & should increase awareness among people about the harmful effects of drinks like pepsi, cola etc.

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Jyothi said: (Feb 19, 2014)  
Hi friends,

In my view, Everyone choose Water as first preference when feeling thirsty. Because of the modernization of this world Pepsi, coke are developing in foreign countries, But in our country, they are also try to replace their product in place of water. In future generations may be these drinks are replaced because of sacristy of water.

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Manoj Sanatan said: (Feb 10, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I would like to put my views in this discussion, firstly we should concentrate what is our first need & I think a very thirsty man must be prefer to drinking water not a cold drink because he need to quench his thirst. As we see in rural area there are many water resources available but uses of water is very bad. Now a days water pollution is become very dangerous problem. For that we should save the (drinking) water, its need of time, because water is life.

Here I want to give one suggestion to everyone : please take preventive action to clear water pollution.

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Suhana said: (Feb 10, 2014)  
Yes. Drinking water is a need. Drinking cole or any soft drink is a want. People wants to fulfil their needs as compared to wants. Generally in rural areas people doesn't think about wants because of their economical status or educational status. That to people treat water as a holy drink since it gives life to us. Each and every drop of water is boon for us.

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Ayushi said: (Feb 9, 2014)  
As from my point of view, I would like to say that water is the basic requirement in our life. Water is used to finish our thirst but coke doesn't and pepsi are just used for the sake of drinking and to have fun. Drinking more water keep us away from diseases and coke have many side effects in it.

Its our request from government to increase the supply of water more in rural as well as in urban cities. So that people can stay fit and healthy.

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Mahesh said: (Jan 29, 2014)  
Hello friends. !

Yes water is life, even your body needs it water is important need for all individuals. Even in the village or in city it is the basic amenity. Still many of the rural villages are not having drinking water and facing many problem for the water but not for the cool drinks So govt should look at the drinking water supply to the village and make aware of recycling of water in a rural villages.

And finally save a drop water and help to your future generation.

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Ricky said: (Jan 27, 2014)  
According to me people staying in the rural area hardly get a sufficient money to drink a coke and Pepsi. They finish their thirst by drinking water. Water can finish your thirst and if you drink as much as water you want it will keep you fresh and refresh from inside. Pepsi and coke is a health hazard drink which contain lot of pestisides abd fat ingredient that will make you fat and physically unfit. I will say that is why rural people are more physically active than the urban.

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Vandana Uniyal said: (Jan 27, 2014)  
According to me, coke and pepsi can be obtained from water but water cannot be obtained obtained from coke & pepsi!

But, its a bitter truth that the villages are now getting water scarce due to deterioration & occupying of land by growing human population. Rural areas people should be encouraged by the government so that they conserve & maintain the natural beauties of rural areas and the purity of the rivers must be maintained so that the basic source of energy of a human being (as seventy percent of a human's body consists of water & not coke or pepsi!) shall remain conserved for us as well as for our future generations.

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Nalli said: (Jan 23, 2014)  
Yes as most of my friends said there is no substitute for water and these days we can see that there is no proper facility for people in rural areas and there are even villages where they have to walk for kms apart just to get water from tanks and borewells so when this is the thing happening in most of the villages they just can't see for pepsi and coke.

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Satya Prakash Sah said: (Jan 23, 2014)  
As we are experiencing that when we live in the lap of nature we always realize the ecstasy of life with mental peace. On the flip side, when we try to live a very condominium and fashionable life. It appears happily only from outlook but it always make a cavity in the form of health ailments. First and foremost, I will repeat the line universally truth 'There is no imagination of life without water in the world '.

Now, just coming on the today's topic, we compare between duos i.e. Water and Coke/Pepsi. Water is a natural nectar comprises minerals for health giving, is bestowed by god which is eternal. While Coke/Pepsi is man manufactured with mixing of chemicals. Obviously, chemicals have been always harmful for health. Moreover, only water can quench our thirst rather than Coke/Pepsi. It has been also found out in medical science that Coke/Pepsi are responsible for decaying of teeth, debility of bones and damages respiratory systems while water helps to purify the blood in the body and reduces tension/depression and many more diseases.

Thus, I will plead for need of drinking water rather than Coke/Pepsi in rural India.

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Akansha said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
HELLO, I would also love to contribute my views in this wonderful and important discussion. As we all know water is essential for life we cannot compare water with cold drinks. We can live with out cold drinks but without water life is not possible so whether it is a city or a small hamlet we cannot have any substitute of water.

Cold drink also have many side effects on our body it effects our teeth, respiratory system and bones.

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Jijo said: (Jan 8, 2014)  
In my opinion the topic has many other meaning than its literal one. Water stand for the basic requirement and coke stand for luxurious things. Normally in rural areas the people are poor. So they require the basic things for living rather than the one for luxury.

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Vijay Maurya said: (Dec 21, 2013)  
As my point of view water is important everywhere in the world. Either city or rural areas areas. Water is most precious gift from god we have. Our government should take a necessary step to purifies water in rural areas. We drink pepsi and coke for luxury only but it can not fulfill our thirst. So our rural and city people should take clean water instead of pepsi and coke.

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Vedant said: (Dec 20, 2013)  
Yes friends, according to my point of view water is our basic need which keeps us alive and also keeps many diseases away from our health. So we can not compare water with coke, pepsi and other things these are the things only to get our mind fresh and cool and to have fun but yes we can live with these drinks but we can not live without water.

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Anamika said: (Dec 17, 2013)  
Coke, Pepsi are just for luxury whereas water is a basic need. How can people living in rural areas address their luxury when even their basic needs such as food, electricity etc are not fulfilled? so, obviously we need to take care of the basic requirements of these people first and then think about their luxury.

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Manosh Raj said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
1. It is obvious that water will be our basic needs.

2. Cool drinks in rural areas cannot be much influence people in rural areas because people who says in rural area are mostly below the poverty.

3. People in rural areas are not aware of health hazards caused by cool drinks because of the content of carbonation, sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, sodium and excess calories which results in reducing the wbc cells and affecting respiratory system.

4. Nowadays water is not available like olden days, people uses to transport water from long distance and few rural areas people don't get pure water also.

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Ujjwal Sharma said: (Nov 25, 2013)  
Well in my point view all my friends who have spoken about the water and comparison of this precious and only thing available in the universe with coke and Pepsi is little bit of the road. Earth is filled with around 71%of water but that is really not drinkable, around 98.7% of that water is saline water. In seas. So, around 2.34% of the rest water is lake, pond, iceberg and glaciers and water vapor.

For the rural people availability of the pure water is the huge problem, I mean they are struggling for one drop of water and what are we doing?we are just polluting our fresh resources of water, Ganges, yamuna. Man this is going to be very bad for us and our children, well coke and Pepsi are nowhere near the satisfaction of water. It gives you wow when you drink water. So, that's why you can not compare water with anything.

Well universe is full of water, it is just we have to go and search that for our survival. ''water is the grand creator and evolution of the life''. So think before you waste a single drop of water.

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Hari Krishnan said: (Nov 20, 2013)  
Hi friends!

As we all know that water is natural resource and without that we can't survive in this world. There is no substitute for drinking water. The manufacturing cost of Pepsi and coke is very low but they selling at very high price. Unfortunately our drinking water price is around 15 to 18 rs. That's why this topic raised we need drinking water only not Pepsi or Coke. Since water is essential for every live, government has to take step to provide clean drinking water at low price. Rural India people are very much affected to get drinking water because of scarcity of water and lack of awareness and education.

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Chinnu said: (Nov 14, 2013)  
Hai Friends,

In my point of view Water is one of the natural source and it is very essential in life. By drinking pure water we have to avoid many health problems and became as a healthy person. Water will increase our lifespan time also when we drink minimum 5 liters of water per day. But now a days it became a problem by not getting water in nearby areas. This is because of the government only why because they may concentrate only to their own business that how to increase their status. In many rural areas they are not getting water they have to walk some miles to get the water. Even they are not getting pure water. Politicians made water is also a business like their are collecting water by digging the land where water is available and they are selling it by saying it as a purified water.

Then also this purified water is not available to rural people it is available up to cities, towns and some villages. People living rural areas using water which is available in lakes, ponds etc. Even it is polluted.

Pepsi and coke is available in all areas. This products and all is not good for health because it has some chemicals.

So I requested to the government to identify the areas and arrange their facilities which is essential in life.

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Chinnu said: (Nov 13, 2013)  
Hai Friends,

I am from Rural area. Water is one part of the natural resources. But now a days it became as a problem. Because of the government this problem arise. They people concentrate about their own business. So there thoughts will be about to increase their products. This is the reason why pepsi and coke is available anywhere when compared to water. They are digging the land where water is available and the started to sell that water to the people. Then how people can get the water.

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Latika said: (Nov 7, 2013)  
I have only one question to Indian Government, when soft drinks can reach those places why not water which is the essence of life. We all have encountered so many times that the JAL BOARD trucks all the time washing streets and not serving the water. Government says people waste water, by the time that van reaches the public, have of the water is already wasted, who is responsible for it? There is no need to compare water and soft drinks, water is the need and soft drink a demand. Government should focus first on needs rather than focussing only on demands.

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Vishwas said: (Oct 20, 2013)  
Dear friends as we all know that water is one of the basic need for living being. Thus this is the serious issue on water. In rural area people travel long distances for drinking water. Many people in rural ares lost their life by drinking impure water. In rural areas most of the people are illiterate. Firstly they must be aware of diseases caused by drinking impure water.

Govt must arrange welfare camps and give knowledge to the people of the rural area. Impure water causes many diseases which ultimately harms the human being. In rural areas there must be some water treatment plant. Govt should take some steps and think of the methods how to provide drinking water to the rural areas.

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Moinul Haque Khan said: (Oct 7, 2013)  
Hi friends,

1. While comparing water with coke/pepsi, first thing came in my mind why to compare with coke/pepsi only why not with other soft drinks? is it just because pepsi/coke are the leading brand over the world.

2. We can't start comparing water which is a essential need of a human being and they are on earth from the time of its origin because without water there is no life but without soft drink there always be life as it was earlier.

3. What water will gives us coke/pepsi will never.

4. We can't drink coke/pepsi every time after eating food but we must need to drink water to digest our food.

So these are the importance of water which can't be ignored and hence you all will think the same. Thank you so much.

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Sangeetha said: (Oct 1, 2013)  
Hai friends. I am here to explain about the demand for water. Water is very essential for our day to day life. Without water we can't able to live. It cures our thrust. Coke and pepsi are also cures our thrust. But it is dangerous to our health. Water is not replaced by any other beverages. Other drinks like pepsi/coke are spoil our digestive system and also our bones. But nowadays we are in scare of water. So plant many trees. Save earth.

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Sundar Ram said: (Sep 23, 2013)  
Hello everyone,

I am here to express my feelings in the increasing water demand. According to me water is a necessity thing. Without water Life is a question mark. I have seen a video which disturbed me.

In that video a person bought a litre of water for 20Rs. And some days later same water bottle for 50Rs. Again some days later it was cost about 100rs and goes. Atlast the customer gave all his money, gold, credit cards, property documents and every valuable things and request for a "CUP OF WATER". But there was no water remaining.

So what I am going to say is save water save life and don't compare water with coke and Pepsi.

We have to plant trees and store the rainwater in ground hence increase the freshwater ground level.

Thank you.

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Darshan said: (Sep 16, 2013)  
We all know water is the universal liquid which has its uses in various fields. Being diversified it is used in almost most of the things, could it be cooking, in beverage making or car washing, the height of quality delivered by water out-stands other products.

Now speaking about it necessity in Rural area, I believe its a must. The paramount reason is Irrigation, if we look at the data most of the irrigation takes place in rural places which is of utmost importance to mankind and it needs water for good results, no coke or Pepsi could be used for this process. We also need to be careful in usage of water, because rural places go scarce of water or sometimes Drought is faced which leads to complete mayhem and deaths of people. In absence of water it can't be covered up by Pepsi or coke, they are just to satisfy our crave at times, we can't use them to day to day uses. And why should we direct our views only to Rural areas, do people live their lives with coke/Pepsi in cities/metro everyday? No, they never can.

And speaking about of needs of water, mother earth gets water from nature and it does not do any partiality to any given place. In-fact the rural people are much smarter in sufficient usage of water compared to city people. Yes in cases of drought they suffer but it can never be covered by coke, and this applies to people in city too.

I would conclude we all need water for surviving, no human can survive with just coke/Pepsi.

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Annu said: (Sep 14, 2013)  
Hello friends! I strongly agree with this topic. As we all know, life first originated in water. Water is very important and gifted resource. We know the importance of water and how much, it is useful and precious to us. The, when we come across rural areas, people, they are not so educated or do not have much knowledge regarding importance of water.

They carry their domestic work and all other works with water, but awareness is not among the people how we can save water, why is there need to save water and most important, water is better than soft drinks. If you drink 100 glasses of water, it will make you healthy, but drinking cold drinks will have bad effects on health. We must be meticulous about our health. One more thing, Never do those things which will harm you, do that things which will never harm you.

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Pijush said: (Sep 5, 2013)  
Hi friends as per me, uses of water which can not be compromise with coke or Pepsi. As we know water as like as life, when we talk about rural area, there people are not that much of aware about soft drinks because they never think about Pepsi or coke in spite of water.

When we talk about water as like as life it means if we see in a rural area if a labor attack in sunstroke we cannot offer him Pepsi or coke we need to give water only. To maintain our good health and survive water must be require, where Pepsi and coke can not keep our health good even it is being too much of harmful for our health.

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Shreya said: (Sep 2, 2013)  
1. Why is this even a question, far too obviously water is a necessity and not an option. Coke and Pepsi are NOT substitutes for water, they are just other drinks that can be taken once in a while. Drinking them like water will only degrade your health and considering the amount of caffeine and carbohydrates present in it, there is no point of getting into a habit of drinking an unhealthy drink.

2. People in rural India are already suffering from poverty, so why would they waste there money on drinking coke and Pepsi everyday and then spending more on visiting a doctor because of its after effects. A complete waste of money.

3. I would suggest drink coke and Pepsi once in a while and then use that bottle to fill water. There can be no life without water, and that's why we are looking for water on mars and not Coke/Pepsi!

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Anu said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
By looking this topic, if we are talking about water it means basic need and coke and pepsi refer here as luxury goods. In rural India we can see that they don't have sufficient resources to get basic needs like bread, clothes and shelter. They need water not coke and pepsi.

They need to provide the basic facilities first. Coke, pepsi, cell phones these are secondary, what they first need is pure drinking water, 2 meals per day, shelter and clothes to wear. India will grow only when their people will grow. For growth it is required at least to provide basic amenities to each and every person.

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Pooja said: (Aug 26, 2013)  
Hello friends as water is a precious renewable resource but nowadays it is very much polluted due to many human activity. One can live without coke, pepsi but without water life is not possible. It is vital resource for us. In many villages particularly in desert areas water is not even available for drinking purpose. But if we see in some places wastage of water is done in large amount. Sometimes soft drinks are harmful for health.

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Saravana said: (Aug 23, 2013)  
Hi friends.

Water is very important as a human being. I like coke very much but daily I did not drink. Daily I want water. But some problem in hotel that water is very dirty that time I want coke not mineral. It is shame to buy mineral because that indicate to that water is not good so I buy coke or pepsi.

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Bangaru said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
Hi friends, water is more important in our life. Because it used as for everything, in villages water is treated as god, because for agricultural activity most want it and drinking also in villages but coke and pepsi are soft drinks but its not good for health.

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Ros said: (Aug 19, 2013)  
In my opinion I think that water is basic need for people but coke or pepsi is not daily need for people, and first only there is a lack of water in rural areas. And as we all know that there is news coming that there is fighting because of water in rural areas. And there are many villages who are not getting water to drink also so we should think twice and then we should use the water. Because water is more important than coke or pepsi.

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Aditya said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
My concern is drinking water is most important for humans and also animals but not coke, because every human beings are living because we have water and food if doesn't have water we can't live as well as we have to give more importance to water whether cooldrinks is hazardous to health and sometimes feels fresh to have cool drinks but its not necessary to take it.

Because in rural areas there is no water they are dying for water and also some urban areas also not have water in some isolated places its premises. Anyways about my view is coke and pepsi are not essential to have it, but water is important for us if they are no water then humans can't afford to live in earth.

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Vitthal Gadhave (Skn Sinhgad Korti,Pandharpur) said: (Aug 15, 2013)  
My opinion water is very important for us. There is very shortage of in some village so they walk so for water for daily use. Water is the name of life. Any unknown places we can't take water or water is not available. People can compromise with cool drinks but not with water. As we know everything is not perfect so water and cold drinks are perfect.

Thank you.

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Sneha Varma said: (Aug 11, 2013)  
A country like ours is following the west to achieve success and thus become developed. Introduction and high rates of acceptance of soft drinks commencing right from the ages of colas up till dew and fanta is also one of the repercussions of this phenomenon in fact. And in this rat race we have ultimately somewhere or the other forgotten our real basic needs as in drinking water. As for the best example, very prominent in our own daily lives, when we at times feel thirsty we ourselves prefer having soft drinks rather nutritious juices, and in such situations drinking water is still a far away concept. Besides so many health campaigns the public which certainly would include us too, remains adamant.

Actually, the primitive concepts of Rain water harvesting and alike programmes have lost its roots in present weather scenarios as rainfalls in most of the parts of the country have rather become a rare commodity. And thus government should come up with other water harvesting techniques which is not at all difficult in a country like INDIA which has around 75% of its land area occupied by water.

Thus government instead of promoting these soft drink brands which again is a symbolism of western culture, should revert its concentration on fulfilment of water needs in various areas like Rajasthan, Bihar etc. By using up these salty but yet usable water resources through developing various water refining techniques.

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Sanjayuikey said: (Aug 2, 2013)  
Water means life. Nothing without water. Everyone needs water urban and rural.

But in the rural water is more important than cool drinks. There is very very shortage of water in some village so they walk so far for water for daily use. So I want to say that resources of water are must discovered and made in rural.

There is no comparison between water and cool drinks. People can compromise with cool drinks bot not with water. Water is basic need of life and lake of water is basic problem. So it must be solved. Government must aware people in rural about resource of water and must tell them about saving the water.

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Sinha said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
Water, other name life. It is interrelated with not only human being but also with any animal and plant. As everyone said importance of water but cold drinks is also sometimes fulfill our thirsty. Any unknown places we can't take water or water is not available, then cold drinks gives us some relief, though it is harmful. As we know everything is not perfect so water and cold drinks both are important.

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Poonam said: (Jul 30, 2013)  
Hi Friends, According to me Water is the basic necessity of our life we can't drink pepsi and coke in place of water. Pepsi and coke are used just for cool. But in this one harmful chemical caffeine is mixed. When we thirsty people's first priority must be water not pepsi and coke. We take pepsi and coke when no water is available.

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Vini said: (Jul 28, 2013)  
Hi friends I'm vinitha ! yes of course water is more important than coke and pepsi. In todays life we need more water but we didn't get it soon. Water problem is the most problem in todays life. Coke and pepsi is good to drink. But water is more important when we compared with coke and pepsi. Coke and pepsi is just cool drinks and it is not good for health too. So according to me water is more important for human life.

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Chaitra said: (Jul 25, 2013)  
Hi everyone.

I like to say that water in rural areas has much more importance than coke or Pepsi. People in rural areas till today suffer in getting proper healthy water, they have to walk miles from their places in search of pure water that will be supplied from taps or tankers or even bore wells and wells. In such a case, there is definitely a need to pure water than any other cold drink.

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Arghya Das said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Hi, friends I am arghya das. From my points of view I agree with the fact that drinking water is very essential and especially in rural regions where persons are getting thirsty to get some water. So its more important to drink water. But the main problem in rural areas is that they do not have enough money to buy a bottle of water neither a pepsi or a coke. So there must be a rule in India specially where the party and politics are sucking the blood of many innocent people through there way of earning. So according to my views water is more important than those junk liquids. Thank you.

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Samar said: (Jul 15, 2013)  
Nothing is more agreeable than what the given statement signifies. Today, in the days of the so-called "globalisation" when attracting foreign investment irrespective of the area of investment is the key factor of the economy and polity, one need not feel surprised if more attention is paid by the authorities to "clear" the impediments on the way of investments in the soft drinks production, esp. In the case of the foreign brands"both coke and pepsi are foreign brand soft drinks. The media rouse the hype helping the investors by creating "investment-friendly" atmosphere and the general public realise the "importance" and "weight"of arguments backing such investments which are told and sold to be leading the economy and the society to a great height.

Wonderful! Only the fools cry against such grand schemes of things! But, eyebrows can be raised even in such a prosperous time if one of the long-standing and grave problem like shortage or insufficiency of pure drinking water in rural India remains unresolved. The necessity of provision of drinking water can hardly be over-emphasized and no elaboration is needed on this point. But the ever expanding soft drink market is now invading the rural India thanks to the ever-innovative marketing stratagems applied by the multinationals and the publicity created by the media of various sorts. And one may feel dejected to see that a problem as serious as that is related to the provision of drinking water to the masses is relegated to the background. All the protesting voices are stifled"in ingenious ways so that public opinions cannot get crystallised. The educated middle-class, the class who can really influence the decisions in the political spectrum, keep themselves in safe distance in cities and towns and the ordeals of the poor and depraved continue. And the situation turns graver like a snowball as the mighty corporations manage to get hold the sources of drinking water in the countryside- be the over-ground or under-ground with the connivance of the administration. So it is high time that the problem was properly attended so that a fundamental need of humanity which is a basic right of people cannot be denied in the "largest democracy of the world" for the of gratifying insatiable corporate greed for money through production of harmful and undesirable things which are capable to destroy the health of their consumers.

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Anchal Arora said: (Jul 5, 2013)  
Nowadays, both water and cold drinks are equally important for human beings but this doesn't mean that cold drinks can take the place of water - an essential substance for survival of human life on earth. Cold drinks just give taste but water can give life. Undoubtedly water is the necessity of every human being. We can take cold drinks but in less quantity as they are not good for health and moreover, avoiding cold drinks cannot harm us but without water we cannot live. So, we should take a pledge that we have to save water to save life.

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Rajat Kumar Mishra said: (Jul 4, 2013)  
Hey guys what I believe is that water is a basic necessity for everyone in this world we can't use coke and Pepsi as alternative for water. We cannot use coke and Pepsi every day and night for drinking purposes moreover as we all know that Pepsi and coke contains some amount of caffeine which can harm us when taken in large quantities. Henceforth if we want then also we cannot change Pepsi and coke as an alternate for water.

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Nishu said: (Jul 4, 2013)  
Hi everybody, there is nice quote in hindi "jal hi jivan hai" means water is life and I agree with this quote. Without pepsi and coke a human can survive but without water not only human but no living beings can survive. The best example we can see always in news about the place where there is a scarcity of water there people fights for drinking water, they cover long distances to get water for drinking but we never heard such type of cases for pepsi and coke.

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Mustafiz Sheikh said: (Jun 20, 2013)  
Hello Everyone. ,

Water problem can be resolved if we truly understand the importance, water can be conserved in each and every house during Rainfall, its our responsibility to save water. We can't afford to blame others. One should must learn to keep his duty towards his country and towards himself. In rural as well as urban areas, the number of water reservoirs can be increased, people should not waste water unnecessarily as it is a precious commodity. Without water there is no life possible on earth, so if we are not preserving water then we are enemies for ourselves, I just wish people understand the importance of water. Change lies within ourselves, we have to realise our potential, after all, its our life, we all must learn how to make it problem free. Let the change begin.

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Friend said: (Jun 17, 2013)  
Hello friends,

I too want to say something about this topic.

Drinking water:- a first need of human-being to survive And, safe drinking water without which a man growth and development is not possible. So can it be called for a rural people or any individual water has main importance. Wherever coke and pepsi is a beverage used to enjoy ie. Used as side need for taste and change. In rural areas coke and pepsi shops are there but safe drinking water is not provided because government get high money as tax from per bottle of coke/pepsi sold.

Efficient transportation facilities are provided to manufacturers who distributes them in different-2 areas which is not in case of water. We all know that from infected water many diseases like cholera, jaundice, diarrohoea, etc. Has more chances to born ie. Too a main reason for increasing death rates in India. So, this is responsibility of government to firstly provide safe water to drink in rural areas instead of any other beverage. With healthy people unity our country's economy start developing at even with more faster rate.

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Nandhini said: (May 16, 2013)  
Hello friends, I am Nandhini here.

I have read the information given by my friends and my elders. They are almost right but I too have some ideas.

Dear friends we all know that approximately 75% of our world is filled with water. But only certain amount of water is drinkable this is because of the water pollution that are made by ourselves.

The control of water pollution is in our hands, there no use of blaming the government and others.

So we should co operate with them. The peoples in town should encourage the rural communities about importance of water and how to co operate with the government in controlling the pollution.

If the water necessity is maintained there is won't be the use of soft drinks, and it will become a entertainment.

Thank you friends.

This is the matter that knocked my mind.

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Sathish Kumar said: (May 14, 2013)  
Yes, that is true. Drinking water is more important than anything else in our day to day life. One can live without coke and pepsi but not water. A new survey proved that a human can live without food for nearly one month but without water, he can survive 7 days only. Coke and pepsi drinks are not good for our health. And also, doctors recommend to drink water in the morning. Because it purifies the bloodflow throughout the whole body. Soft drinks like coke and pepsi are composed of a lot of chemical components and unhealthy ingredients and all that. And what is so sad about the topic is that in some rural areas, people cannot get enough water for their daily needs. So government should take reasonable measures to make sure that they get the availability of water on a daily basis.

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Munna Kumar said: (Apr 30, 2013)  
I agree with the topic that we need drinking water more than anything else like mentioned above pepsi, coke in rural India.

As we know we can't imagine our life without water because it is our basic need, so we have to improve our system to make aware all people about the importance of it, I am not saying that soft drinks are bad but this is only the demand of people. But the main topic is the availability of drinking water, drinking water should be provided to everyone anyhow by every means, so we should not blame only government for this because we are equally responsible for the same.

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Swetha said: (Apr 12, 2013)  
Hi friends, I do agree with the topic. Drinking water is very much essential in daily life and it plays a major role concerned to the ecosystem of human beings. But whereas soft drinks like pepsi, coke will make a person cause to indefinite health hazardous and they are dangerous to ones life. At present most of the rural people are suffering a lot for not getting pure drinking water the govt has to take certain measurements to provide a pure drinking water to rural people.

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Devraj Yadav said: (Apr 1, 2013)  
Hi friends I am from rural areas, so I know better in about rural areas, WATER IS REQUIRED FOR MANKIND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for us. We can live without Pepsi or coke but no any one live without water, because Pepsi or coke made water also. There are 90 % of water in Pepsi or coke. So I can not imagination without water. Thank you.

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Vicky said: (Mar 17, 2013)  
I am So surprised about discussion about same, What Indian government is doing that we are going to discuss about said topic, One Side government runs many activity to aware to people, so why not activity like this not runs by government in rural area. Water is easily available to every where but something lacking in our system that's why we are disable to provide to every where, whereas government know about coke is harmful to human so why not doing aware to people.

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Vishal Kumar said: (Feb 18, 2013)  
Hello friend.

I am agree with the topic because we know that water is the need of people on the other hand non-alcoholic things like Pepsi and coke are the demand of the people. Without full filling the need human beings does not survive.

And the second think for Pepsi and coke we have ability to pay for it where in the case of water it is not required.

Thank you.

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Vinay said: (Feb 11, 2013)  
Hi dudes,

I agree with this mentioned topic but not at all it is correct. Because distilled water we can get from water distillation so why we have need drink soft water like coke and Pepsi, those are very harmful to our body and it is very dangerous to us. So I want to say one thing please follow every problem with a unity it is most and very necessary.

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Roshan said: (Jan 4, 2013)  
Hi, Roshan here.

I do agree with mentioned topic and gone through discussion where no.of people given there views and claimed direct on Govt for poor service in rural area. Though I do also agree with the same claims but no one has given any solution what govt should do against this demon situation. So here I go.

1) Govt should implement Prepaid water Scheme (Quantity of water of particular house-hold should be decided and given that much quantity only for mentioned period to concern house-hold).

2) If any particular need more water than define quantity he should have to pay more money than regular.

3) This help to lead govt to control wastage of water & improve awareness of necessity of pure water.

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Nishant Ahuja said: (Dec 26, 2012)  
Well I agree with the topic.

We are living in a society where coke and Pepsi have penetrated to our rural counterpart but still drinking water is not.

The possible reason I feel is Govt allow the manufacturers of coke and Pepsi to manufacture and distribute Coke and Pepsi in rural areas because Govt will get the revenues but for the basic amenities like Pure drinking water, Government will have to do spending.

So the need for the rural India is pure drinking water and not coke and Pepsi as we know water is a fundamental unit of life and >80 % of the diseases occur due to drinking impure water!

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Ishita said: (Nov 29, 2012)  
I totally agree with this discussion we need pure drinking water then soft drinks that and harm to our health in many different ways do you know that Pepsi n coca cola contain 0. 001% alcohol and high levels of 4-methylimidazole (4-MI) , a known animal carcinogen. The carcinogen forms when ammonia or ammonia and sulfides are used to manufacture the “caramel coloring” that gives those sodas their distinctive "brown colors".

After knowing that do you still want to drink it?

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Santosh said: (Nov 23, 2012)  
Hi I'm santosh.

Yes it is unfortunate and shame to us, that people living in rural area are suffering to get pure water, while we people at urban area wasting the water in unnecessary thing. So government should responsible for it, and government concentrate on the rural area, thing about the people and provide, what they have the right.

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Mayank said: (Nov 11, 2012)  
By looking at this topic first thing that come to my mind is that government promises a lot that we will bring technology advancements, new infrastructure, computers etc. To rural India. But just ask the rural people they simply don't want these things, they just want drinking water. People in rural part of India travel miles to get drinking water, and in most of the villages a tanker comes and people fight for their turn to get water as they are actually fighting for life. This situation is quite critical. So government first provide them the basic needs of life instead of keep promising them on the other things which is expressed in the topic as Pepsi, cola.

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Seetharamu said: (Nov 6, 2012)  
As I am from rural area, I know the problem we are facing to get the pure drinking water, we are depending on bore well water which was not filtered, Unfiltered water may cause serious diseases like cancer, decay of teeth, undigested etc.

Coke & Pepsi is dependent on the consumer's behavior, as per my experience, drinking water is sold more than Pepsi & coke in rural area's. As the rural people's are very brilliants in using the money for the required things, they will not waste it unnecessarily.

The Payer of Income Tax, Service Tax, Road Tax in urban area's are more in urban area's & the official's like politician's, film actor's, businessmen, rich person's are lived in urban area's, hence, government concentrate more on urban area's and neglected rural area's. As the people of rural area are also human being's. Government should have to concentrate on rural area to provide the basic necessity of water, electricity, sewage facility etc.

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Priya said: (Oct 22, 2012)  
Drinking water is necessary for all living things. Without water we can't do anything. Water is most important for human body. In our body 75% is filled by water. In coke, Pepsi chemicals are presents. These chemicals are affected our body. It causes many problems. But water gives natural energy to us.

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Sk Mousan Ali said: (Oct 2, 2012)  
India is the great country but need pure drinking water specially in rural area where more than 70% peoples live. They are suffering mostly water born diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera etc. This is most biggest problems in our country. It is very unfortunate and shame to us that this problems even still in our country. Our political leaders are not interested about it. They are very much interested about their interest especially corruption and earn money for them only and create artificial problems. Our Government should do proper step for supply pure drinking water as priority job. Hope for better services for pure drinking water for peoples of India.

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Isro said: (Sep 29, 2012)  
Pure water is the neccessity of human being.

70% of the population lives in rural areas. Impure water is one the biggest problem of these areas. These areas donot have proper water treatment plants. People of village mostly drinks handpump or well water. This water contains many germs which leads to waterborne diseases.

Waterborne disease leads to death of many peoples. Also the water of well is flouinated which leads to decay of teeth. So government should take steps for providing the Germfree water to the rural areas.

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Sheru said: (Sep 4, 2012)  
Government should focus on preventing the waterborne disease like diarrhea, malaria and Japanese encephalitis which is causing 80% of deaths in rural India.There should be tube wells for safe drinking water at very small distance interval rather than a mushrooming of Pepsi and cola shops.

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Ranji said: (Aug 29, 2012)  
Hi this is ranji,

We the superior man power are dependent on nature for all aspects in our day day to life!mother earth is covered only with 25% of the surface with water. This 25% of water surface includes all the energy boosting elements neccessary for human life. Only water can quench our thirst completely than cokes do!from our birth to death we consume water and its one of the basic neccessity of life. We are born natural so lets live natural with a healthy life!

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Naren said: (Aug 24, 2012)  
I would like to say one thing Water is the life of Human lives.
Water is most vital thing so the government must need to care of proper utilization of water in the country for day to day usage as well as for agriculture lands.

We have to protect out water sources in terms of pollution wastage. No matter about Pepsi and cokes those are not important for the people.

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Shivani said: (Aug 15, 2012)  
Hello everyone.

When I heard this topic a question arises in my mind is.

That why this question arises in our mind?

And the answer is very simple that in rural India use of water is much fore than urban India as rural India is dependent on agriculture and water is require more there.

But now a days rural India is affected by MN C's as coke and Pepsi manufacturing plants are normally established in village. As it costs less land and, water and employees are easily available there.

And most important that when we are thirsty then we need pure water not soft drinks and as we all know there is less then2% water drinking water on earth that is very less. So we should save water and aware people about the value of it.

Soft drinks makes us unfit whereas pure water has some useful minerals in it that helps us living healthy.

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Ujjavala said: (Jul 28, 2012)  
Being born and brought up in a city, I often see people around, quenching their thirst with soft drinks neg letting the ultimate source of life, i.e. , WATER. The brand names COKE and PEPSI have become so pandemic these days, that we usually forget that our prime requirement is WATER and not soft drinks which are no less than a venom.

Considering the village aspect,

More than 60percent of the villages lack the basic amenities like sanitation, proper education, health facilities, provision of safe drinking water and probably what not. In such a scenario what we need is pure drinking water and not the presence of MNC giants like coke and pepsi.

I still remember my grandmother saying to me, what a healthy life they used to lead in a village. Everything they consumed was pure and unadulterated. But the things have changed now (at least in the cities). Nothing pure is available and the consequence is deteriorating heath of people all over the nation.

But I am sure that even today there will be some villages in some remote corner in the nation free from adulteration and my only request is let us not affect the healthy lives of people living in those villages because ultimately these people will help us to increase the figures of life expectancy and reduce the figures of infant mortality rate. (as the health of city people is adversely affecting these figures).

Let these villages be free from the dominance of coke and pepsi which has left the health of the city people ruined.

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We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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